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Heterosexual | Single | Ambrosius Commoner | Mare

Ianthe is very much a proper lady; having grown up as a true noble of Ambrosius before the royal house collapsed and was subsequently taken over, Ianthe still struggles with a "normal" life. She is regal, soft-spoken, and gentle. While she's hardly a pushover, she is not a fighter. Ladies weren't meant to be fighters, after all! She can hold a grudge for ages, though, so be wary of getting on her bad side. In her days since losing her title and position, she seeks to explore the world beyond Ambrosius' borders.
Friends | Given her gentle and generally kind disposition, friends will be the easiest for Ianthe to make! She knows no stranger and hardly carries any ill will towards others.
Enemies | I mean she's a lil salty about the new regime in Ambrosius, but otherwise idk. You'd have to do some seriously messed up stuff to earn a spot here. xD
Love | She's to have a fling with Marrow and have her heart broken, then eventually fall in love with Davaros.

Heterosexual | Single | Nonpartisian | Stallion

MY MAN. SCRUFFY MCSCRUFFORTON. A knight in shining armor with an accent to boot, he's primarily a serious boy with a level temper. (Okay, maybe not so much on the temper bit...but ya know.) Heavily influences by knightly virtues, Arthurian legends, and a dash of other inspirations, Percy is a fun boy that I really look forward to getting heavy in. He's the guardian of Kiwi's Princess Aurora - so generally where she goes, he goes.
Friends | He's pretty moral, so he'll probably stick to the few horses that are like him or close to him in nature.
Enemies | He'll probably make a few, espcially if anyone eyeballs Aurora the wrong way.
Love | Nothing set in stone, so feel free to suggest things!

Heterosexual | Single | Nonpartisian | Mare

Another lady, she's less dignified than Ianthe. She's the kind of girl that knows how to have a good time. Still regal and refined, but don't let the finery and flowers fool you: Margaux's a sassy spitefire with a mouth like a sailor on occasion. All she wants is the betterment of others and to promote culture.
Friends | She knows no stranger, so all the friends! She likes having friends from all walks of life.
Enemies | Maybe a few? Someone she put off? Idk.
Love | As a widow, Margaux is reluctant to open herself up too quickly. A fling here or there to help open her up could work. Her end-game romance has already been plotted.

Homosexual | Single | Nonpartisian | Mare

Grouchy former general, Antiope is dissillusioned from the military life and seeks to find a purpose in Fim. She's snarky, cynical, and a bit bull-headed...But underneath all the armor is a sort-of softie underneath it all.
Friends | With her snarky and bitter attitude, I don't see her making more than a few friends.
Enemies | Probably a few. LOL She can make enemies for a variety of reasons - throw some ideas at me!
Love | Antiope is also a widow and gay as heck. But I'd really love some romances to soften her up a bit!

Pansexual | Single | Tryggr | Mare

Former Tryggr Queen and shieldmaiden, Bryn is enigma. Cold as stone with hardly a soft spot to poke at. She's abrasive and pretty callous to mostly everyone, even those she considers to be "friends". She is loyal, though, and her loyalty will summon her to arms to protect her family, friends, and kingdom. For now, she ponders her place in life since falling from her throne and her near-death experience.
Friends | Probably won't have a whole lot of them, given her personality.
Enemies | A. Lot. I'm not kidding. I'm sure her abrasiveness will be off-putting and offensive.
Love | It's complicated with Hel.

Unknown Sexuality | Single | Nonpartisian | Mare

Creepy witchy child is here! One of Sloan's many daughters and the youngest to date, Narcissa grew up with the tales of her old sisters but has yet to meet any of them. She is patient, yet aloof; she'll be kind to you but never reveal a single stitch of herself. She's got a cold fury of a thousand banshees, so be warned when you cross her!
Friends | I'd love for her to make some friends! Maybe even a "guardian" or some adult figure in her life, too.
Enemies | Maybe? idk
Crushes | She's too young for ~real love~ or flings just yet, but maybe some crushes to help her figure out her sexuality and whatnot? Some light, fluffy stuff. <3

Anything-that-breathes-sexuality | Single | Nonpartisian | Stallion

Aggressive and animalistic, Vidar is not for the light-hearted. A raider by birth and trade, Vidar hardly recognizes the laws and borders of kingdoms. He takes what he wants when he wants it, regardless of its ownership or thoughts. He's an infamous hoarder of things that please him, whether it's gold or other horses. He sheds blood indiscriminately. He can also be hired for a variety of "jobs".
Friends | Only liked-minded individuals. He'll relentlessly tease those who don't understand him. xD
Enemies | Oooooh boy, a whole bunch.
Love | It's important to note Vidar is very non-monogamous AND has zero preferences on gender when it comes to taking lovers. His culture had salt wives and harems, and he's not likely to abandon that tradition any time soon. Now...he might have a "favored" salt-wife, but yeah. He's open for flings, some torment if ya need it, etc.

Tag: @[Mallory]

Mallory I'd love to toss Maren and Narcissa together! I don't know if Maren would know exactly who she was but I feel like she's smart enough through her delusions to figure it out c:
powerplay allowed
within reasonable limits!

Tag: @[Tywin]