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It's that time, folks! Fimbulvetr is blossoming and budding with new faces and with that growing in size.
As we continue to fill out and move forward, I must admit I can no longer do everything myself. All of that being said, I am holding mod auditions. While admins are the brains of the operation, mods are the backbone.
Without them, sites would flounder. And now, I need my backbone. I encourage all those interested to apply. There are responsibilities that come with the new title, and those include:

  • Reviewing accounts for approval to ensure they meet requirements such as word count, arcana filled out (if arcana is desired), and credits.
  • Monitoring threads in their free time to ensure word counts are met.
  • Responding to Bifrost and Arcana requests with the Storyteller.
  • Advertising the site when needed, and linking back when time permits.
  • Assisting any guests/members in the cBox and Discord
  • Maintaining an active presence on the site.

    Fairly simple, eh? All moderators will also be added to the Staff Discord and will also help discuss with site plots and offer ideas/suggestions for events and other Fim mechanics. Sounds great, doesn't it, right? Well, if you thought so just fill out the application below and private message it to me prior to March 12th and you can be in the running to join the Fim staff!

    [b]OOC:[/b] Account name
    [b]Experience:[/b] A brief overview of your experience in staff positions
    [b]Time Zone:[/b] It's important to be a team and always have someone around to help
    [b]What makes you think you'll be a good addition to the staff team?:[/b] Just a brief "introduction" to your skills and qualities you can offer to the staffing team on the site
  • Tag: @[Spoupi]


    The results are in!

    The time has come! I know I simply cannot wait any longer to announce the newest members of our staff team to the rest of you. Two applicants above all others produced wonderful resumes of past involvement with sites. I believe their two smiling faces will bring a cheerfulness to the staff as well as a warm and welcoming presence to all of Fim.

    Welcome, Briallu and Randalin to our team!

    Tag: @[Spoupi]