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where they spin lies into fairydust
Ever a bleak day it was in the Slidr Valley. Wind ripped across the lands fiercer than the worst gale. Trees bent under invisible weight as orange leaves snapped from their limbs and screamed through the sky. Large branches lay scattered across the ground, torn from their mother by nature’s way. One young man had decided to brave the breeze, trekking across land to revisit an old memory.

Redwood’s Last Stand was just as how he remembered it, the faint metallic stench just barely still hanging in the air. Most of the dead animals had seemingly vanished, most likely scavenged by crows, vultures and buzzards, but some were still strewn across ground, their bodies horrifically twisted. The forest felt… sick, with an eerie silence upon it and the echo of a wolf cry drifting on the gust. The croaking of old trees and a gentle shower of leaves filled the air as Caelian stepped around a nearly dry puddle of blood, watered down yet still draining from discoloured grass. He gazed at it with disdain. Maybe once his stomach would have twisted in disgust, but now he had a curious feeling about the things that oozed from other animals. His own blood was not of a red tint, but silver, and he always found red to be strange and foreign to him. Walking away from it, he continued on.

A shutter passed through his cold soul as he came upon the clearing where it happened. Phantom pinpricks ghosted his neck as he remembered the light scar that had come to be a part of him, the silver mark hardly noticeable at all. What would he find in this place? What was he looking for? He felt the jolt of electricity in his skin. He was looking for more. He wanted control, he wanted power. He grit his teeth, he could feel it under his veins, he could let it loose, but it was weak. It was nearly useless. He loathed himself for not being able to express it as he wished, and he longed for the feeling of pure electricity in his blood once again. He wished for that true alignment. He waited patiently, expectantly, his eyes watchful. What would be in store for him today?

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be swift!

”Looking for something?” the mechanical voice growls; it is deep, grounding, and booming. The very air seems to shake with the reverberations of the phantom voices syllables. Snaps of blue arcs crackle and pop in the air, manifesting at the summons of the demonic voice. The creature is at a distance. Caelian can only just make him through the trees. Quadrupedal, with legs akin to a canine but its nape and visage a mangled and distorted equine, it’s being is glad in the sharpest if blue currents. They dance across the fleshless beast as it’s eyes - for yes, it has blinding eyes - bare into the ebony stallion’s soul.

”I am too...” the beast growls, taking a single step forward towards Caelian. It’s jaws part now, for its vocals are disembodied, and lighting pours from its maw. Every inch the arcs touch singes the forest, carving irregular marks into the grasses and trees. ”But you took her from me... Another step forward and the beast clasps its elongated jaws shut with a hiss. ”And I intend on taking her back.” Born from a storm cloud at its wake, the elemental surges forward with uncanny speed and dexterity, crashing through the trees with a guttural, mechanical roar on its lips.

The only choice is to fight or flight... which will he pick to save his flesh from a singed fate?

Something is happening! Caelian has initiated his Adept Arcana Quest! Seems the mate to the last elemental he slew has returned with one thing in mind: vengeance.

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where they spin lies into fairydust
A metallic growl swept through the breeze, carried upon the wind to the freckled stallion’s ears. It was bone-chilling, it was terrifying, but most of all, it was familiar. A shiver passed down Caelian’s spine as memories flooded to him, memories of wolves and howls, memories of fighting monsters made of lightning. His eyes scanned his surroundings suspiciously, resting upon a figure sparking in the distance.

This elemental could talk. It was the first thing Caelian noticed in the difference of this one and the one he’d fought earlier. He watched it, calmly, his eyes watching it smoothly. It stalked towards him, its legs such as a canine but its face a strange equine, and those eyes. Eyes that bore into the very soul of the king. Eyes that blazed with a fire Caelian’s could never contain. Eyes that screamed death. 

Drifts of words float between the distance of them once again, the growl deep and petrifying. If this was a game, Caelian accepted the challenge. He watched as the elemental made his move and the board game began. All the pieces were in place, anyone could move anywhere. Now, it was a matter of getting to the other side of the chessboard, and wondering which pieces to sacrifice.

Crashing through the trees, it surged forward with great speeds, but Caelian dived away. He swerved, dragging his hoof upon the ground as he turned back to face the creature. Then, he took a move of his own. He sped towards the thing, lightning upon his hooves and horn, sparking, singing his fur as a slight smell of burnt skin drifted into the wind. It popped and frenzied, hard to control, but it was there. He plunged his hooves forward, electricity shooting from them as he attempted to overshock and beat the elemental at the same time. For how was one to fight something this unworldly?
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be swift!

The little man did not and run. Foolish.

But the Ambrosius sovereign dodged the initial charge, turning back upon the elemental with a courage that most lacked. Again, foolish. The elemental, much unlike it's predecessor, unfurled. The arcs of lightning unfurled, ebbing and flowing around Caelian in a funnel of blinding, harsh light that singed the stallion's coat where the stray currents grazed his flesh. The ambiguous manifestation of lightning reformed behind Caelian, but not facing away, no... Its jaws were asunder and it was diving down at the speckled stallion's flank as its body reformed again with snaps of light. Down it came, its monstrous jaw eagerly and able to consume half of the fully grown equine before him. Caelian would have to move quickly - so quickly - to escape the angered elemental!

Whether he met his target and took his pound of flesh his second strike did not stop the onslaught of the broken mate. "You will pay for what you've done, mortal!" Its voice screeched, like sheet metal ripped across sheet metal, and as quickly as its last attack had finished it's paw-like appendages lashed out before him, cashing after the image of Caelian with savage rage. "Your ignorance will be paid in blood!"

Something is happening! Caelian better watch out! Seems like this elemental is far superior than his mate was... To complete the quest, what will the stallion do?

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With unparalleled speed and derexity, the beast never stopped. It unfurled, unlike its mate, and passed by and through the king as it came back around behind him, causing more of his coat to burn than he’d like. He winced greatly as the smell continued to fill the air, and stopped in his attack to turn. Yet before he could, the creature was upon him again, moving with such rage that even someone with Caelian’s previous training and speed couldn’t dodge. His eyes went wide as it closed upon him, his mouth wide and ready. He, once again, tried to leap from its attack, yet felt the pain pass through him as he didn't quite make it. The wind knocked from him, he felt his legs give out.

The screech from the monster kept him on his toes. As paw-like appendages closed upon him, he rolled himself away and popped onto his hooves once again, wobbling slightly. He could feel the wound on his hind, yet it had instantly closed with the heat of the electricity pouring from the creature. If he thought his former opponent was a match, he had no idea how he would describe this monstrosity. For a hesitant moment, he stood, pondering whether to run or continue to fight. But that voice chimed in his head, ”Weak,” and he set his stance once more, ready for the onslaught. If this would be his last stance, then he would go out fighting. He would rather be remembered as a fighter than a coward, for all he stood for. He never was one to flee in the face of danger.

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be swift!

Having hit his mark, the insatiable rage within the distraught elemental only surged. The currents constructing his ghastly form flickered brighter, snapped momentarily louder, and the crackle of the electricity as it zipped along his intangible form hissed. But despite the injury - cauterized instantly, much to the equine's luck - the crownless king did not flee the fray. The beast lunged away with a bounding leap, lashing its visage before ultimately settling still. It lingered low, like a prowling predator, with its carnal visions bore to Caelian in threat. Did this mortal truly think he could best a creature of his magnitude? Of his progression? The beast's jaws parted and a low and guttural growl escaped him as if his anger leaked from him unconsciously.

With the quarrel the wood fell still save for the never-ending flow of current along the beast's body. The creature refused to look away from the challenging glare of the stallion, but something akin to a smile stretched along it's elongated maw. Steadily, a bubble of a chuckle rose on the lipless monster. With it's cackle echoing in the quiet forest, it took its first step forward. Then another... and another. Soon it was galloping towards Caelian again, arcs of singing lightning haloing the creature as another metallic screech fell from its maw.

Something is happening! Caelian is brave - perhaps too brave for his own good! It may be best to search for a way to escape this elemental, survive to fight another day. Or perhaps, another may assist you? Pick quickly. The elemental seeks only your ruination.

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No matter how hard Caelian fought, it seemed as if he'd never win. The elemental was simply too strong for his meagre powers, and he could never overpower the raging beast before him. With determination still blazing in his heart, he glared at the creature, torn between fleeing or fighting. He wasn't a coward, he knew, but didn't Ambrosius need its king? Did it really? Wasn't Nevermore a much better fit?

Suddenly, at the thought of Nevermore, an epiphany hit Caelian in the face. If he could get his one and only friend to help him, then surely he could defeat the thing. Suddenly, the thought of Iracebeth and her similar abilities. Combined, their powers could easy stop this elemental. He lingered for a moment too long, the thing was bounding at him once more. Its splitting roar pierced the silence that filled the forest, and hairs upon Caelian's neck rose. He dived away from the creature, scurrying behind a tree. Electricity singed the ground and a fire burst upon the side of the tree, felling it. With a small jump, he got away as quickly as he could, but didn't altogether flee. He silently prayed to both Nevermore and Iracebeth; if anyone of them were close enough, they would surely hear the ruckus made by this beast. For now, all he could do was prolong the fight until they showed up, and if neither did, then he would have to make his escape, as much as he absolutely despised the thought of it. A fleeing thought of a dark, charred body laying lifeless on the floor of this deathly forest made a horrible shutter pass through his body. No matter how close his mind was to falling off the edge of sanity, death still scared him. He heaved a heavy sigh; it would be a miracle if either of his only acquaintances/friends showed. A pure miracle.

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What was this? Dark clouds looked to be gathered in one small pinpointed location a few miles from him up ahead. It was a strange sight to see for sure. Out of all his lessons and readings, storms could not concentrate to such a degree. Or could they? With his interest piqued the dark raven soared upon the rushing gales toward the area. Lighting arched and snapped violently the closer he drew near and upon the wind the scent of a singed forest along with fur and burnt flesh caused his visage to snap down with an investigative expression upon his face. But what he laid eyes on was something he was not expecting.

As a felled tree came crashing down he watched as the familiar dark figure of Caelian quickly ambled away from some sort of creature made of lightening itself. Brows rising in short lived surprise the regent swooped in from the sidelines, allowing his hinds to touch the ground gently. Caelian?! Nevermore called out, his Romanian accent strong and thick as he tried to gasp the sovereign's attention. What on earth was he doing around a powerful beast such as this. The raven turned his attention in the direction of the seething elemental, watching as everything it's power touched seared it to a crisp.

Come, we must leave. Tis not wise to tarry here any longer. He shouted over the hissing sparks cracking within the air. He personally had no idea what was going on but he was not daft to his responsibility to protect his friend and king. And for now escape seemed to their only hope. Nevermore honestly did not see any real way of fighting such a disembodied creature. But he also wondered if it was capable of speech. Perhaps he could offer some form of distraction for his friend, or by some miracle reason with the strange thing. Glancing back at the elemental once more he took a single, nonthreatening step forward. Mighty creature, Tis not thine desire to fight you. Yea, I say unto you. Why so much destruction?
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be swift!

The beast ripped it's electrical claws through the downed redwood youth; small fires erupted at the seams as the harsh currents of the elemental both burned and cauterized the wounds. It was a simple display of the beast's power, but it spoke of the mighty strength it possessed. As the first of its fores placed itself upon the other side, slowly approaching the sovereign who refused to flee, the ground around it singed and burned. The blades of grass immediately turned black, curling in on itself before catching with flames, crumbling to ash, and collapsing. But still the sovereign remained brave in the face of the beast that would ultimately slay him. Each step brought another ring of burnt earth and the arcs that undulated from the creature seemed desperate to catch anything - the high branches, trees, leaves, rocks, fern. They all blackened and died at the superior being's extended touch.

But hark, another's call ripped through the trees. The creature whips around, watching the soaring equine with the face of a monster, hot-white eyes slitting with ire. Who dared interfere with his chance at revenge? This black winged hessian with calming words and good intentions. Why? The elemental nearly spat the word back as an insult. Did this foolish king's company not know what he had done? What he had taken? The male creature thinks of his sweet, sweet Ch'aila and the ravaging fires of torment and sorrow unfurl within. Without responding to the new aid, the beast charges forward, claws wide and grasping as it barreled towards Nevermore - leaving Caelian the opportunity to escape.

A wayward arc of lightning born from the unbridled anger swelling within the spirit's heart jettison's past Caelian and sparks along a tree. But it does not die after leaving it's weaver, no, but remains a lattice of electric current swarming like insects around the knot of the timber.

Something is happening! The distraction has worked! Caelian and Nevermore best flee now and survive another day to fight! I'm sure it's not the last time you'll see this creature... And what's this? Perhaps Caelian can absorb this electrical power as he had previously.

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Too long had Caelian tarried in the forest, fighting a beast that would surely be his end. Hiding behind a tree, his attention was caught when his name ripped through the air spoken by a familiar voice. Looking up, the king's eyes spotted his Regent and best friend, Nevermore, and a smile whipped across his face as the man he used to be fought to the surface of the monster he'd become. For a simple moment, the light of a dead man came back to his eye and his face was graced with the most beautiful of smiles. He was in fact so relieved to see the phantom that he did not notice the beast behind him slowly approaching. Yet, harks from Nevermore fell upon his ears and he listened. It was time to leave. 

As the raven-like being caught the eye of the elemental, Caelian found his chance to escape, hesitating just long enough to watch the beast turn with rage to look towards his friend. The anger that had built upon his face was clear in the arcs of electricity that singed everything around him, yet Caelian noticed as the touched the timber he stood behind, the did not set fire to the tree. Instead, they sparked and crackled quietly. Gazing at it for a moment, the king was mesmerised by its beautiful display, leaning down to touch it with his nares. Quickly, the arches leapt upon his face and danced around his neck before absorbing into his dark coat, fading away. Pale eyes wandered to Nevermore, and he whispered "Fly my friend. Fly."

With not a hint of hesitation left within him, Caelian turned and made his way out of the forest, his hooves gliding over the grasses as he ran from a Redwood nightmare. He vowed that as long as he lived, he would avoid this forest until the end of his days. The events that happened here did not run well with his conscious, and the voices within his head were mildly chiming. In this moment, running at the definition of haste, he realised what he had become, but it did not weary him. He realised he stood on the edge of a knife, and would it not be better to simply step off? Would it not be easier to let go? He felt it was his time, fate was calling him. With a soft whisper, he breathed "I'm sorry Kagura," and let go.

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A flutter of vague relief bubbled within his chest as his friend caught his gaze and heeded his words. The freckled lad seemed to steal away a current of the elemental's electricity for himself, absorbing it as it danced eagerly along his pelt and becoming one. Though he found the whole ordeal to be rather mesmerizing his focus fell to his sovereign's ebony lips making out the urgent whisper over the crackles and hiss of raw lightening that arched within the air. But he couldn't obey, not until he saw his friend flee from this destruction first.

Drawing his glowing lavender gaze back toward the elemental that glared in his attention Nevermore stood at the ready. He had hoped to quell the thing's anger by speaking to it, but that hope was immediately dashed the moment it shrieked with a fury and pain he'd never heard before in all his centuries of life. Not even the prey he'd hunted could have held a candle to it. Throwing his weight on his hinds the regent pivoted and began his unique gallop away from the elemental embodiment, picking up speed as he unfurled obsidian wings.

With a hasty flap of his feathered appendages Nevermore took to the skies as fast as he could. Turning his visage he could see the fleeing form of his sovereign retreating deeper and deeper into the forest, into a net of safety. With a few more swift beats of his wings the phantom zoomed above, hoping to put as much distance between himself and the creature as he could.
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be swift!

Even as Caelian fled from the horrific stench of ash and cinder the electricity he had absorbed from the tree was already bubbling within. It intertwined with his being, with his own prowess, and his very soul. As the two obsidian stallions successfully outwit the rage of their opponent, the elemental was left to his own wrath. Black feathers slipped away from his metaphysical tooth and claw which were left grasping and gnashing at nothing but air. And just as quickly as the beast pivoted to redirect his fury.... his original target was gone. Only a scent, with grounds enough away that it would use more of his energy to catch up with the murderer than to slay him. Arcs of lightning danced along the monster's form, cracking and snapping and catching further vegetation alit with fire, they grew in halo and breadth. Tremoring, the heart broken elemental let one last final, metallic shriek escape his muzzle. Sorrow, grief, rage, and thunder roared through the trees until the electricity's light grew blinding; and in a flash the beast was gone.

Something is happening! Congratulations! Caelian has completed his arcana quest! Thank you, Nevermore, for your aid! Caelian may ascend to Adept in his Arcana!

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