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where they spin lies into fairydust
It was late into the day, and chilly weather had begun to set in as Autumn began to announce its arrival. The air was cooling to a temperature more suited to the equines of Ambrosius, being creatures of the mountains. Or at least, Caelian was. However, where the king had found himself was far out of the reach of seasons. In the Frior Mountain Range, the cold was merciless and wiped wildly around the equine. He had no care, though.

On this early september day, the freckled sovereign had made his way to a cave along the mountain sides of the northern Slidr Valley. His thoughts were weighed by burden, and his breath came ragged in the wind; puffs of condensation circled away from his muzzle as he breathed. Bruises trailed his shoulders and buttock, a long wound swept down the right side of his neck and was caked with blood. Upon his left shoulder, a bite mark could be seen. He was not a pretty sight. The red in his bloodshot eyes popped against the blue iris and the grey of his face. Hooded eyes stared at the soon-to-be traversed ground while his hooves trotted in a weary trance, almost robotic. Every once in a while, he would clip a black hoof against a protruding rock and the sound would ring against the mountain as he stumbled. He almost seemed not to care as he picked himself back up, his mind lost to the world.

Images circled through his mind’s eye as Caelian stopped his trek before a large cave opening, his body remaining in a position as if he were about to continue. His neck bent like a swan’s, curved and elegant yet obviously wearied. The silence snow drifted around his dark body, flurries barelt touching his gelid form. No noise came from his mouth as he glanced into the dark entrance and stepped within, the sound of hooves louder in the enclosed area.

Travelling past stalagmites and stalactites, his ears flicking to find the drips of water, he ventured deeper into the tunnels. Tired muscles were tense beneath his thickening coat, and he shivered slightly. He had begun to lose weight, though at this point, it wasn’t obvious. He had always been a slender and lithe stallion.

Suddenly and abruptly, he burst. A near scream exploded from his lungs and echoed across the cave tunnels, filling the silence with sorrow. Large tears began to journey down his cheeks, colouring his face a darker grey beneath his eyes. He heaved himself against a stalagmite, shuttering as his head folded into his front legs. An image flashed through his head, a wolf ripping through the darkness, and he tripped, falling down a small incline, opening the wound on his neck. Blood began to drip slowly towards his shoulder as he lay on the ground, too tired to even try to get up. His body shook as his eyes scrunched shut; he held them so tightly they wrinkled at the creases. Another image flashed through his head, Ragnor falling to the ground, and he tightened his eyelids over his eyes and scrunched his face even more, curling his head down to his chest.

He lay there for awhile, shaking, before he decided to pick himself back up once more. Caelian stood up, placing his front hooves upon the cold stone, then heaving his behind after his front half. However, he couldn’t stop the tears from continually leaking from his puffy eyes. He bared his teeth, his small, sharp canines visible, and he pinned his ears to his head. The drips of his tears pooled under him, freezing after they left his cheek, sounding exactly like the drips off the stalactites. Eventually, he lowered his head once more, and stood, quietly shaking and crying, his feet planted on the rough, chill cave floor.
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Vast ebony wings beat against a frigid current of wind, fighting the gale to keep his course straight. As the cold wind whipped around him the beast tucked his dark limbs close to his chest and barrel to keep them warm to a degree. From above he could see all of Ambrosius down below, from the roaring falls to its plentiful forest. But for now his focus was locked upon finding something he might not come across. Not too long ago his ears suffered the sound of a haunting roar here in the north. That night had been strange and he could even recall hearing the faint chorus of wolf howls.

Although no matter how hard he searched he still could not find what it might have been. A steady hum of disappointment vibrated within his vocals as he decided to abandon his search for now. He was beginning to feel the effects of the frigid air around him and began to land upon the mountainside below. If it were cold here now, he could only imagine what winter would be like in these mountains. Dinner plate sized hooves landed first followed by mighty talons as he gripped the frozen stone beneath him. With a half hearted shake of his lithe form the phantom cleared his obsidian pelt of gathered snow.

Tucking his iridescent wings close to his gaunt barrel the haunting stallion lifted his visage to spy a cavern up ahead. After several paces Nevermore poked his head inside, lavender breath and eyes illuminating the darkness around him. There was a slight tinge of metal to this cave and the beast had an inkling that some creature might have used it to store their kill. That is until he heard an ear shattering scream echo and bounce from the walls of the mountains dark depths. Caelian? Immediately his harks fell against an ocean of ink as Nevermore lurched into the shadows.

The mismatched sound of talons scraping and hoof falls resonated within the cave until he drew closer to the defeated form of his sovereign. His sides heaved from the sudden run but through his quick breaths he could smell the metallic tang of blood coming off the young stallion. Luminous eyes skimmed over the freckled male taking in the sight of his injuries within the low light. Lowering his fanged visage the specter parted his jaws to speak. Friend, what troubles thyself? Yea, what happened to thee? He uttered quickly, worry seeping into his otherwise emotionless tone.
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where they spin lies into fairydust
The sounds of scraping claws, flapping wings, and pounding hooves fell deaf to the ears of the young monarch. His eyes were trained on a singular stone, its surface shining and damb with wet. Blue-tinted algae grew on one side of it, though it seemed half frozen. The cave wasn’t exactly warm; it shielded from the whipping winds outside but did nothing against the acute chill. Its dark, clammy walls were slicked with a sheet of ice, adding to the unwelcoming demeanour of the cavern.

A resounding echo of the freckled stallion’s name made the male flinch. Ragged breath drew closer and closer, and Caelian could practically hear Nevermore’s confusion. As a question dropped from his smooth tongue, the soverign tilted his head in the direction of his last friend, his puffy, bloodshot eyes scanning the phantom. They still leaked silent tears. He was living on anaesthetic, numb to the sensation of seeing the unique pegasus. His eyes trailed slowly to the left, jumping from rock to rock and his head returned to its original position and his eyes looked up to the ceiling. He began to murmur some gibberish to himself, ”Sick of all the stares. Wait until you're dead. 'Till they pretend to care. When you're alone. The ceiling is gone. Chilled right to the bone. Lost without a home. Maybe you will mend, you're at your wits end.” The words were so quiet and muffled they were hardly distinguishable from one another.

After a moment of silence, Caelian seemed to notice that Nevermore was still standing there. He glanced over to his friend, seeming to remember his questions. ”Wolves,” escaped his mouth, and then he thought of Ragnor. ”Ragnor… is dead.” At this, another silent tear leaked out of his right eye and they seemed to widen slightly. It was obvious he had no idea blood was now trailing slowly down his leg and he seemed to be lost to the world once more, detached and much unlike himself.

Caelian took like this for another minute or so, letting his silence continue. His freckled, dark ears flinched every once in awhile, but he made no movement otherwise. His eyes stared straight ahead, unblinking. Finally, He turned completely towards his phantom friends, his face distraught as he gazed at Nevermore’s face. ”My life is a series of horrible events. Its as if fate has made it that nothing good will ever happen while I am around. For all I know, you could get impaled by a stalatite falling off the cave ceiling at this very moment.” His pale eyes turned to the roof, though the fixtures above them seemed quite stable. However, his eyes landed on about fifteen or so bats hanging upside down, sleeping, and he snapped his gaze back down, shivering slightly. Cold dread was seeping through is veins the longer he stood in this place.
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The moment of prolonged silence was nearly tangible and cold as the solid sheet of ice surrounding this cave. The stallion waited patiently however, carful not to make any assumptions on the freckled king's behalf. Be sensitive to everyone's emotions, my son. For you cannot possibly begin to understand what they are going through until you've felt them yourself. These words of wisdom rung within the realm of his mind. Reminding him of his master's daily teachings no matter how long ago it might have been, he never forgot. And so, he waited, and waited until Caelian was comfortable enough to speak.

However, once the young king did finally acknowledge him, he noticed the puffy redness of his eyes and the tears that threatened to fall from them. The dark man's harks pointed forward attentively and his visage tilted slowly to the side as if to study the emotion there upon his face. Sadness. Yes, this was a sad emotion. And his mind reeled with possibilities of what he could possibly do to help remedy it. His master often wished to be left alone when troubled, but was that what Caelian wanted? He never got the chance to think it over after hearing the next stream of words slipping from the young man's lips.

I...know not what thou sayest. The specter murmured in a low tone, drawled out as always. Although there was now a twinge of his brow that physically displayed his confusion unbeknownst to himself. The hushed words spoken from the lad were rather...dark compared to how he normally spoke. It was if Nevermore were speaking to a completely different horse. Was this what sadness did to others? Where was the warm smile, or the characteristic laugh he was used to hearing? Another lavender hued brume of condensation flowed from his nares as he lifted his head at Caelian's confession.

Wolves. That explained the chorus of howls he'd heard a few nights back, but he had no idea his sovereign had been caught in the crossfire. Thine harks heard the beasts over yonder, yet I- His words were cut short after another round of shocking news met his ears. Dead..? The word fell as emotionlessly as any other as he struggle with how to handle the topic with the freckled stallion standing there. He knew that Caelian and the half giant were close friends. But Nevermore unfortunately had only had brief interactions with the man-child.

Be sensitive... His mind echoed again and so the phantom lowered his head once more. Let not thy heart be troubled... If he were allowed to take a guess, Nevermore could assume that Ragnor would not want to see Caelian mourning this heavily for him. His attention flickered back to the bruises and open wounds decorating his frame and all he could do was let his audits fall slack. Lifting a talon the specter pointed the sharp claw at the bleeding wound upon his limb. Right now thy health is at stake. Douth thou not feel thine own injuries?

He was ever so tempted to open the palm of his avian like hand and use his gift of blood manipulation to clot the wound but paused when more morbid words fell from his friends lips. Retracting his claws, the stygian beast placed it back upon the ground with a deepening frown. Turning his lavender gaze to the ceiling and the stalagmites that hung there he began to speak. Ominous thoughts cloud thy heart and mind... The phantom murmured, keeping his gaze fixated upon the bats above. Comfort, he decided was what his dear friend needed to help pull him out of whatever slump he was understandably in. Looking back at the troubled king Nevermore closed the distance between them, offering a hug. Yea, grim thoughts are not enough to push me away.
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where they spin lies into fairydust
Caelian listened to everything Nevermore spoke of, his sweet song of words drifting through the air of the cave. A dark ear flicked when a single statement reached them, Let not thy heart be troubled… It was comforting in a strange way. At the inquiry of his injuries, the freckled male gave no response, mostly because he was lost within his own thoughts once again. Something was tugging at the back of his brain, something he hadn't thought of nor felt since the darkest of his days in Atnion, when he would sit alone for hours after a public mocking or shaming. It was an awful feeling, and he wished it would go away. However, his attention was drawn back when his ghostly friend spoke once again.

Nevermore’s response to his strange announcement was factual and deep, piercing Caelian with a small blade of ice within the heart. He felt as if he’d been pricked in the chest, but only because the phantom’s words stung, not as harsh, but as true. The lithe stallion pulled back his ears and lowered his head slightly, but was surprised when warmth touched his skin. The stallion had no idea what to do: comfort wasn’t something he was used to. Words uttered by Nevermore made him break once more; the dark sovereign didn’t deserve friends such as the ones he had. He rested the space between his eyes very gently on the black wings of Nevermore, silent tears rolling off his cheeks and onto ebon feathers. His voice came cracked and in a quiet hush, ”What did I do to deserve this.”
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Acceptance. It made the stygian beast release a breath he never knew he'd been holding. It made his now beating heart feel good to have done something to helpful in a situation as tender as this. He was glad that Caelian had accepted his hug. And as the young king rested his visage upon his ebon wing Nevermore lightly rested his skeletal head upon the crest of Caelian's nape. Hidden faintly within the musk of moss and approaching winter winds he could smell it, a hint of salty water that foretold the oncoming of tears. As his friend wept the phantom found himself searching for something uplifting to say. But how could he guarantee that everything would be alright when he did not know himself?

Suddenly, the freckled stallion proposed a question and Nevermore did not know whether it was meant for him or if the king was simply speaking aloud. Not only that, but did Caelian mean what did he do to deserve his friends or unfortunate circumstances? Regardless, the obsidian specter lifted his head once more whilst taking a step backwards. He often held this thought within his head himself, wondering why his master choose him to experiment on and bring back to life. Failed test after failed test like a never ending cycle of torture. What did he do to deserve body parts that were not originally his? There was a bird like twitch of his head as he carefully thought out what he was going to say.

Life may thwart thine own pursuit to happiness. Yea I say unto thee, it shalt not consume you unless you let it. Nevermore voiced after a period of silence. Lifting his talon filled hand he placed his large palm upon Caelian's uninjured shoulder. Do try to be of good cheer, my friend... Straightening himself the feathered man attempted an unpracticed smile. An expression meant to show warm feelings if he could mimic it correctly. Lifting the corners of his mouth it happened to look a bit forced but he was trying all in the name of soothing his friend.
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where they spin lies into fairydust
When Nevermore stepped back from Caelian, he’d never felt so cold. It was almost chilling, the difference, and the king gave a short shiver. The bottom of his hooves felt frozen to the solid ground, and he could nearly feel the ice creeping up his legs to his heart. The tug at the back of his thoughts returned, it was dark and cold as the cave he stood in. The freckled man tried to ignore it again, instead focusing on Nevy’s next words.

Though his words were strange in their beautifully unique way, Caelian understood them remarkably well. He gave a small smile of warmth, yet his eyes remained sad. His pale eyes watched the taloned arm of Nevermore raise and felt it placed upon his shoulder, flicking his eyes back to meet the depths that belonged to his friend. Good cheer, that felt like a long and distant cry. Though, Caelian had spent many happy and wonderfully enjoyable moments in the Slidr Valley, nothing would change now. He would mourn his friend, give him a proper burial, and never forget him. He might not entirely move on, because he always wanted to hold on to that memory of the pastel giant, but he couldn’t spend all his time weeping. The smile that found Nevermore’s muzzle cracked the ice that had frozen around the king’s heart, and his small smile widened.

However, as he seemed to be pulled out of the dark time he found himself in, something else wrapped its long tendrils around his body and tried to pull him back down into the shadows. ’No,’ it whispered, loud as a voice in Caelian’s ear. His eyes went wide and with a twitch of his ears, he snapped his head to the right, examining the cave walls. ”Did you hear that?” he asked Nevermore cautiously. It was never a good sign if you were beginning to hear voices.

A chill went down Caelian’s spine, but he straightened himself up as Nevermore had done and found his gaze back to the phantom. ”It’s freezing in here. What do you say we find somewhere warmer? Let’s go home>” A smile came upon his face once more and he seemed to be melting back into his normal, enjoyable self. However, that dark tug at the back of his mind continued, and this time, it yanked him back with more force than before. ’You’re mine, it growled, ’You think you can escape me?!’ At this, Caelian’s eyes scanned the cave yet again, but he didn’t give the information of the voice to Nevermore. He tried to remain calm, yet his heart began to beat faster than normal. He could feel the beat in his chest. ’Are you scared of me, little Caelian?’ it crowed sweetly. ’There is no need to be. I can make you stronger, better than you ever thought you could be. Don’t you want that?’

Caelian closed his eyes and shook himself quietly. He gave a short sign and found his gaze back to Nevermore. If he just focused on his friend, perhaps the voice would go away. Maybe if he pretended it wasn’t there, loud as a bird squawking in his ear, he would forget its presence and it would retreat into the depths of his brain. ’HA!’ it barked, and Caelian’s ear twitched ferociously. ’You’re more naive than I would’ve ever believed.’ Clenching a small part of his teeth, the freckled man didn’t know what to do, so he responded. ’You know me?’ The voice seemed to sit in frustrated silence, before it said in a cold stone voice, ’You stupid child,’ and it seemed to shut up.

With another sign that relaxed the muscles that Caelian didn’t know he’d tensed, he took a step forward through the cave. ”Something’s wrong,” he muttered quietly, partially to himself and partially to Nevermore. Perhaps if he’d allow his friend to know what had just recently happened, he’d be able to fix it, as the phantom seemed to fix everything. However, with a few more steps, the obsidian male grew quiet.

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Ah, a smile... The ebony beast thought to himself as he let his features slip back to its neutral expression of indifference. It was good to know that he was able to lighten the young man's mood even for a little bit. But to see his friend's smile continue to widen brought a smidge of comfort within his own self. But of course it was not enough. He could not tell why but the strange and off putting behavior of Caelian nearly commanded that he pay closer attention to the sovereign from here on out. Just until the boy could get back on his feet emotionally given all that he'd been through over the last couple of days.

Nevermore's attention was then momentarily distracted as his lavender gaze trailed back up toward the caverns ceiling. From down below he watched as the bats continued to hang comfortably upside down with their wings shielding them from the cold to some degree. While it was a silly thought, he briefly wondered if he could do that with his own talons. However, his contemplation was broken the moment he heard Caelian's hushed voice of concern. Inky audits swiveled in the direction of the freckled stallion before lowering his visage in a slow albeit smooth manner.

The sweeping long tendrils of his obsidian forelock slid across his left eye, causing an eerie glow as he looked over the shoulder of his paranoid friend. There was the brief sound of his lengthy talons scraping and clicking against the stone flooring he stood upon as he took three steps in the location Caelian happened to be looking in. Again, his eldritch ears gave a twitch in several directions before parting his jaws to speak. Thine own ears hear nothing but the howling winds and squeaks of bats. The phantom uttered in a low tone whilst lifting his nape. Although there was a hint of confusion creeping into his voice.

Yielding his broad shoulders the specter turned to face the opposing male once again and study him. But more importantly his face. His brows pulled together ever so slightly at the sight of white around his eyes. Fear...There was nothing here to be afraid of. Or was he worried by the dark? Regardless, Nevermore stepped toward the entrance of the cave at a leisurely pace, giving his head a single bounce of approval. Warmth will do thy body good. As Caelian started to catch up and strode with him side by side the beast's pupiless eyes fell upon him but kept his visage straight. What is troubling you, friend?
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where they spin lies into fairydust
Everything that came from the phantom’s mouth was almost emotionless, as the beast himself quite lacked emotion, though it was comforting all the same. Caelian could sense the difference in his friend as he traversed through his life. He wondered why the creature lacked such emotion as a normal equine would have. It wasn’t, in fact, a lack… to say. It was more like an absence of certain joys of life. Caelian simply couldn’t place his finger on it as he gazed at the towering figure of his best, and now only, friend.

He rid his mind of these thoughts. It did no good to think over someone else when you yourself could never ask them without being somewhat rude. One day, he would have to share his story with the phantom and hope maybe Nevermore would share, as well. Caelian clenched his teeth. This wasn’t what usually ran through his head. This train of thoughts was very foreign to him. Information for information? Telling his story just to receive one? It felt wrong… this wasn’t him.

The freckled stallion could feel Nevermore’s gaze on him, and he just now realised he’d been asked a question. ”Oh,” he said, somewhat awkwardly after a small hesitation. ”I do believe it is nothing. Nothing to worry about, at least.” His gaze faltered and his pace sped up, but only by mere seconds. It was hardly a noticable difference. A weak smile played his lips as he offered Nevy a glance of warmth, yet even to himself, it seemed a little fake. The strain of something in the back of his mind held him back from whatever light he dreamed of reaching. It was as if he swam in a well of darkness, water churning all around him and no way to lift himself out of the pit. He was drowning.
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An answer did not immediately come to him after he questioned his friend. And noticing this made the specter fully turn his visage in the direction of the freckled young man who seemed to be mentally sidetracked. Not one to push for answers the inky creature turned his gaze forward once more. He hoped that his friend would truly be okay. Seeing his sovereign in such disarray only helped to remind him that harboring any type of emotion towards anything could have a negative outcome. Which only solidified his reluctance to be more equine like and gain true emotions.

Finally, there was a soft start of his friend's voice and he turned to look back down at him. Eldritch ears twitched to and fro as he listened and he gave a single nod. Personally, Nevermore held an inkling that something more was pestering the dual horned stallion but he said nothing of it. If the lad did not wish to share then he would leave him be on the matter. Very well... The phantom murmured, squinting his lavender eyes as he stepped back out into the frigid gale of the mountain. There was a violent shiver that wracked his star riddle body, had the temperature dropped since their time in the cave?

Nevermore tucked his right wing close to his body to preserve some semblance of bodily heat. If there was one thing his missed it was his immortality. Not even the most scalding heat or frozen cold could affect his skin. But now, since passing under the bifrost he had been reduced to a mostly normal horse. An uncomfortable snort fluttered from his nares as he continued walking beside Caelian. Extending his opposite wing he draped the thin stallion in his feathered appendage to help keep him warm.
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where they spin lies into fairydust
Stepping out of the cave and onto the cliffside was like stepping into a blizzard. Nevermore’s response rang in his ears, ”Very well.” The freckled male felt a weight upon his heart at not telling his friend what nagged at his innermost being. He felt as if he was betraying the ghostly equine in some way.

As wind whipped curly mane and tail, Caelian squinted his pale eyes against the driving snow. He swear he could feel the ice creeping up upon his black hooves, and when he looked down, he noticed the smallest of flakes forming against the dark surface of his keratin toes. A violent shiver passed through Nevermore’s body, and the sovereign glanced at him with much more than sympathy. Besides, it was his, Caelian’s, fault that they were here. A snort escaped Nevy’s nares and a light purple mist gathered in the air before being whipped away. When feathers touched Caelian’s back, he gave a smile and turned his eyes towards his companion. ”Thank you, Nevy. You’ve been there for me when I don’t deserve it. It's your kindness that has gotten me this far. I don’t know what I would do without you.” He sighed as his hooves clipped the rock underneath him. ”I don’t have friends,” he said sadly, glancing off the cliffside into the vast white of the valley beneath them. ”I have one.”

He paced quietly beside the star-speckled man, losing himself in his thoughts once again. What had he been before he came here, before he found his home in this land? He had been nothing, not entirely a nobody but he might’ve just been. He was only famous because of his king’s actions. He was only talked about because he was different. Now, he had a home, he had place to call his own, and he even found someone that he could call friend. His only friend, now. His best friend.
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