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September Update

Hello Fimbles! It's time for another long promised update. In some smaller news, it's September! Yay! Spooky autumn goodness is just around the corner. That means it is fall in the Valley! Shower some falling leaves, frosted mornings, and chilly nights in your posts. It's that time of the year!

Now, onto more serious matters...

Revamp: This is probably the item of most importance concerning our near future. After a long awaited time, I'm about to put in the commission request for our new site layout. This will be kept primarily under wraps as we want to give you all a wonderful surprise when it finally drops! It is time for us to prepare for these changes as they come. As mentioned in the Discord server, we will be consolidating some boards while we also add two new additions. For more information on individual boards, please see below:

  • Bjarg: Bjarg will be removed entirely at this point in time and somewhat dispersed into the Central territories. It is subject to change still, so the inevitable fate of this particular location is still to be determined.
  • Marshlands: The marshlands will be consolidated into the Marshian Woods. All threads there currently will be moved into the previously named board relatively soon as this is one of the smaller, easier changes.
  • Espen's Alter: Changes will occur to this board, but will remain under secrecy. ~Oooooh!~
  • Helgrind: Quite unnoticed by most, this board has already been removed and consolidated into the Vetr Wasteland.
  • Svart Lands -> Vulkan Lands This is a simple name change to better suite the atmosphere of the board. We aren't removing our fun lava pools!
  • Stórrádr Swamps This portion of the South will essentially be absorbed into the holds. These threads will be moved into Eybamr.
  • That ends the changes. I'm not releasing the new boards until the official revamp. I love surprising people! All boards are having their descriptions face lifted and those will be going into account relatively soon. So keep an eye out for those! In the coming week the boards will start their adjustments, so make sure if you have a thread being moved you keep an eye out for the respective board to be consolidated into the new one.

    At our revamp, we will also be releasing two Spiritborne adopts! It is still up in the air whether they will have designs (by myself) or if they'll be entirely audition based and created by the members auditioning. If you'd prefer one or the other, let us know! We love the feedback and want to make sure you members feel that your voices and opinions are being heard.

    When it inevitably comes time to apply the new revamped items to the site, Fimbulvetr may find itself temporarily closed so that all the appropriate moves can be made. I will ensure you are all aware when and if that time comes, so don't fret! I won't blindside you with a closed board. Just remember to look for Discord announcements! If there is enough time, I will also post a small news update in this board as well.

    As one last reminder, don't forget to let us staff team know if there is absolutely anything you'd like with the new theme. If we can make it happen, we will!

    Storyteller Posts: As many of your may know, Storyteller posts guide the newly wandering travelers through the Bifrost (un)safely. The dynamics of this board will be changing in the coming revamp and deserve its own section to emphasize so. For new characters crossing the Bifrost: If a current resident of the Slidr River Valley responds to you (as it is a requirement for arcana leveling!), the Storyteller will no longer prompt you through the Bifrost. Only those crossing without a response withing 48 hours will receive Bifrost Storyteller prompts. And at that time other players may not respond. We know this is changing a rather large dynamic of the site when it comes to character creation, but we wanted to create something that both staff and member can find some ease in.

    That being said, random events will be added! Once the mechanics are worked out, keep an eye out for roguing Storyteller posts to land a new kink into your daily threads!

    Autumn of the Seasons: The votes are in and the winners have been decided! Faelan takes home Autumn's Character of the Season award and Blood Moon Falling takes Thread of the Season! On site prizes have been given to the respective winners and art prizes are currently in work. Yay! Congratulations to the role players!

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