Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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[P] no man's land


Sovereign ♕
2 Spring ✿
played by Kagome
745 crystals
45 posts
His mind flashed back to the raven, the three eyed avian that loomed near a branch closest to him as he stood upon his throne overlooking his people. It was certainly not the strangest thing he'd ever come across but he was in for a world of surprise when the creature parted its beak to gift him with a formal invitation. Blinking his ruby red eyes the recent memory faded as his hooves stepped over the changing landscape. Lush song filled forest gave way to sparse, parched ground the closer he edged toward the far east. A place where Hel had told since the beginning to steer clear of.

But alas, here he was, going against the only valuable tidbit of information he knew of the land. A heavy sigh caused his barrel to expand and contrast as he lumbered along. His head his head swimming with questions the longed to know the answers to. Time became apparent once he looked up to see the skies bleeding a vibrant red and leaking a mandarin orange, signaling the telltale signs of dusk. With a swish of his tail he climbed the crest of a hill to look over the never ending expanse of the wastelands.

Sweeping sand and cracked earth were all that adorned this place with the exception of very few dry vegetation that dared to grow in the harsh climate. The boy king's brows pinched together thoughtfully as he slowly and carefully inched his way toward the canyon like area. He had to hand it to this Warden of the Wastelands, anyone tough enough to thrive in this deserved an audience. Once again, Andante tosses his gaze over his shoulder to gauge the time and sure enough, the last few rays of sunlight were just peeking beneath a few clouds. Plunging what otherwise would be a sweltering desert into a frozen wonderland.



The Warden
8 Summer ☀︎
played by Soupi
110 crystals
24 posts


Beneath the weight of his hooves, cracked earth further splintered and flaked with each progression of his slate hued hooves. A soft plume of dust betrayed his approach despite the oncoming navy of twilight. His sapphire eyes rose to the deepening atmosphere where the richest of purples ushered in the stark midnights. Speckles of stars already fought through the pitch, twinkling as the moon rose to take the mantle of the sky and her husband sun fell to sleep. His gaze fell, sweeping across the expanse of the East a moment, eyeing the terracotta sounds now painted lavender, and the distant mountains now an enigmatic blur of black. The temperatures had already fallen, and they would continue to fall as the whistling winds swept through the sands.

Now Evandr’s gaze swept again. And this time, it eyed the roaring rapids rushing through the gorge to his immediate right. A swirling mist weightlessly rose from the belly of the cavern, and those minuscule droplets of water fortunately found their way upon the Warden’s piebald hide. The cool was alarming, and caused his skin to prickle with a shiver, but it was pleasurable. The journey to the Point was a harsh and daunting one, but when the mists from the Ginnregin Rapids managed to drape across one’s skin? It made it worth it in the end.

Through the veil of soft water’s brume Evandr made his approach, his sapphire visionaries eyeing the other side – the Valley’s portion of this continent – with interest. Tryggr had been an enigma since Fredrekke had drowned them so long ago. It’d been years, so far back even into Saren’s previous reign, that anyone had been punished to exile from the House to the West. Part of the Warden considered that no one may show, that the bastard House had simply dissolved into nothing but a name in old lore. But, he also liked to be proved wrong.

"He's here,", "The King is here," a gauzy, phantom voice whispered into his ear, which flicked in natural response. Since he'd been burned by that fiery nymph so long ago, at times it seemed that they very sands, grasses, and stone of the Wastelands spoke to him. He never shared the fact, because he was sure that it would frighten others as much as it frightened him. His mother, bless her, had had mental in-capacities. Evandr always attempted to reassure himself he'd be fine in his old age, that he wouldn't suffer the same fate. But he couldn't promise himself anything.

A lone figure stood upon the opposing side of the ravine. Fleetingly Evandr recalled that Caelian, Sovereign of Ambrosius, had refused to come alone and brought guard to protect him. The boy here was younger than the other obsidian king, but had made the journey in solitude. “It speaks of his character in numerous ways.” Bravery was a feat not many could claim with honesty, if that’s what one would call this young boy. Some may call him foolish. He didn’t know Evandr. Didn’t even know if Evandr was the party he’d ultimately be meeting in this remote location, where the earth crumbled beneath their hooves and the river lashed with white caps as it surged through a deep laceration in the stone.

For all this boy-king knew, Evandr was going to push him from the ledges.

But of course, that was hardly his plan. He may be the executioner of the exiles, but nothing would come from pointless murders. Through the dull roar of the rapids and the mist it produced, Evandr drew himself to the lone stone bridge that connected the Houses and the Exiles. A beetled brow darkened his face, a parted forelock of ink cascading over the cutting edges of his visage. At first it seemed he planned to walk directly into the Slidr River Valley, unheeding of the unspoken laws. But his confidant, deliberate strides halted at the exact mid-point of the bridge. “Good Evening, Sovereign of Tryggr.

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Sovereign ♕
2 Spring ✿
played by Kagome
745 crystals
45 posts
In the distance there emerged a bulky figure dowsed in shadow. A quick skim of the sweeping sands behind the fellow indicated that he was alone. So perhaps this was his intended audience? Harks snapping forward attentively he watched as the hefty man silently stepped upon the rocky bridge with caution thrown to the wind. Apparently the link between house and exile had stood the test of time and had no intentions of crumbling tonight. With an air of silence Andante lifted a cloven hoof and crossed himself until he too stood in the middle before the stranger clad in twilight.

Chilled mist clung to his pelt, making his skin jump in response as if to shoo an annoying fly. Hopefully it would not leave him soaked by the end of this meeting. As the man greeted him with his title of sovereign Andante simply gave a curt nod in response before speaking himself. Good evening to you as well, Warden of the Wastelands. And if I am remembering correctly your name is Evandr? The name's Andante... There was a part of him that remained agitated of this stallion knowing who he was and what he ruled over. If a complete stranger that lived in these wastelands knew of him who else might have known? Regardless he remained careful with guarding which emotions choose to highlight his features. And confusion nor worry would dance across his visage tonight.

He allowed his crimson gaze to sweep over his conversation partner for a moment longer, eyeing all of his scars and rugged exterior. Evandr simply seeped power and looked as if he were meant to rule this place. Then his attention drifted him, to the sands and hardy dry desert beyond. With a soft sigh wafting from his nares he spoke again. Your title is admirable, Warden. He was not one for compliments but he had to give the him that one. He could respect the amount of restraint the executioner had for not simply walking across the bridge and being done with it. Because here in these conditions he would have ignored the rules.

Your message mentioned wanting to have all of the houses communicate with one another again...Can I ask why you wish to see that happen? With that being said Andante turned his attention back to Evandr with a single brow raised in curiosity. While he remained cool and collected on the exterior he gripped himself to prepare what he might say internally. Coming out in the open with the other houses would inevitably mean chaos and disagreement from time to time. But what of his house and Ambrosius, two houses that naturally shared bad blood? He would have to keep his house ready to defend itself at all times if necessary.
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