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Hello everyone
So if you’ve seen Morrigan’s profile then you may have noticed that I slightly hijacked the coding so that I could have a custom banner and custom colours. Well I’m putting that coding here for everyone else to use too!! If you want to see how it looks check out Mor here

Things to note//
-I am by no means a professional coder, so this code is very rough and messy and there is probably a far easier, more succinct way of doing it but I don’t know it xD you may experience problems with it, I don’t know, and in which case feel free to either PM on Fim, DM me on Discord or post here with questions/problems.
-As of yet I don’t know how to change the colour of Fim’s title over the banner, but I will update this when I have

Things to change//
-You will need to change the images (anything that says ‘url(url here)’ ). The banner image is roughly 1000px x 500px and the background one is 2000px x 1101px
-You can change the colours (a ‘#’ followed by a combination of 6 letters or numbers eg #ff0000)
-The easiest way is to hit ctrl+f and search for either url or # and then paste your own colours/images instead

-Copy the code in the google doc here
-Paste it into the ‘Intro’ section of your character profile, or a code editing program
-Edit it however you want
-Save profile
-Cross your fingers and hope it works xD

Got any questions? Just ask! c:
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