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"Wolf of the Sea"

One of his worst fears had been realized this day; Natsilane was trapped.

While he had discovered the tunnels from the distant shore to the heart of the Valley here at the bottom of this lake, the hippocampus was unable to find it's mouth and return from whence he came. It did nothing but sour his mood, as the fish here in the lake hardly seemed suitable for his appetite. At this point, the male felt as if he'd searched every inch of the damn lake, occasionally surfacing to breathe out a plume of lake-water and air.

The whole predicament only seemed to reinforce the fact that he was indeed alone; perhaps moreso than he realized. How long had he searched the seas of his home looking for another like himself? How long had he cried out those first few nights, stranded on ice with a tail for back legs unable to comprehend what had happened to him? Neridian!Nantosvelta! he could hear the echoes of his childish voice ringing back and forth between the bones of his skull.

He'd like to think they had perished, but knowing his elder brother, it was more likely that he convinced their sister to leave and abandoned him--never knowing the truth. He only hoped whatever fate befell Nan that she was happy, wherever she was.

Gliding through the waters of Slidr, rays of sun caught his dark hide and made it shimmer in ways only water could. From beneath the surface, even he could see the changes of the world outside--how the leaves had began to change, casting unique hues along the dark waters. The air had also began to chill, making it far more comfortable by comparison. Nat had lived most of his known life in the far reaches of the North--past the mountains where snow and ice remained year round. He knew most of the denizens were not as accustomed to it as he, but this small change was enough to offer him some comfort in such solidarity.

There had been a few times he had watched from below as equines came to drink and play in the waters, a few even came to practice whatever magics they possessed--but Nat remained under the water. His last encounter with the multi-colored....whatever she was had shamed him in his actions; but Nat had little control over his temper at times. Physically he grimaced at the thought, what a damn fool he'd been.

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