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Open Crash Landing

The sky was filled with a soft blue color, encompassing the dark shadow of a figure that glided through the sky. A stallion with the touch of Midas, he looked like a deity as he fly over head on par with the soft dappling of clouds in the sky. Whether demonic or divine was uncertain to prying eyes, but he was no deity and exhaustion was ebbing at the mortal male. His long set of wings lifting him higher before settling out in a smooth glide. He'd been watching the land below him looking for signs of well, anything at this point. He'd never traveled alone before and the silence was deafening and there was only so much he could talk about with himself. Slowly, the clouds grew thicker and thicker, encompassing him in a vague fog, loosing sight of the ground below. He looked around in confusion, seeing no end to the fog any time soon. He tried to sink lower in an attempt to escape what he thought was just a thick cloud cover, perhaps the sign of rain in the near future, but not matter how low he fly, he couldn't find the ground. In the distance, he saw something twisting in a strange, unnatural shape. Trying to squint through the cover, he soon found out just exactly he was flying towards. Flailing his wings back, Lirr's eyes grew wide as he shouted "TREE!!!" before crashing into the tangle of branches. Entangled in the limbs, he sighed, not really sure where to go from here. "Well... At least it wasn't the ground." He huffed in a sorry attempt at comforting himself.

Carefully, he began to pry his wings free of the tree though getting down once he was free didn't seem to be a part of his plan. Wretched free of it's grasp, he slipped out of the tree and began to fall as he spread his wings out, trying to catch himself before he hit the ground. While it manage to turn him right side up and slow him, it didn't prevent the crash and he vanished into the tall grass. He didn't seem to be injured, bruised yes, but not broken or bleeding. Sprawled out in the mystery grass, Lirr debated just laying for a little bit, but begrudgingly stood up, looking over the mess that was his feather's. Not even worried about the unknown of where he was until he'd fixed the frazzled travesty of his feathers. Finally satisfied with how they looked, he folded them back up at his sides, farfully not the let the ends of his larger wings drag in the dirt.

His gaze was greeted with the trunk and emerging roots of the tree he'd previously crashed into, but as he looked around further, it seemed that was the only land mark around and in the thick of the fog, he didn't think it wise to wander off from it. Slowly, he edged forward towards a strange archway of roots beneath the base of the tree, he thought perhaps he could slip through to the other side, but as he edged closer and peered through, he was a bit hesitant with how steep it seemed to be, but before he could back away, something seemed to push him in, sliding down into the maze as his heart sank into his gut. He skidded to a stop at the bottom of the slope, managing to remain on his feet this time as he looked behind him, though the entrance he came through seemed to have disappeared into the cacophony of the maze. "Ya know, living with a constantly disapproving mother is looking better and better by the minute." With no other choice, he continued forward, blindly wandering through the strange maze he had become trapped in. Either through blind luck or what simply an entity taking pity on him, Lirr caught the glimpse of an end, a strange light through the dull, dim root system. Hurrying towards it, he was finally free, stopping on the other end, he looked around with a smile, the small set of micro wings on his flank springing up, excited to finally be free of the roots. "Ah-ha! I win!" He stood there frozen a moment as he finally came to a realization. "Where the heck is here..."
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be swift!

First and foremost, the Bifrost is a trickster. Yes, perhaps it is one of the most cataclysmic trees that graces mortal realms, and one could even argue that it may be the most enigmatic timber as well. The sheer breadth is awe-inspiring, it's high branches thicker than most natural trunks, and the depth and magnitude of its cavernous root system would unsettle any curious spelunker. But of all, it was a master of illusions, crafter of tricks, and a captain of lies. And its next victim had just tangled himself in the branches.

Perhaps after being the artist of swindles, the Bifrost was patient. Like a fly caught it the web, the behemoth timber laid in wait. Even as Lirr escaped the snarled high branches and plummeted down to the blanket of thick grasses at the tree's foot there was no escaping the sorcery of this giant. The dense fog that would have cast him in circles for eons inevitably would have brought any traveler back to the roots of the tree. But Lirr needed little encouragement to venture beneath, albeit it a slight push of the wind. Striking during the pegasus' confusion, the Bifrost conformed around the path it's magick created: an easy tunnel system funneling the male to the bright light of the other side. The Bifrost loved to strike when its victims least anticipated...

As the male exclaimed his victory the initial image began to shudder. It was a minute ripple, entirely with the ability to be overlooked if someone was distracted. But the last and final question left the stallion's lips, the crafted image of the exit shuddered, blurring the contrasting colors until it ultimately faded away to black. But behind that veil of false victory a golden image of a face Lirr could not mistake bore back at him. The mare seemed molded of the same midas that touched the male's midnight pelt; a monochromatic and shimmering image of a woman who could not truly be there. A soft glow pulsated from her, casting gilt light across the moist subterranean tunnel and offering some semblance of visibility.

Most importantly, however, was her face. There was a disappointed curl to her lips, and her eyes were furrowed with ire. "Victory? So easily?" a spectral voice of his mother chastised. She pivoted around, a sharp and choreographed twirl, and traipsed down one of the curling paths.

Something is happening! Lirr has entered the Bifrost! It seems that the mighty tree is toying with him as well... Will he follow this ghostly image of his dam, or pick a new path?

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Lirr's relief in escape was short lived as his heart sank into his stomach. Something was off though he couldn't quite pinpoint what. Slowly, his wings ticked back in and his soft blue eyes started to actually take in his surroundings more carefully. He didn't notice the waver, but it became dark, the light of his escape nothing more than a lie. His head tilted up, hoping, searching for the familiar, comforting vision of the sky, but he was trapped. He turned, a bit more panicked now that he remained ensnared, he was met with not an escape, but instead the very thing he was trying to escape from. His mother's golden visage was not too easily forgotten, her sharp tongue as cruel as she was stunning. To young Lirr though, she was nothing more than a witch cast in gold, a siren, a tyrant.

His brow furrowed as his ears folded back against his head. He knew this wasn't his mother, it couldn't possibly be, though his distaste for the woman remained nonetheless. "Nothing ever is easy with you though is it." He huffed. He watched in distaste as she essentially showed him up as she always did. Everything he ever did, she either chastised him for it or out shined him. She sauntered down a path and Lirr didn't move. He didn't trust his own mother, why would he trust this strange vision of her any more? "I HOPE YOU GET LOST DOWN HERE, WOMAN!" He called after her before turning away from her and trotting down another other path he could find. He never had the courage to stand up to the real thing, but what could a hallucination possibly do to him, he thought.

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be swift!

A wise decision on the nouveau stallion's part. Some of the Bifrost's tricks weren't always of the schoolyard variety. As Lirr's scorning refusal echoed down the moss laden path the phantom image of his dam had disappeared down, her gleaming image weightlessly continued, uninhibited by the lack of flooring. But illusions don't need to obey the very fabric of physics do they? Although his wish would not come to fruition for the phantom would inevitably disappear into motes of light far behind his perception in the path (that had he had already elected for his own), it also proved a fate not meant for the obsidian pegasus with his gilt markings.

Rather, is immediate denial of the mirage and fiery courage to disembark from the untrustworthy aid actually bade him in the Bifrost's favor. Not many had the galls to challenge the tree's magic so quickly, and for it reward was due. While the path Lirr had selected was winding and shadow laden, it was nevertheless straight forward. Any intersections or crossroads he came to immediately laced roots across their boundaries, funneling the new comer down the correct path. Eventually, despite the depth and the massive timber rising over head, the faint hum of rapid's would ride the gentle zephyrs slipping through the tunnels. The air was moist and supple with the tell-tale evidence that water was nearby. And was there not an ancient saying that water always led to freedom?

Something is happening! Seems the Bifrost likes Lirr's tact and has offered him a rather straight-forward exit. Will it be real this time?

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