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Arrival of the Revamp


It is here!

Our beautiful new layout has dropped! Yay! Isn't it shnazzy? I brought only two things to Saperlie when commissioning her to redo the look out our site: 1. Use this image for a header and 2. Make something dynamic and never-before-seen (like her other items in her portfolio)! Boy did she deliver. I hope you're all as happy with it as I am.

Of course, this means we're entering the troubleshooting phase. A number of glitches are being looked into and a couple of items are going to be added or reworked due to some forgetfulness on my part - like the fact we're missing a Discord button now. Whoops. Entirely on me. For those of you who find issues please private message me or use the #help channel in our discord server to bring it to our attention! Furthermore, read that section to make sure someone hasn't already notified us of the issue.

Some that we're already aware of:

  • Readability of posts via mobile
  • Discord link and widget currently MIA
  • Report feature window hidden
  • Confusion with OTS sections beneath header

    As a friendly PSA, there has been some investigation into the readability of our tables on the mobile version of the site. Its due to fixed width tables (aka 500px dimensions). Tonight I will be reassessing some posting templates to see if I can't get something more dynamic that works and can be used to build new templates off of. Additionally, all old Storyteller posts are currently only readable if highlighted due to their old coding - please excuse this inconvenience until we staff have the time to back check these older posts. All new Storyteller posts will feature our brand new, dynamic code.

    I promise that we'll have the dust settled as quickly as we can! But until then the site is still open for posting.

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