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Time had continued to trickle since she had found Fimbulvetr. Not nearly as glacial as it had been, but it was still noticeable. Her days passed dreadfully slow, one day just as mundane and routine as the next. Normally, Antiope would have relished with a stable routine. To wake up and know what to expect, where one thing would happen, when she would lay her head down to sleep - if she even slept at all - would have once been a very important staple to her lifestyle. But just as she had broken the wheel of servitude, freeing herself from a neverending cycle of always giving in to the whims of others, so had she bucked having a daily routine.

Now a routine felt...wrong. It left a lingering, disjointed feeling to hang over her days like a foreboding stormcloud. All she knew that there was something somewhere in these dangerous new lands that called to her. The itching that had driven her from her throne and the new life she had begun to build had subsided. Not enough to be significant, oh no; it was still there, tickling along her spine. Yet, it was not quite as maddening as it had once been. The crawling, disconcerting feeling still taunted the weathered mare the longer she took to find her destiny.

The air was crisp with a chilly bite to the breeze, hinting of a cruel winter yet to come. It was blissfully quiet on this overcast day, allowing the pegasus to weave among the redwood giants in peace. Eyes of a burning, bloody garnet keep a vigilant watch on the woods around her despite the sense of ease she feels. The only sounds that fill the quiet are her own hoof beats, her breathing, and the quiet rasp of steel against steel. A deep red cloak which had seen better days is wrapped carefully around her shoulders and drapes over her sides to obscure much of her armor from view.

Yet Antiope knew that despite the quiet and tranquility, peace never lasted long.

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The thing she missed most since settling down in Vromme, Kagura decided, was trees and forests. Grosugr was a haven of wide-open plains and rivers that glittered like jewels, but she would never tire of her want to slip under the deep shadows of ancient oak and wood and share in the quiet majesty of trees. Thankfully, the land she had chosen to inhabit bordered just such a gem of a forest to the south, and it wasn't long before the priestess's red-stockinged legs brought her wandering among the redwoods' great trunks. The winter sun was bleak and pale in the sky, but it threw down gentle rays through the leaves and cast a dappled blanket over her scarlet and pink frame weaving below. Though the leaves here stayed evergreen, the bite to the air and the mist of breath forming from her lips gave evidence to the winter months ahead.

All was silent in this part of the woods, even the incessant birdsong sounding muted as though far-away and distant. The only sound that reached her ears was that of her own hoof-steps and the drag of her tail over the leaves, punctuated every so often by the thud of a nut or pine cone dropping from some lofty perch. The gentle plop, plop brought a remembered song to her mind and a smile to her lips, and Kagura paused in her walk for a moment as she recalled the words from her memory. No religious song of worship this was, only a little melody learned from villagers far away, but the tune was as sweet and simple as their lives and lent itself well to her practiced singing voice. Why not entertain these great sentinel redwood spirits with a song, one that they had probably never heard before? Continuing on her destination-less way, she began to sing gently,

静かな静かな 里の秋
お背戸に木の実の 落ちる夜は
ああ 母さんとただ二人
栗の実 煮てます いろりばた

The words to the next stanza escaped her memory, however, and as she paused to ponder them she was roused from her thoughts by the rustle of another set of hoof-steps, accompanied by a soft metallic-sounding scrape. Someone else was wandering, or perhaps traversing, these woods as well, and Higurashi stopped in her tracks, considering if she should greet them. Her presence, of course, was already made obvious; it was only a matter of whether or not the other party wished to approach.

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