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How long had he been wandering this bloody valley? In truth, Senri had lost count after drinking half the bottle of liquor strapped to his shoulder--and now, with an irritated sigh, the pirate was suddenly aware that not only did he lack more of the potent brown beverage but there seemed to be no one around to keep him in high spirits. An angered, disgruntled glare creased his visage as a strand of bi-colored hair brushed across the piercing in his brow.

Angered, he reached his neck around and pulled the empty bottle from it's holding straps only to toss it angrily--the brown bottle shattered on a rock not far from the lake's edge. For some reason, Senri was struck with the need to laugh as he, exhausted both mentally and physically, slumped to the rocky ground. "gods above, the hell have you gotten yourself into Senri" he muttered, blue eyes catching the glittery sunlight reflecting off the shattered booze-bottle. He chortled and rested his head against a moss-ridden boulder with another deep sigh. "Stuck in the middle of fucking nowhere, no sea, no women, no alcohol in sight--my boy you've really done it this time, huh?"

The soft gurgling sound of a reptile pulled his attention away from the docile lake, catching the small gecko in full site as it stared up at him with large cold eyes. The stag squinted for a moment, the small lizard flicking it's tongue out repeatedly. "What? Can't a guy have wants?" the lizard just stared at him for a long moment, again flicking its tail. "Don't judge me--I'll have you know it's been a long few weeks--months--time. It's been rough."

A moment of silence past between him and his new 'friend' before Senri began to hum along to a tune in his head. Before he knew it, words began to form in mumbled patterns dropping from his khol lips--

"....Tell ye your king fear me
Though he's the king on dry land,
I'll be king upon the sea..."

OPEN--i don't even know he writes himself k

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