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where they spin lies into fairydust
The mutter of a troubled soul ruptured the pressing silence, breaking the soft stillness like a plate of glass. It echoed all around, filling the ears of anyone who dared to listen. The unhinged exemplar stood in the centre of Fjollottr, his hooves at the edge of a crystal clear stream. He was, incredibly, alone. Swiveling his ears around to scan the surrounding trees, he was undoubtedly certain not a single equine was within miles’ reach of him. He liked it that way.

This particular embodiment was the sovereign of Ambrosius. His name was Caelian, though he felt as if that name didn’t fit him anymore. Ever since he’d been awoken within an ice cave in the Frior Mountains, he hadn’t felt as if anything was correct. Besides, he’d had this continuous, annoying voice in the back of his head trying to tell him what to do. It was like a bug flying in his eye; he wished he could simply shoo it away.

Don’t do that. You’re a good person, you know you are.

It would chime at every little decision Caelian made, saying things that related to you’re better than that and stop it. Every once in awhile, he’d get let me out, but he didn’t know what that meant exactly, so he’d ignore it.

It wasn’t a subconscious voice, either. It wasn’t his thoughts, he wasn’t thinking when they echoed through his head. It was like someone was trapped up there, begging to be let out. Sometimes, it would cause the dark stallion to want to bang his head against a wall or rip out his brains, but of course, he wouldn’t do either of those.

Today, it was quiet. Caelian had enjoyed the silence of his mind as he’d paced through the woods of his House. Ever since it, and he, had awoken two days ago, it hadn’t shut up. Maybe that little voice had gotten tired. A cruel smile crossed dark, velveted lips, pulling back just enough to reveal his small, sharp canines. He looked down, his elegantly sloping neck bending just enough to allow him to peer at his reflection in the water. ”Tragic,” he said, his voice cold and emotionless. ’Did you just call yourself tragic?’ came the voice, and Caelian clenched his teeth. He’d thought he’d gotten rid of it. With a sigh, he looked off at a tree. ”We are the only thing keeping us warm, but we will eventually freeze. You know that? You and me, we’re just a couple of stars. One day we’re going to burn out,” he lowered his head and peered through the trees, ”So might as well make life worth living. His said the last word through his teeth, as if he was angry. In a slightly more pleasant, but still stone cold, voice, he added, ”Don’t you agree?” ’Not if it's the life you wish to carry out.‘ came a slightly frustrated response. The voice fell silent as Caelian growled.

Taking a step forward, he placed a black hoof ankle-deep in cold, clear water. It parted around him, continuously flowing as if he wasn’t even there. Taking another step, he had all four hooves within the water. It was refreshingly cold, and Caelian breathed in deeply. However, as he did, he felt something painfully sharp along his leg. Looking down, he saw a small line of light crawl under his skin. With a small yelp, he leaped from the water and watched as it continued to flow without him. ’What are you doing…’ came the voice. ”Shut up and get out of my head. The snarl that erupted from the obsidian king’s lips was so fierce that a flock of birds burst from the trees overhead. ”Who are you, anyway?” There was a pause, before the voice rang through Caelian’s head. ’You don’t know?’ Irritation rolled through Caelian’s mind like a thunderstorm, and his pale eyes flicked to his leg and he examined it. ”Obviously not.” Another pause. ’You were the beginning to my end. I was the first equine you ever killed, and most certainly, not the last. I’m the crime that will never be forgiven. There won’t be a day when you don’t remember me, but I will forever be dead, murdered by you, because I am you.

Silence pressed down upon Caelian, and he stopped examining his leg. ”That doesn’t make sense.” His cold, merciless voice was hollow.

’Sure it does. When people begin to wonder what happened to their sovereign, you can say you killed him.’

”But I am the sovereign.”

’You’re not what they came to see.’

That electric sensation underneath Caelian’s skin returned, throbbing and barely staying contained. He had no idea what it was, but he could feel it swimming just below his fur. It crackled and burned, boiling his blood. ”Leave before I make you leave.”

Silence returned like a dark cloud and Caelian stood alone, his eyes cold as stones and his blood seething with rage.

Name: Caelian
Link to Profile: link
Item(s): Arcana Endowment
Requirements: n/a
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be swift!

Something is happening!

A roll if thunder, a flash and crack of lightning as it struck the ground inches before the Sovereign of Ambrosius, and the world goes still. Smoke rises from the small crater from which the electricity had gathered and pinpointed in it's assault; from it, a form rises. Its body distorts the air around it, and as the smoke clears reveals it is made of pure electric energy. Its bodily form releases strikes of power to nearby foliage and wildlife, the smell of burning flesh hanging thick in the air.

It walks on all fours, has the distinct feel of once being equine, but what is it now?

A metallic roar erupts from the depths of it's being, challenging the obsidian man before it to a duel; lighting erupting from it's body as it paws at the ground like an angry bull, producing horn-like protrusions from it's otherwise smooth form. Can the Sovereign defeat the creature of lightning? Or will he walk away with yet another disappointment?

Caelian has been challenged by a spirit made of electricity and lightning! Will he be able to triumph over it?

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where they spin lies into fairydust
The forest seemed to inhale and pause, as if holding its breath when thunder shook the ground and a crack of lightning scorched the earth inches before the freckled man. Caelian, surprised, reared back and fell slightly towards the left, changing the stance in which he was positioned. Snorting, his pale blue eyes lock onto the ball of smoking, snapping electricity as it forms within the newly made crater. Placing a hoof in front of the other, his muzzle leans in slightly to get a closer inspection of it just before a form rises from ashes in its wake. Startled once more, the dark stallion took a step back into his previous stance.

Caelian took no time analysing the new threat that stood before him and pinned his ears, lowering his head slightly to peer out from under his brow. The electric shocks that jumped from its body filled the air with the tang of burning flesh and foliage as both flora and fauna were felled. A nearby dead tree caught fire, flaring up quickly but burning out just as fast. All this set the hairs upon the back of the sovereign's neck on end.

At the sound of the thing’s metallic roar, like metal scraping upon another scrap of metal, a cold shiver passed through the Akhal Teke’s spine; yet, he stood firm, moving his hooves ever so slightly. As the spirit pawed the ground, more bolts erupted from its smooth form, giving charred grass and leaves an extra leap. Horn-like protrusions gathered along its form, and Caelian felt the newly found charge within his blood.

He accepted the challenge.

Having no idea how to fight a spirit made out of electricity, Caelian thought perhaps he could fight fire with fire. That boiling in his blood, that shock in his veins, he tried to reach out to it, to connect to it. However, his first attempt was fruitless. He contorted his face and tried to clear his mind, but that did absolutely nothing. He’d stood in the same place for far too long, and had to scurry out of the way when one of the spirit’s lightning bolts went haywire.

This time, the obsidian stallion took a deep breath and thought of the shock under his skin, the way he had felt standing in the shallows of the stream. He felt a pulse within him, then it left. When he looked at his hooves, he saw sparks leaping off his skin and falling to the ground unhelpfully. He sighed, what the heck was he doing?

He abandoned his sad attempts and instead stepped towards the lightning psyche, his brow furrowed in a sense of determination. With a great bit of force, he swept his head up and intended to try to pierce the bottom of the spirit’s jaw with his duo horns.

Summary of Wounds: none
Summary of Attacks: tries to stab the soft underneath of a horse’s head
Remaining Attacks: 4/5
Remaining Dodges: 2/2
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be swift!

How does one fight pure electricity? With hoof and horn? Though valiant in action Caelian's horns slip through the facade of the spirit with nary a scratch. Rather, arches of the buzzing, humming energy leap upon his obsidian weapons where they buzz and crack. Up and down they travel along the smooth grooves, dancing along the stone-like protrusions as if an orchestrated ballet. And before him, oh, before him stood the spirit. Again its jaws rip asunder, echoing another foul, metallic cry at it's offender. How dare the sovereign think cunning maneuvers with those delicate horns could save him.

But where they had lacerated the beast, electricity failed to cross... a permanent darkness showcased it's unbleeding wound.

The horn-like appendages of the spirt crack before snapping upwards, unfurling as if to intimidate Caelian from another onslaught. What remaining birds had braved lingering in the branches finally shot away, casting a spray of fall leaves upon the angry spirit and his opponent. It lurched forward, a feint charge, and another shrill, screeching roar upon it's figural lips. But it's tapered visage bobbed, what-would-have-been-a-muzzle gesturing towards the flickering arches still upon the freckled stallion's horns. It's patience was tested, but it did not strike... yet.

Something is happening! Caelian seems to have absorbed some of the spirit's energy! It hasn't struck back yet, but who knows what may happen.

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where they spin lies into fairydust
caelian felt the pulse under his skin quicken as his horns shot through the spirit’s jaw, lightning darting all around his head. quickly, he yanked back, the zigzags of light slowly fading into his skin and awakening something deep within him. yet, he still couldn’t reach it, and with a desperate attempt, it backfired before him. a light show of electricity burst from his skin as most of what he’d absorbed shot out of him in every direction, burning him in small places which left a foul smell in the air, adding to the stank around the two equines. yet, the creature did not fight back, it merely roared at him.

a deep part of caelian fought back, the part he had destroyed. the goodness in him threatened to come back as he hesitated to strike again. what was the use to fight something that didn’t seem as if it wanted to hurt you back? it was almost useless and caelian took a hesitant step back, uncertain. did it want to hurt him? did it want to fight him? it didnt seem as so, but staring into its creepy, rage filled eyes made of electricity, the new fire boiled within him again and he set his feet, ready to reach out to that pulse once again. this time, he found a better grip, but quickly lost control again as electricity zigzagged seemingly out of his skin, striking everything within range. he had absolutely no control over his actions, but it felt nice to have power like this waiting underneath, begging to be let out. a wicked smile crossed his lips.
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be swift!

The beast hissed as Caelian surged forward again, continuing the battle, the bristling spines of energy along the dorsal releasing sparks that snapped and popped. The hiss, a threat, crescendoed into a echoing roar that traveled through the thick wood of Fjollottr. Anyone, or anything, would know if its presence, and the challenge it echoed.

Haphazard sparks rained from the freckled sovereign, unbridled and unfocused. The spirit lurched forward, absorbing a stray arch, which travelled from its muzzle to the abyssal wound on its visage. Like thread the re-absorbed electricity mended the wound, and the beast bellowed again - louder, deeper, threatening. It burst forward, arches dancing along its figurative spines, and ripped it’s mouth asunder. Back to the jowels it parted, then mid-nape. Blackness and toiling shadow linger within the beast, eager and ready to sink needle-like teeth if concentrated energy into the offender.

Something is happening! Caelian has lost the charge, oh no! And that spirit sure seems angry now...

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where they spin lies into fairydust
Anger rippled through the air as the metallic roar of the monster screamed across the land once again. The freckled stallion flattened his ears to his head, pulling his nose higher as he bared his teeth. He watched as the wound beneath its jaw threaded together and the hole mended itself. As the spirit lurched forwards, the old Caelian clawed to the surface once more and took a trembling step backwards, eyes wide with fear. However, it quickly flickered off his face as the other took control once again and straightened himself up in an overbearing way. The shriek that escaped its electrical lungs stung the air, yet Caelian stood his ground, his brow sinking into a furrow of frustration, anger, and slight confusion. What was this monstrosity, anyway? Why was it here? What was it doing? His mind split into three separate pieces as each followed its own trail. He was a confused and lost individual needing to find his place; he was in the midst of a battle: mentally, physically, and emotionally. It was pulling at threads, yanking some, breaking others, mending patches and adding more to the mess of his life. He was just a mess of yarn…

However, his mind snapped back when the essence dived forward, its jaw unhinging creepily. Yet, Caelian still stood his ground, his confidence building in himself. Yet that spark under his skin, the electricity in the air, he couldn’t feel it. It was no longer tangible to him, and he found himself zipping through a million possibilities of what would happen next, before finally, at the last second, he dived out of the bath of the monster, the darkness within it flooding his gaze for just a moment as his eyes barely swept past its electrical trap. However, he had pondered too long on his dodge, and he was sure he felt a zap within his skin as concentrated energy found its way into his hind, though he couldn’t be sure. For the creature was standing oh so close to him, and the sparks that constantly ricocheted off its body were a force to be reckoned with.
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be swift!

It was too late. There was nothing to be done now. As Caelian attempted to flee, the electrical currants that comprised the beast began to unravel. Much like a  spool of yarn may come unraveled when the first knot is undone. Like spider's web the jagged arches spread, dancing along each other while ultimately reaching for the obsidian unicorn king

As the beast's metallic roar echoed through the trees and bounced along the mountainside, it's energy infused itself into the one called Caelian. At first, perhaps, it is too much power. In his chest his heart will race, beatinf fruiously against his chest, and the currants will spark and crack along his skin as he and the elemental inevitably become one. Or does it? The chestpain fades as the darkness within the electrical creature bursts back out of his shadow, shooting out into the shadows with an ominous cry of rage that seems all too muffled, as if just below the ground...

And then calm. The arches die, fading into Caelian's form, and the forest seems to continue where it had paused for the battle.

Something is happening! Congratulations! Caelian has successfully completed his first Arcana Quest and has reached Apprentice level!

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where they spin lies into fairydust
The electrical beast that had been standing ever so close to Caelian’s body suddenly seemed to explode. Great bursts of light surrounded the kings as his pale eyes were shot through with electric blue reflections. Currents reached out with spindly fingers towards the freckled stallion, buzzing where they came close to his skin. With another metallic roar that rung through the male’s ears, he felt a jolt down within his very heart as the energy infused itself within his viens. He felt awoken.

However, his body was quickly overwhelmed with the sheer amount of energy that it had suddenly gained. His heart began to race, faster and faster it went. He could feel the blood coursing through his viens, throbbing under his coat. His breathing became quicker as he tried to steady himself, eyes wide and glancing all around himself. Sparks jumped from his skin, lighting the dark parts of the forest around him.

Just as suddenly, the pain within him fades and the creature burst forth once again to make an exit, screeching into the darkness as it raced away. Then calm, an unearthly calm. The hairs all along Caelian’s body stood on end as a chill passed through his spine. However, a gently wicked smile crossed his face. ”Did I not tell you, little Caelian, that I would make you stronger?” an eerie chuckle passed through the clearing. ”This is only the tip of an iceberg.”

The king turned away from the direction in which the monster had retreated. Peering from under his brow, he began to walk away, a new current coursing through his viens and under his skin. He passed through the creek once again, his legs sparking with the touch of the water. Yet, he felt something different around him. He could feel the atoms that made up everything, the protons and electrons that charged the earth. He could feel the electric current between them. It was wonderful.
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