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Fall '18 Of the Season Nominations


Fall of the Season Nominations

What is this? What is happening? Well, as the staff have been working diligantly behind the scenes for a new revamp of Fim, you can see we're now implementing a new system for our spotlights! Rather than Of the Month, we're now running Of the Season! These quarterly nominations now come with swag due to their elusive titles. Anyone who claims an Of the Season title will not only receive some bragging rights for Autumn, but will also receive 200 crystals (ooh, shiny)! Who do you think earns this extra bonus this month? Did anyone impress you? Did a thread tug at your heart strings? Let us know! With the New of the Seasons, there are now some new (and old) criteria:

  • The Character of the Season must have posted during the duration of Summer (aka a new character with 0 posts or an inactive character cannot win the title).
  • A character or thread that won within the year cannot be nominated again. If they did not win, but were previously nominated in other OTS events, they can still be re-nominated.
  • If someone has already nominated your first pick, please choose a follow-up!
  • Please do not nominate your own characters or threads (unless it's a SWP).
  • You can nominate more than one item per category if you so choose!
  • Currently our Spotlight categories are Character & Season only.
  • Alright. That being said, lets get to it! Nominations close next Wednesday the 22nd of August at 12 noon EST!

    Tag: @[Spoupi]

    Character of the Season: Ezera

    Thread of the Season: A Beautiful Memory

    Tag: @[Mallory]

    Character: @Faelan

    Thread: no man's land
    Tag: @[Aishe]


    Thread: Blood Moon Falling
    Tag: @[Halani]