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Private Scared Of The Elements {Halani}

Kaheia Ydur Ciros

"Stand Strong Against The Storm"

Kaheia decided traveling through the redwoods was well worth it when she came into view of the lake. It's shimmering blue color beautiful in the moonlight. Crickets were chirping and a soft calm had settled over the land. Pale beams of moonlight glittered off of the water, the moons reflection crystal clear in the stillness of the lake. Fireflies danced in the air, warm summer wind blowing in from the south. Even her companion had taken a moment to just take in the glorious night.

'It's pretty isn't it?' Ziah commented mentally, flying up overhead.

'Aye, It's beautiful.' Kaheia smiled softly, replying to her feathered friend. She stood there for a moment longer, just taking in her surroundings. Finally she tore her eyes away from the scenery and began to move towards the water. She gave it a few cautious sniffs, staring at what might be lurking below.

Ziah's thoughts cut through her mind. 'Afraid to get bitten by a fish?' The raven asked, cackling as she circled her friend.

'About as afraid ah bein' bitten by a fish as yeh were ah those trees back there.' Kaheia smirked, her eyes rolling at her friends antics. She drank from the lake, finding the water crisp and cool on her tongue.

'I wasn't afraid of any trees!' Ziah screeched telepathically, letting out a vocalized squawk.

'Sure yeh weren't.' Kaheia lifted her head from the lake and went to graze, trusting her companion to tell her if danger was coming. The bird having a great vantage point from up in the air, and her cowardice making her extremely prone to screeching when danger was near.

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