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I might be a fragile little flower
Whatever passage he had found Creza had an instant dislike of it. The split second his hooves had touched the ground his face had wrinkled in disgust and his tail had risen as high as he could manage, not daring to dirty a large portion of the silken hairs. But, of course, the rest had dragged from its length and weight. But oh god no, he never dared the thought of cutting the beautiful hairs. This is absolutely unbelievable. I better find something worth it I swear. A huff escapes his pale lips, dotted in grey, while his curled ears tip back when his hoof steps down in a shallow puddle. He retracts instantly with a frustrated grunt. Lowering his head down a bit to inspect his leg his eyes widen in horror at the sight. I've got disgusting murky waters on me! I'm ruined! The dramatic thoughts are paired with his frantic search of how in the world he'll get around in the puddle. In the end he is forced to walk through it with a whining sound.

It isn't long before he finds the tree and a frown pulls at his face. By now his whining and dramatics have come to a stop, turning into a full fledged frustrated anger at the dirt he now had on him. Green eyes search the area, looking for a way around the tree but it's a worthless attempt. His eyes land on the opening in the tree and his frowns deepens. You have got to be kidding me. But he knows, unfortunately, the world is not kidding him when it forces him to walk into the cave like opening. A groan comes from his throat when he feels the ground, uneven and, of course the worst for him, most likely unsuitable for him. This is in no way my idea of entering a new land. The grumble falls silent when his mind travels to the last land he had entered. He had met a prince in a dusty and ashen ground, but he had found a beautiful rose in those ashes. Not literally of course, but it had been enough to make him tolerate the dirt and ash he had been covered in. A pain in his chest spurs him into a trot in an attempt to both escape what he considered to be hell, and the land he had left behind him. I'll need a bath after this. A long one too.

The moment he steps into the tree he can see in the dim light that some paths seem to end in sudden drops while others run out and into the darkness, the thought of falling to his death causes a chill to run up his spine. But, he takes a step deeper into the tree anyways; knowing that, from what he saw, it is the only way into wherever he's heading.  Walking the path he can feel that his coat and tail are picking up more and more loathsome dirt. This eventually breaks him down into a puddle of dramatics in the tree's darkness. Never in my life have I been this gross. I am probably covered in so much dirt that I'm gray now. My beauty! It's tainted, I'll never get clean now! His face contorts with the thoughts, dramatic as ever with his vanity pushing it on. In his desperation to get the hell out of his own torturous hell Creza finds himself cantering through the dark, running in circles on some paths that seem to wind in hidden directions. But he slows down to a careful walk, each hoof touching the ground to make sure it's firm before a step is truly taken when he remembers that in the darkness he could teeter off the edge. Somewhere along the way he could swear he catches the glimpse of something scurrying around on the ground and, of course, a scream of terror escapes the feminine stallions throat. Nope! Nope, nope, nope I didn't sign on for this. I'll fall off the edge and die before I meet that...that thing again. He backs up the path, with green eyes glued to where his nightmare had been, in desperation to get away from it. I'm going to die here. This is what my vanity has brought me. Death. In the darkness he stops moving, deciding that he'd rather die from his vanity and starvation than tumbling off the edge of some random path.

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But I'll kick your fucking ass

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Iracebeth couldn’t speak as to why she periodically made the journey to the Bifrost, especially since she didn’t seem quite aware she’d ventured that far until the first glimpse of the tree rose high through the breaks of the forest canopy. Today, she didn’t quite question the long road that had drawn her here. Rather, she let whatever invisible string that pulled her continue to guide her. The first leaves of autumn were turning; she could see the crisp edges of the emerald foliage fading to the first bit of citrine and lemon. Her heart lurched a moment, and she considered the fact that soon she’d come to be a full-fledged woman (for she would be three in the winter), but it would also mark a full year’s rotation that they’d spent in this place.

Humbled, her mind’s eye traipsed these thoughts for what seemed eternity as her gilt hooves carried her closer and closer to the base of the tree, the single entrance to this realm. Her eyes rose to the heavens, and through the clouds and the melancholy mist that seemed to eternally hang here, the magnificent, awe-inspiring timber rose overhead. Steadily the dull roar of raging rivers hummed beneath the birdsong of Bjarg rose, ushering in the natural land bridges that served as final bridge into the Slidr River Valley. Not once did the young maiden halt her efforts upon her approach, but rather continued at a constant pace, golden eyes wide and watching as her trim legs commanded the stone and root beneath her.

Up onto the bridge she hopped, every step deliberate as she placed them on the precarious structure built of boulder, root, and sod. Only once did her gaze drop down to the blur of white mist below, far below in the blue stone, before they popped back up towards the first, black, gaping mouth of the Bifrost. Happily she hopped off of the bridge, her silver banner flicking with a form of period, finalizing the hidden fear that had bubbled in her chest at the crossing.

Whatever was here for her to find, she supposed she’d find it soon enough. Everything always happened for a reason, and whenever she found herself drawn to this lonely place it always proved worth the journey. So below she dove, maintaining that same confidant stride despite the slight apprehension lingering on the corner of her eyes. Darkness enveloped her, a damp cool falling over her shoulders like a cloak, but she continued onwards. Ignorant to the twists and turns her chosen path took – she knew it would be different upon her return – she would have wandered aimlessly if it hadn’t been for the yelp that echoed down a separate corridor.

Instantly she froze, gaze snapping down the dim path, audits at alert. It hadn’t been a scream of pain, or rage, but of fear. Dare she venture? A rat scurried from the darkness, stuttering only briefly, before darting back down the tunnel she had previously elected to explore. But curiosity got the best of her, and she forged her course towards the scream. “Hello?”

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be swift!

Something is happening!

Ah, one returns.

With a twisted sort of glee, the serpent slides his way along the curling hollows of the tree’s roots. He recognizes the horned mare and is eager to have his turn to play, she made it through once but will she make it through a second time? He turns his great head toward the flailing male and with a scoff large enough to shake free dirt over top of the pair, he happily doubts it.

With a flick of muscles, he slams his side into the wall of the opening he watches them from, to send another spray of dirt and small rocks raining onto their heads. A small bit of encouragement. He wants to see them move, already concocting trials to impair their journey and the sound of water rushing beneath their hooves is music to him; another obstacle should they fail to proceed.

On second thought…

He slithers back to an opening not quite large enough to fit his giant form and with the force of his weight he launches himself through. The result is immediate as debris and a scaled monster emerge behind the pair in an explosion of earth and venom. His coils instantly move him closer, Let the hunt begin.

Will they escape the reaching fangs dripping with venom to reach the other side? Iracebeth knows the way out, but will Creza be able to keep up?

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