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It had been a wonderful night. The gypsy she’d met was beyond what she’d expected from this land, and her curiosity was only driven by each word that left his mouth. He was a star from a distant land to her, a stranger of stories that she’d liked to have listen to all night. Yet, as night fell and the source of their warmth dwindled, they drifted off to sleep. In the morning, the snow flurries had stopped, leaving a thin layer upon Esfir’s wings and Aishi hooted gently in her ear.

As they stretched their legs and went off to find breakfast, Aerglo’s knowledge of botany was obviously lacking. As he went for a bush of poisonous berries, Esfir quickly intervened with urgency; yet, slightly amused by his unawareness.

Their adventures continued as they went on back towards the lake. However, they were intercepted by a three-eyed raven of whom gave them a strange message. As Aerglo gave her information on what it was, Esfir understood this bird must have an important message to give them. In a tongue she couldn’t understand well, he gave them the information and took flight once again, drifting over the lake. Confused, she’d turned to Aerglo when he told her what the thing had said.

At his comment, her brow furrowed in pure confusion and curiosity. ”A… party?” From a land where parties did not exist, she was both intrigued and demented by this offer; yet, she could not refuse the gypsy's offer.

She had awkwardly watched him get ready, curious as to the rituals of this land. When she noticed him finding the nicest of his things to wear, she pulled out a single silver earring from the bag tied around her leg. She had picked it up from a soldier she had murdered, and still felt bad about the beautiful thing. She wondered what the story behind it was, and felt sick as Aishi carefully used her beak to place it through the tiny hole at the bottom of Esfir’s ear and tightened the cuff around the top of her ear. The dangle was silver and twinkled beautiful, like starlight was caught within the metal, yet it was a sad beautiful in Esfir’s eyes.

When they arrived at dusk, the beauty of the party took the filly-mare’s breath away. She had never seen this kind of beauty, not even in the creations she’d made in Kiraan. Following Aerglo to the dance floor, she wondered what these other equines were doing; yet, she followed what he did. As he bowed to her, Esfir felt a sense of stupidity and glanced off to the side, feeling slightly awkward as she lowered her neck a little, stiffly. As he smiled at her, she returned a beaming smile of her own and followed his steps, stumbling at first but quickly finding the movement. As they drifted about, she became lost in the music and the joy that bubbled out of her. This would be a night to remember.

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As the night grew old, Caelian foundit time to wrap up the party. He gave Kagura a soft smile and whispered lightly to her, "I shall return," before slipping off to the main region of the party. Drawing himself up, he addressed the remaining equines. "Friends of Ambrosius, wanderers, and companions, I thank you all for attending. As the night continues, you may take your leave if you so please. I bid you all a beautiful morning." As he turned away from the attention of all their eyes, he sighed into the breeze, his gaze saddened. Trotting back to regroup with Kagura, he found himself on the very edge of tears. ”I am broken Kagura. I sense that you have a gift, and I thank you for it. You have been a great help to me.” He leaned down to touch noses with her very slightly, before giving her a smile and turning his head back towards the guests as they slowly departed. He knew he would be standing here well into the morning, and he wondered who would remain and who would leave. He wondered, he pondered, all he did was think. He knew the action was not doing him good, yet he couldn’t help it as he teetered between two personalities. He felt he would forever stand on this edge of the knife, so close to stepping off the edge. It tired him, all his energy was so drained. Watery blue eyes closed gently, and he fell into his own abyss.

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Nevermore No reply needed, just a closing post to accept his offer. <3

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Their dance would play in her dreams for decades to come.

A pleased sigh escapes through lips the color of flame, his leadership skills clearly evident in the commanding yet accommodating way he guides her across the floor. ”It is no wonder you hold a position of power.” The softly spoken words easily flee a smiling mouth and she glances into his lavender orbs before looking over his form to peer at the other dancers. His hesitant smile draws her gaze back to his uniquely handsome visage and she finds her own lips curling up into a grin. ”You make it effortless to follow.” The bold words leave a hint of heat to her cheeks, blessedly hidden by her chestnut coloring.

His words of forgiveness followed by praise of her newly acquired skill draw out a shyness not often seen by the eyes of the world. She drops his stare a moment, a happy look casting her features in a look of pure bliss, ”Thank you, Nevermore.” His name leaves her tongue and she finds she quite enjoys the way it sounds, even if it sounds even better in his accented tones. Teasingly, she ruffles the feathers of each wing using her telekinesis before turning her sights back on the raven-man. ”It has been useful, indeed, albeit a bit strange.”

Nevermore speaks again, she is contented in the knowledge that he is skilled in conversation and enjoys how easy it is to speak with him. The way his accent curls around her name leaves Èibhlin in a stunned stupor, silent and enraptured. It passes quickly though, she is not foolishly prone to falling into such spells, but the smile remains on golden-red features. His question finally penetrates the fog his voice spread across her brain and amethyst eyes widen in surprise. It takes a moment or two before she can formulate a response. ”I-I would be delighted to remain here.” Her stuttered sentence hangs there in the space between them and she quickly tosses a follow up statement to diffuse the strange tension pooling in her limbs. ”Let’s get a dessert before they begin cleaning.” A silly offer, but she walks away towards the snacks to linger there with him a moment longer before eventually taking flight into the night; a promise to reunite for a tour of her new home hanging in the air.

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