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[O] Wild Ones


6 Summer ☀︎
played by N A K I
280 crystals
14 posts
we are the wild ones, the savages

He had been right, to a point. But that didn't mean she couldn't disagree, right?

It had been the first time they'd been called together like that--did the Warden just expect everything to go off with out a hitch? That each and everyone of them would have been okay with the other? They were outcasts, murderers, unjustly castaways, rapists, disgraced noblemen, and savages; each with distinct and in some cases, dominant, personalities. Not to mention, Aishe hadn't known any of their names save for Evandr's himself.

With a grunt, a grimace and a glace--the jenny had left the gathering with a limp in her walk. She was tense, agitated at everything, annoyed with the fever in her veins. The cool of night brought some comfort, but it would be a long time before she felt herself again, she guessed. Aishe had found her place on the outskirts of the oasis, content on watching the dust dance under relatively clear starlight.

For a moment the jenny is able to breathe deep, and calm the never-ceasing irritation that seemed to intensify with anger. Her mind wanders back to the meeting, recalling the faces of the Exiles. They were so few in number than the first time she'd seen them all--a horde of them at the oasis it seemed, towering over the baby Aishe like mountains. They were gods, they were demons; it had been the first time Aishe had ever seen their kind. In the skirmish of Evandr's coup, many had perished--and she assumed many had perished after when they'd been driven to the dunes never to be seen again. Of course there were a few stragglers, as the wound on her shoulder would tell you, but Aishe feared them not--not anymore.

With a sigh, hardy legs carry her forward down the rocky outcrop. Following the same trail as she'd done in the past, the jenny hardly needed to pay attention to where she was headed. On the far side of the Oasis, past most of everything there sat a lonesome tree. At the base of the palm was a small pile of stones, smooth, likely taken from the waters of the Oasis and the igneous rocks of the Vulkan lands. It was here that Aishe retreated when she needed guidance, when she missed the person who'd birthed her.

Much of her early life it had been Aishe and her mother. They were inseparable, the young jenny followed the woman closely as her mother warned of the dangers that lurked in the sands. She couldn't call them better times, for what was better about wandering aimlessly across the desert? But there was a certain nostalgia she could not deny--aimed at the lack of her first companion. A soft smile pulled back her tired lips, and the jenny managed to get to her knees again, buckling them under her bodice.

"It's been awhile, mother" she found herself unable to be quiet, hoping that wherever her mother's spirit had gone it could hear her. As a babe, lonely, a slave to her superiors, Aishe had taken comfort in being able to speak to such a ridiculous thing as this pile--but it was this place that gave her strength.

Evandr OPEN  i dont know this ended up being something different than i set it out to be oops. but i lost my thunder there at the end rip.


The Warden
9 Summer ☀︎
played by Soupi
160 crystals
33 posts


The meeting had been a sham if there ever was one. Since the day he had felled Saren and taken the mantle of Warden in the Wastes he'd thought himself as successful as any other before him. The exiles had ample sustenance to survive thanks to breaking the chains that had bunkered the Oasis but still this sharing of resources failed to unify the people he'd sought (and fought) so hard to provide for. And could he blame them? Their life was hellish, even he'd admit it. They weren't wrong that the Oasis could only supply so many hungry mouths. But where water gurgled from the deep streams, greenery must grow, right? So there would always be more ferns, more vegetation to replace that which is consumed... at least, Evandr hoped.

Despite having not exerted himself in the waking hours, as twilight settled upon the wastelands Evandr found a hitch in his step along his hinds. The precious tears in his flesh that had nearly stretched to his groin were pulsating with an ache, the scabs cracking and beading with fresh life's fluid. What was worse, the infected punctures along his dorsal were festering despite the balm winds. Every bob of his visage and thusly his nape with the limp had his skin prickling with discomfort. It hurt to move, but he was tired of remaining still. So he cast his eyes to the plateaus, climbed them despite the protest of his very flesh, and cast himself out to the sands. Some straggling trees remained high on this "second story" of the wastes, but they were infrequent. They offered a visual though, and while his visage hung uncharacteristically low, his sapphire gaze snapped to the first lone, resilient tree as it spiraled towards the starlit sky.

And wouldn't you fucking know it... she was there. The jenny caught his gaze more so than the tree after realizing she sat below it's shadows, and for several strides the behemoth saw nothing but the gentle arch of her neck or flick of her tail. Within his gut coiled, almost uncomfortably, and in his mind's eye a vision of himself burrowing his face into her shoulder blinked through the numb memories of the previous hours. A snort shot through his nostrils and he vigorously shook his head. What was he thinking? It made him no better than Saren or the rest of his lot. Mind unsullied and distracted, his visage seemed to descend lower, cast in a shroud of his sunbleched mane. He couldn't look at her now, and cast his vision upon the summits in the far distance.

Once his hind spasmed, the pain from his lacerations extending through a web of pain down to his hoof, and he halted. Teeth gritting beneath his salmon muzzle, a shadowed and angered glare shot through the veil of his midnight forelock. Would nothing go his way? Had he fallen so far from his ideal self that he couldn't take a walk? He recalled the time where he'd forced Aishe to lay still, to heal, to rest... but he had no time, he immediately chastised. And again, his lumbering strides carried him forward, mind brooding through his impure thoughts, into the sands.

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6 Summer ☀︎
played by N A K I
280 crystals
14 posts
we are the wild ones, the savages

Her mother had always told her there were more than the basic 5 sense; that if one opened their mind limits were broken and lines became blurred. It was in these moments that Aishe remembers her mother saying such, for the fur on the back of her neck stood on end and a distinct buzzing feeling alerted her to another's presence. Vibrant eyes shot up from the memorium only to catch the ever distinctive silhouette of the Warden himself off in the distance. For a moment--she almost swears their eyes locked--and while she had half expected him to come closer, he instead turned and headed into the sands.

Something in Aishe snapped; not the kind that broke in anger, but the kind that broke in empathy. Breathing deep the jenny turned her visage to the headstones for her mother's memory, tattered muzzle gently brushing against them as if to tell the spirit she hoped dwelled within of her future return Aishe felt the need to follow suit, if only to make amends for the lack-luster meeting hours prior.

Taught legs carried the jenny swiftly across the sands--feather-light in their graces across the dusty earth the exertion is only herladed by the soft thud of her hooves. Regardless, it takes effort to reach the Warden, as his strides easily equaled many of hers, but when at last the jenny knew she was within earshot, her voice fell from tattered lips; "Evandr"

It felt like the first time she'd ever called him by name--and something in her stirred at the way the syllables fell from her lips like honey. In fact, so shocked was she by the surge of butterflies in her abdomen, Aishe didn't finish her thought right away. For a moment, Aishe stood blinking, only to become self-aware at her awkward pause.

"I....I wanted to apologize." Her tones were cool as the night air around them, long ears folding back as she thought over her words. "At the gathering, I let my own fear determine my thoughts. I know you meant well--and you still do." She sighed, head low as she moved her tiny legs forward wanting to stand in his presence again; Aishe is reminded of his touch, the way he had sat with her when he could have kept on going--but no, he had stayed and he had wanted her to survive. It had been the first time since her mother's passing that anyone had shown her such a kindness. And in truth, it was hard for Aishe to comprehend the depth of what she felt now.

It was like staring into a muddy pool.

"Give them some time" She almost whispered it. "Saren was a monster, it's hard not to assume anyone who takes his mantle isn't one as well."

By now Aishe was able to see the aftermath of the wolf attack. The jenny bore similar tears and wounds, and even a few like himself had festered with the heat and sands. Pink trailed over each one, even those that had faded with time from other battles she'd never heard about, until her's sought the sapphire of Evandr's gaze. As if she had no control over her own expression, Aishe's tattered lips pulled back in a gentle smile before she reached out and nudged the flesh of his front leg. "But, I know you're not one. And I don't know if you realize what a comfort that really is."

And there, before the keeper of the wastes, Aishe felt her most raw. She kept her emotions under hard lock and key, survival being her primary objective. But she'd be lying if she said that being in his presence didn't undo that just a little. Aishe couldn't decide if that was something she enjoyed or hated.


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