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After the dire wolves began their retreat, Halani felt all remaining strength flee. Crumbling on buckled legs, the fawn spotted mare fell to the ground. She could feel the faint warmth of fresh blood pooling around her frame, though she didn't know if it was her own or others. Flesh hung from her delicate face and streams of blood trickled down the contours of her head. The wolf that slid from her horn lay dead beside her and she barely had the strength to be disgusted by the sight. She lay there for what felt like hours until the blood beneath her ran cold. Despite the chill from that, her own blood was running hot. A sweat had begun to dampen her coat and Halani was breathing in ragged breaths. She could not stay here.

Halani forced herself to her feet, careful to avoid slipping as she did. Her pale blue eyes scanned the trees for lingering wolves but found nothing. That, at least, was a relief. She could not know the full extent of her injuries but staying near all that death could not be good for her. Halani turned her back to vast amounts of gore and limped from the trampled clearing. It did not take her long to find a small stream, though at first she half thought it a mirage.

Lowering her whiskered muzzle to the precious water she drank her fill, guzzling loudly as she quenched her throat. Catching sight of her own reflection, Halani felt her stomach flip. Beads of sweat dribbled down her face, joining the streaks of blood that ran down and diluting it to a paler red. Her wounds would fester if she did not clean them soon. Her fever was growing worse and Halani knew something was wrong.

Drawing her body into the stream she lowered herself to the waters, tucking her aching limbs beneath her. The cool water felt refreshing and a soft breath fell from her pink lips. Carefully she lowered her face, submerging the torn skin. A grimace replaced the pained expression on her face as she began to slowly wash the blood from her face. It stung quite a bit, but Halani forced her way through the pain. However most of her ache came from the sweating, pulsating, and agonizing fever that plagued her.

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far horizons, a winter's tale

He couldn't quite remember the last time he'd ventured down into the Valley, but that meant - if nothing more - it was time to take another trek. Leather armor strapped about his shoulders and his iron shoes polished so that their luster winked so brightly it may blind, Rost bid farewell to his chilling hearth fires and descended the Frior Mountain Range. The climb was already treacherous, snow whipping through the harsh winds of the high summits. At times he was forced to lower his visage and power through the breathe-stealing zephyrs that dared him to press onward. But he did. For of all, Rost was a stubborn man.

Finally the burning blazes of the autumnal trees rose above him rather than steely clouds and snow flurries. The blue roan stag, built robust with already a thick winter's pelt, tottered along with his lazy strides that seemed to accentuate the bobbing in all of his extremities. Despite the rather unflattering gait, Rost did have some self-pride. His ingot eyes regarded the tall trees and their sheding canopies with a fondness not many could hold in their heart for it was too consumed with greed and self absorption. But not one witness to his swagger through the trees could refute his admiration for them. That was, well, until it was broken.

The stud came to a halt, his ears twitching and nostrils prickled. Of anyone, he knew the smell of metals. When it's twang rode along the softer breezes in the trees, Rost of all creatures could not deny it. And this stench was not the odor of his forge or smithy but of life's metals; blood. With a brooding brow, he forged forward at a canter unwilling to pass whomever may be injured.

When he finally came to the brook in which Halani bathed, he found himself momentarily taken aback. "Av gudene..." he hissed, his vision examining a gore he'd not seen since Brynja had come to him battered and ripped from bear claws. His obsidian pillars grew him towards the stained doe, eyeing the remnants of battle upon her pearled spiral horn. "Need you aid, lass?" his voice, a grumble not unlike gravel, inquired to her with a boom despite the care in his tone. He knew it was a fool's question, but he'd been bitten once or twice for his eager advances.

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She could feel the water cleansing her but could not tear the grimace from her lips. Her tattered skin shifted in the moving ripples and a hiss escaped her slightly parted lips before she raised her face from the waters. A shiver ran down her spine involuntarily and Halani moved her limbs beneath her. Her knees scraped upon the uneven rock bed, no doubt tugging more ridges into her sensitive flesh, but she paid it no mind as it paled in comparison to the pain that already surged through her. Now that her thirst had been quenched and most of her cleaned she felt a strange hunger pulse through her. Her tongue remembered the sweet metallic taste of her own blood and it seemed to be singing for more. She rolled her tongue across her teeth in vain, noting that they felt slightly sharper. Surely a trick of the mind, she assured herself. Lost in her reverie she did not sense him until he was nearly upon her. Glassy blue eyes shot up to meet the much larger beast's own gaze.

"Nothing I cannot handle," she finally managed after several moments of contemplative silence. Her voice was rough, waves churning against a stormy coast. On trembling legs she raised herself to her inky black hooves, stumbling in the waters as she crashed down onto one knee. The water splashed around her and she pushed the tip of her still gore covered horn into the water, using it to aid her as she stood. Even once on her feet her legs still shook, the fever continued to shoot through her. The sweat which had been cleansed from her spotted coat had returned giving her a glossy sheen.

She turned her attention back on him again and forced herself to act herself. "My name...," her voiced was ragged, struggling and she took a deep breath. "My name is Halani." Water dripped from her tangle of mane and tail, landing in the water loudly as it created ripples that spread away from her like the fish that had fled at her initial drop into the water. She took a few trembling steps backwards, not for fear of the newcomer but instead an urge to be back on the safety of the shore lest she fall to her knees again. The mossy bank would be far more forgiving than the stones of the river's base.

Crunch. Snap. Her eyes widened slightly and one of her long slightly curled ears turned in the direction of the minute sound. Her tongue rolled across her teeth once more as the scent of dirt and pelt reached her nostrils. She felt unfocused and hazy as she sound of a deep leaping in the distance begged her to run. To chase. To hunt. What was this feeling? She looked away for a moment before turning her unfocused gaze back to him. "I'm Halani," she introduced herself a second time, the fever that clung to her stealing her memories of the moments just before.


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