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➳ the stars have all burned out // arcana quest


The summer sun held tight in the cerulean-kissed sky. The heat that its rays emitted had made the days seem longer and somehow hotter, and the nights icy cold beneath weathered hooves. Almost nothing stirred here in the desert now: anything that was smart waited until dusk to venture out to keep themselves alive. The only movement here now were the reptiles. Sure-footed lizards dashed around the dunes here and there making sure to keep their feet moving to avoid third-degree burns. A horned viper made his way through the sand as if he were swimming through it. It was odd to see a viper of his size during the day. Then again when was anything normal in the desert?

Marishka lazily managed a walk. It had been a day since she had seen an oasis, so she kept her eyes peeled and kept her energy in reserves for the long haul. This was the glamorous life of an exile, but Marishka didn’t deserve this. Why had she been punished for the mistakes her mother had made several years ago? The duo-toned girl shook her head as if to rattle the memories out of her head. It didn’t matter anymore. Her life was insignificant to her mother, and in conclusion, it would also be insignificant to everyone else.

Today seemed to drag. It was if her hooves were walking in place. Everything seemed to fade together, had she seen that dune before? Marishka groaned. An oasis couldn’t be far, but her sense of direction had been compromised by her trip down memory lane. She stopped and flicked her over-grown cloudy white tail to frighten the lone blow fly that landed on her hocks.

If there was an insect, there was water close by.

Powerful legs lifted in desperation and marishka glided effortlessly over the sand in a collected trot. Her hooves dug in and her grip was compromised, but the thought of quenching water against her scratchy throat was more than enough to convince her to continue. Sand was flung from every hoof, and Marishka’s mouth fell open with exhaustion. The smell of fresh water wafted through her nostrils, and at that very moment, the hazy green grass came into view.

Marishka let out an excited whinny and bolted for the oasis. Her thundering hooves felt feather-light and her head slung up and down with joy.

But that joy was quickly met with disappointment. As quickly as the oasis had come into view, it had disappeared in an instance. Marishka’s legs locked and her small frame screeched to a stopping halt. Her brow furrowed in frustration and her eyes glowed bright purple with quite an intensity. She had lived in this desert since birth and she had always managed to push a mirage from her mind, but not this time.

Marishka sat in silence as she brooded, her legs shaking in desperation, and her half-stitched mouth muttering curses under her hot and sticky breath.

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be swift!

Thirst, perhaps, was worst than the most ravenous hunger. While your belly could ache for long hours before weakness settled in, water... why, water was immediate. If not satisfied appropriately, a parched mouth went cotton well within an hour. And this piebald mare? She'd gone well over that...

Legs shaking with fatigue and scorn upon her mind, the plum eyed mare feels... is that a tingle? At first, the sensation is reserved to her shoulder, just off of her chest. Beneath her skin butterfly wings kiss her sun-beat skin, prickling her pores and causing the incredibly arid expanse of her throat to become most prominent. Drink, drink, drink it seems to pulsate as it expands, the dull flutter steadily leeching further upon the pectorals of her chest, dancing beneath her hide like a phantom. Further the parch of her throat aches, begging, pleading, yearning for salvation. Drink, drink, drink, it seems to echo between her ears, manifesting from between her harks. Surely she has gone mad?

A horn lizard crests the dune before her, sputtering to a stop beneath the shade of the outcropping, mouth agape and gasping to cool his bodily temperature. He lingers, unwilling to leave the shades just yet for the shade - blessed shade - is so rare. Suddenly, so very suddenly it may even scare the girl to death, the flutter of her chest transforms into a vice grip around her heart and the pain - oh the pain! Blood her unseen company barks, deafeningly, in her ears. She has to see it - oh she has to see the lizard. But will she understand?

Something is happening! Marishka has initiated her first arcana quest! Best sate that unquenchable thirst soon for who knows what may befall her in these illusions...

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Thirst had been the most challenging thing to live with. The arid desert was unforgiving and harsh on anyone who lived in it no matter the length of their stay. Marishka had wandered here for five entire years without keeling over, and for once in her life, she felt maybe it was time to let go. She longed to be free from the unnatural urges she felt, and the hurt that flashed in her memories often. The piebald girl had not been meant for domesticated life, and her story would end in this very desert no doubt. Perhaps now was her time.

Marishka stood quietly on shaking pillars, but something else brewed inside of her. Palpitations and the feeling of anxiety was first, but then it changed into something more...unnatural. The girl flipped her ears back in agitation as her chest twisted into unbearable pain, and her veins felt as if they would burst at any moment. Marishka shrieked with agony, falling to her knees, and her mouth agape. Involuntary pants came from her stitch-kept mouth, and the anxiety began. Marishka writhed beneath the pain; her eyes were as wide as the canyon that separated the exiles from the common folk. Was this what dying felt like?

Static-like feeling brushed against her insides just under the skin in her veins, and a voice pounded loudly against her ears. Marishka whinnied loudly into the sand, her entire body shaking like a palm leave during a sandstorm. “STOP!” she shrieked, but the voices did not subside.

Drink, drink, drink...but what was she to do? “There is no water...not for another three-day walk.” the poor girl gasped, uncertain. Who was telling her to drink? What more could she do?

Marishka’s lilac eyes opened weakly, and that was when she spotted it. BLOOD, the eerie voice demanded.

The lizard sat quietly, but the inside of marishka’s head was so loud. Drink. Blood. Drink. Drink. Blood. Her head pounded with anticipation and her heart raced with every word spoken to her. The pain in her heart grew and grew with no intent of stopping. She knew. Marishka pushed her legs up and steadied herself with great effort. Voices still beat in her ears, and they demanded to be heard. It was now or never. Springing from her position with what little strength she had left, she bee-lined for the horned reptile with eyes wide and fangs drawn.

This thirst would be quenched.

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be swift!

She stood there, writhing in some unseen agony that the lizard didn't quite understand. But she kept at a distance. Not once, but twice she jerked about but did not lunge, and each of those times the small horny reptile jerked... it was poised, ready to leave.... but she did not attack and a false trust started to coo in the horny lizard's heart. Just another vagrant as equally hungry and equally suffering out here in the wastes as he. He'd pay her no mind and she'd do the same. That's how it was, wasn't it? At times you simply just coexisted in peace without the slightest attention paid to the living beings sharing this hell hole with you.

Well, that's at least what the lizard had thought for a short period of time.

Because she did lurch. She come for him, but he had been numbed by her screaming and jerking and acted too late. It was only her shadow that brought him to the realization that she did intend him harm. But as quickly as his beady eyes' pupils honed to pin points and the reptile came to the frightening fact his life was coming to an abrupt end. Not seconds later Marishka's jaws crunched the tiny, fragile body of the lizard and it was lights out... but not for the mare. Her chest pain ceased as soon as the crimson liquid slithered down her throat, and a wave of clarity would defog her mind. She would not die in these wastes... at least, not today.

Something is happening! Congratulations! Marishka has completed her Apprentice Arcana Quest! The Arcana Endowment will be removed at staff's soonest convenience.

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