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Chase Of The Curse {Lilith}

Kaheia Ydur Ciros

"Stand Strong Against The Storm"

Kaheia decided that she hated mud, the sticky substance had all but matted the fur around her hooves and gotten stuck within her tail. It was heavy and made her legs itch. Luckily enough she had just so happened to have found herself in a swamp, which was the home to said mud. The same mud that now clung to her body like a second skin, if that second skin was in the process of falling off. She did dunk her hooves within the water to try and clean them, and it worked only for the mud to cling right back on after a few minutes of walking.

'You know it wouldn't have been this bad if you were able to fly~' Ziah called out to her from above, the ravens form sticking out against the midday sky.

Kaheia looked up at her companion with narrowed eyes, her ears pinning flat against her head. "Oh ah coorse! why didn' I think ah that, here lit me just grow a pair ah wings an' tak' off inta the air with yeh." She stopped walking and let out a loud snort, stomping her hind foot. "It'll make it a lot easier tah give yeh ah good kick!"

'Sheesh, angry much? I'm just trying to be helpful here.' The raven said with a laugh. She flew in circles around the mare, a smile plain on her face.

"Yeah, a helpful pain in mah arse." She breathed out a sigh and continued walking, wondering just why she let the raven hang around in the first place. Ziah made a decent travel partner, being able to spot danger and navigate paths easier with the tell tale birds eye view. Even if she had a bad habit of making smart comments about not having wings.

'Watch out for the weird drop off on your right, stick to the left hand side, I think I can see another lake from here a bit further off.' Ziah called down to Kaheia, banking towards the direction she told her travel companion to go.

Kaheia followed without complaint, seeing what appeared to be a bog on her right just as her familiar had said. She gave a soft snort, guessing that the raven really did have a use.

She was right about the lake as well, Kaheia stopping to take a rest and try to clean the mud off her body. It took a bit of effort and a lot of water but she managed to get her tail and legs mud free. Finding a mudless area to lay in was a different story. Eventually she did, a soft patch of moss and grass beneath a large willow tree just on the other side of the lake. She laid down on it, enjoying the cool foliage that gave a small reprieve to the muggy atmosphere.

Ziah herself was perched between Kaheia's withers, resting her wings for a bit before they began traveling a bit. In the meantime she decided to enjoy the calm silence and busy herself with cleaning Kaheia's mane. Wanting to eat and insects that wanted to try and call her friends hair home.

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