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In the land of Gods and Monsters
Lilith was like that which she controlled; a shadow of the Valley to come and go with the rising and setting sun. Whispers remained of her presence, but none had seen her in the flesh for what felt like an eternity. In truth, she clung to the outermost reaches, observing like she always had. And, if it hadn't of been for the squabble over a land she once possessed, Lilith likely would have remained nothing more than a myth.

The woman who liberated Vromme and vanished with little trace.

Lilith found the holdings easily, for she had resided within for a decent amount of time before being pulled away by the whispering in her head. Even now as she walked, one might even suggest the lands grew silent, as if they knew what dangers lurked with her presence alone.

The marshy grounds sank beneath her hooves, and for a moment the ebony woman stood as still as the grave. Only as the wind carrying the chill of fall brushed its cool fingers through her long tresses of hair did she close her eyes and breathe deep; the smell of watery decay permeating the nostril of the once-queen only to remind her of a time when she carried said title. However, that was not why she was here.

Lilith needed no such thing to be respected.

No, she wasn't here to claim an old rusty crown; but rather, she was here to observe the curious new King of Vromme--for what she'd learned through the vine was that this was no ordinary person. A creature, reanimated, the epitome of death. It enticed her to say the least, and was enough to spur her from the depths of the shadowy recesses of the Valley to come and gaze upon such a sight for herself.

"King of Nothing" she called out, tone of voice giving away her true age. "I seek your audience."

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Bones had plans-- he had many plans. Vromme was seemingly empty land, even before the last sovereign had disappeared. It would flourish beneath the skeleton, he was sure of it. His mind was swarmed with thoughts and ideas, constantly planning on things he and others could do to improve the great house of Vromme. "King of nothing." Her words echoed across the expanse of land and if he could have smiled he would have. Instead he moved at an agonizing slow pace as he approached the obsidian woman. "Nothing, nothing. Empty. Hollow. This is only now, not tomorrow." He halted several paces away, the golden orb in his cavernous skull was glowing brightly.

Bones raised his head, straightening his neck almost completely and change the angle from which he observed her. His voice reverberated from his skull, "I am Bones." His jaw rattled, teeth clacking together with loud clinks as he spoke. The orb remained in the center of his skull, lighting peeking through each of his sockets. "It was empty-- but no longer. It will come back now even stronger. Vromme will heal for those who shall kneel." He pauses, tilting his head slightly. "And you." Bones curled his neck, drawing his own skull in her direction. "It is my audience you seek? Not weak, not sneak-- certainly not meek." Despite a lack of eyes the golden orb glistened with an intensity that made it clear he was observing her in almost detective-like manner. He paused, seeming to mull over his own words before going silent again.


ooc: i should probably translate his weirdness haha. he's basically saying it's nothing now but it won't always be. he's gonna heal vromme for those who follow him and then he watches he and is appreciative that she didn't sneak around and that she seems strong and straight forward.
Please note when interacting with Bones, he is not aware he is not alive.
Mild power play allowed, ie touching and entering personal space.
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In the land of Gods and Monsters
She hadn't expected what had come crawling from the depths of her old hold; a reanimated skeleton, walking with sentience, who spoke in curious riddles. For a moment, the shadow stands in stillness with crimson eyes scanning over what little was left of this creature before a cackle erupts from her dark coal-colored lips.

"Well, this is certainly a surprise" A flick of her long tail, shadows like wisps trailing behind her every movement. In truth, at times it was easy to mistake her for nothing more than an apparition. "Tell me dear creature, where is your master? Surely you were not born that way--do you remember the pain of death or the heartbreak of life?" She takes a few steps closer, circling the 'king' before her as if she were inspecting a piece of art. Lilith always appreciated those who had been gifted with the art of rebirth; to bring back those cursed in death.

She had known a few, but they were long gone now.

"You have a perceptive mind--I am surprised that you do not consider me among the meek." She smiles, revealing her sharpened teeth as her walk comes full circle. A flick of her tail again, and there was the off chance strands of her silken hair brushed against the pale bleached bone. "It is a mistake many men have made over the millennia; but you are not man, nor woman--not living but not dead. Tell me creature, do you have desires like the living? Malicious intent like the mindless resurrected?"

Bones OPEN
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