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The finned mare seemed to have developed a habit of fading in and out of obscurity. However, as she was someone who did not deserve to be lied to, it wasn't entirely unwarranted or uncommon or uncalled for. She was not important, could not be important, would not be important. She almost thought never would be an applicable word, but could she truly ever know?

Not that it mattered, of course.

Inane banter about nothing that really mattered because it was about her aside, da Analas had wandered away from the border between here and somewhere else, where giant bugs might not eat her. It seemed pleasant enough here, the air sparkling and smelling of the rich rot of plants that had given in to the peaceful sleep of death. She was alone, currently, but that had never really bothered her if she was lying to herself. Which she wasn't, because she wasn't worth it, but no one had to know. No one. No one no one no one. Pasting a happy smile on her face, Jesrith moved through the trees, berry bushes scraping along her diminutive frame, Why was she here? Honestly, she didn't know, wasn't sure she cared. She had just decided she was tired of not speaking to others, and so she went to a place that didn't even smell like anyone else. Definitely a way to make lots of friends, going somewhere that no one else seemed to care about. But at least it was pretty.

i want to be adored

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Would she still have made Vromme her home were it not so abundantly filled with rivers and lakes? The answer to that she could not be sure of, but the beautiful cleansing waters of this land were something Higurashi was infinitely thankful for. Purity of one's mind and soul began with purity and cleanliness of the body, and so the rituals of cleansing and washing were of utmost importance to the young priestess and her sisters who had raised her.

She stood just past knee-deep in the waters of the lake, the reds and pinks of her coat polished to a vibrant and gleaming sheen. Violet tresses floated freely in the waters where they kissed the surface, the remainder already dried in the early evening air. The twilight hour, that sacred boundary where night and day mingled and became one, approached, and Higurashi Kagura was already deep in prayer, head bowed, eyes closed, and silently murmuring words known only to herself. The waning sun's golden light, filtered and diffused through the late autumn fog, blanketed her in a soft glow and cast blinking reflections from the water's peaceful surface. A frog croaked from somewhere among the reeds, joined by a mournful bird calling from the distance in a soulful duet.

A rustle in the bushes, and suddenly the frog fell silent, startled from its hiding place by someone's approach. Higurashi's eyes blinked open, gold as the sun, and her gaze swiveled towards the shore. Save for that small movement of her eyes, she did not stir from where she stood just yet. "Good evening," she greeted the emptiness.

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