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Open i dreamt i was home


This strong old blizzard
I will let it blow,
to undiscovered places
underneath the snow

Crimson had been filled with wonder for the first time in what felt like ages. Standing there beneath the tree, Lali felt like a girl again--bright eyes and curious about everything. A soft smile pushed her lips back at the thought, lowering her head to look down at the snowy ground again. Something was calling to her from within its intricate roots, she could feel it tugging at her very soul. A feeling of nostalgic pain and wander-lust had seemed to take over her, and for a moment Lali thought she could resist this force.

She was wrong though.

Almost like being in a trance, she takes her first step forward; then another, and then another, until she was halfway into the roots of the tree. In the distance she swears she hears the shouting of her scouting party, calling her name. For a moment, she even swears she hears their thunderous hooves racing toward her--but Lali cannot tear her gaze and consciousness away from this thing. It's siren song was all too strong in her soul, and, part of her was willing to let it take her. A very minuscule piece of Citlali wanted this, but the why was a mystery. Perhaps part of her had longed to be taken back to a time when she was free--though freedom was something she experienced in the tribe, she still had duties to carry out. Perhaps it was this feeling that answers to all her hurts and unanswered questions lay beyond, or perhaps still, Lali had hoped she had perished. Maybe this was the after life, and she could finally be at internal peace.

The rugged armor she wore scraped across the trees for a moment, and just as her body fully entered the tree the path behind her shut. Citlali blinked, the trance seemingly over, and now she was left in a dark musty hole with no direction to take. For a moment, her eyes searched the area--any sign of life or of a path but found none. Repressing the panic that wanted to rise in her chest, the warrior woman took a few timid steps forward as if to feel out the ground.

It was unsteady, so running wouldn't be ideal. Her nose picked up no scent of predator, which was good for now. But Lali hated the dankness this place had, it almost made her nose burn from the stale air.

"Hmm," she pondered out loud, still scanning her surroundings. "There's got to be a way out--water, look for where water gathers...." She thinks, perhaps there is a place she can crawl out of where the water forms. It had to come from somewhere right? A hole above or below, she'd be willing to do whatever must be done to leave such a claustrophobic space.

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be swift!

Something is happening! With a sentience unmeasurable to the mortal world, the Bifrost operates with scarce benevolence. It awaits in false peace with mouth open in an invitation to any curious soul that wanders close enough, much like dear Citlali who walked all too eagerly into its dreary interior. Its roots coiled like a mass of writhing snakes as it sealed the entrance, reaching joyfully towards their guest. And yet, they did not touch her. Instead, they snapped back towards the cavern walls where they slowly stretched in the direction of branching tunnels hidden in the shadows. It seems as though they had something else in store.

From the depths of the leftmost tunnel echoed the sound of trickling water and from the right, a choir of piercing shrieks coupled with a deep groan. Back and forth the sounds would alternate in volume as if they were unable to share an existence. Meanwhile, the pathway directly in front of Citlali remained silent with only the faint scraping sound the Bifrost's roots made as they spread across its walls filling the stagnant air. With the option of turning back now stripped from her, the feathered mare must make a choice before the Bifrost makes it for her. Which tunnel will it be?

Citlali has entered the Bifrost! Make the right choice or overcome the perilous obstacles of the Bifrost to enter the Slidr River Valley!

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The lone wolf dies, But the pack survives

As if the place had heard her, the sounds of water hit her ears. Pin-pricked she lifted them forward and stood as still as the air around her. For a long moment, Citlali remained this way as the growling from a secondary path overtook the sound of the water. Around her the tree seemed to creek and moan, opening larger pathways to the depths of...whatever this place was. It forked to the left and to the right, with each respectful sound echoing from within.

In some odd way, she was sparked to remember moments from her life that she had all but forgotten. It felt like an eternity since she'd felt the way she had; since the memories of her first few days radiated in her mind. Cimoron was long gone, and in its destruction's wake Lali had done all she could to forget what had happened there. She had moved on, or so she had told her self over countless sleepless nights. But here, standing at the precipice of two paths that veered from one another, she feels the same as she did the day of the attack on her...well she couldn't have called it home, could she? Zuriel's wife had made sure it had never felt that way for her after she revealed her parentage. But part of her still considered it to be such, even after the cold had seeped into her then young heart.

The day of the attack she had been faced with flee or enter; and Citlali had chosen the harder path, the honorable one. She had run headlong into the flames of Valhalla and met the gaze of her half-sister's deranged , macabre stare. Etain had been a force of nature all in her own right, and everyone had been blind to it.

Despite all this, Citlali still had wondered from time to time what had become of the Wolf Queen. Had she perished in the tidal wave with the rest of her family? Was she the only one left of Zuriel's children? The thought certainly drove home a sense of solidarity that Lali wished wouldn't linger.

And so much like she did that day all those years ago, her hooves took the path where the gnarled growling came from within. Citlali had never been a woman to take the road well-traveled.

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be swift!

Something is happening! The same vines that had slithered like snakes to shut off any escape moved into place once again. They followed in her wake as she chose a path, closing the tunnel up so that she would not be able to change her mind. The only light available was the dim sunlight that managed to pass through tightly woven branches. The shadows ruled domain here and offered shelter to the demons that lurked within one's imagination. Yet, that deep, rumbling growl could not simply be voiced by imagination alone, could it?

The faint drip, drip, drip of something touching the ground was so subtle - so easily missed. The walls and shadows seemed to draw in closer until they were right on your heels, almost as though they had a conscience of their own and were adamantly following you. A brush of something against your right hock, perhaps the only warning you would get before the growling grew more menacing, the path you tread more difficult to navigate with so little light and yet, it was as though whatever was behind you aimed to drive you faster down the path you tread.

Citlali the Bifrost is urging you quicker into its depths! Could it be leading you to an exit or perhaps your demise? Tread carefully!

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