Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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[P] i will not scream, i will not weep


4 Spring ✿
played by Kiwi
40 crystals
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Aurora didn't know how long she'd been running. Minutes, hours, days? Her eyes were narrowed, the threat of hot tears lying just behind her thick lashes. Her hooves thundered beneath her lean body, each step taking her further and further from her betrothed. She had fallen for his honeyed words, not sensing the poison that lurked beneath the surface. He was not who he had said he was. She had wanted love like her parents shared. She was fully ready to devote herself to the alliance her family needed and yet...she'd thrown it away on a whim. Fleeing Vincent's kingdom without a thought to her standing or title. Soon a massive tree came into view. She should have turned away. Turned around and gone back. She had a duty to her own kingdom, and to her family.

But she didn't.

She threw herself into the dimly lit corridor beneath it, descending into the depths of the roots. Eventually she slowed, abruptly halting and letting her wings dangle limply at her sides. Her chest and barrel heaved with labored breaths, a layer of sheen soaking her pale golden coat. With a heavy sigh, Aurora lifted her head and peered into the darkness. A shiver ran down her spine and she wanted nothing more than to climb into a nice hot bathe. To soothe her aching limbs and clean away the dirt and sweat that clung to her. She'd never felt so grime-encrusted in her life. She'd been dirty, sure. But as a child running from her caretakers and giggling without a care in the world. She was a lady now. She was a princess.

She'd abandoned all of it.

Closing her eyes tightly, Aurora felt a single tear roll down the gentle curve of her cheek before she shook her head. I won't let myself cry over him. Gritting her teeth, Aurora steeled herself for whatever was ahead of her as best she could. The beautiful blue fabric that once clung to her supple curves hung loosely around her, tattered and ripped in places. The beautiful and always impeccable braid in her tail was frazzled and coming loose in places. The flowers along it missing petals. Her eyes were dim, a ship lost at sea. Walking slowly, Aurora continued to move further into the Bifrost. She didn't know what lay on the other side, but she had to move forward. Keep moving forward. It was all that she had left.

Though it would seem that her exhaustion would catch her before anyone else did. Shuffling her feet numbly beneath her and blinking her hazy eyes, Aurora felt a surge of energy leave her. She fell onto her knees, scrapping them on the roots below. She could feel the sting of air on a fresh scrape and winced lightly. She remained motionless for some time. Just a few minutes. Slowly her eyes fluttered before closing. She was tired. So very tired. Despite the exhaustion she could not sleep, not here and not down on her knees. She straightened herself out, hooves grasping for purchase as she stood. She continued on.



8 Spring ✿
played by Mallory
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Sir Percival ap Rhys

Whatever may come.

He had been hot on her tail for some time. Percy hardly cared for how long. He was certain that his target's pace would begin to slow soon since she was not used to traveling so far or be herself. He stuck close to her trail, though kept enough of a distance to make sure she was never alerted to his presence. So far, she had done well to stay out of harm's way. From a distance, even the grizzled knight could see that his princess needed the cathartic release of flight to ease whatever plagued her every step. And so he let her travel ahead of him alone, but never unwatched. His mercurial gaze followed her like a hawk, ready to swoop in should any trouble arise. He would rather incur her wrath than let a single strand of white hair be harmed.

Granted, he had always told his friend, the Crown Prince and his target's brother, that a little freedom would not hurt her. Rather than smother her with such a large security presence, he thought they should have let her wander within a reasonable distance. But alas, the pale stallion knew his words fell on deaf ears despite his close friendship with the eldest Prince. Percy had taken it upon himself to always be the Princess' escort, to give her what little freedoms he could. But even he had a duty to answer to, regardless of whatever tantrum his Princess was having. The pale stallion grimaced at the thought of having to corral her back to Burgkhammer. She'd certainly put up a fight if her emotional flight was anything to judge by.

With a grunt, the scarred stallion wiggled his shoulders to shift his armor and tartan around. Both had seen better days; mud dirtied the navy blue and forest green cloth draped around his chest and over his hindquarters. The grey steel of his armor was dull, having not seen any polish in some time. Yet duty had called him to keep close to the runaway Princess, even though it meant to the maintenance of his armor was put on the sidelines for now. There were some tangles in the white waves of his mane and a few loose strands of his bound tail, and his chin had begun to look particularly scruffy. He looked forward to a nice cool dip to scrub away the miles of travel away, once he had Aurora contained.

Percy's brow furrowed as he watched exhaustion wrap itself around Aurora, pausing in his own steps to wait for her reaction. Her flight had not been kind to her, either. He could tell, even from a distance, she was tired, dirty and likely at her wit's end. A frown tugged at the stallion's lips as he shuffled forward one or two steps, pausing when she began to shuffle forward herself. She didn't make it far before she fell to her knees, her eyes closing despite her fight to stay awake. In an instant, Percy moved forward - a silent white ghost emerging from the shadows. He cared little for where they were; his main concern was the princess.

Yet she found enough fight to stand, causing a swell of pride in Percy's chest. Despite that, he knew that he could no longer follow behind her in the dark. "Bana-phrionnsa," he murmured quietly, nearly lost in the howling of the wind. He had little doubt she wouldn't hear him, though.

After all, that was a name reserved only for her.

tagged: Aurora
notes: bana-phrionnsa = "Princess" in Scottish Gaelic
"Speech!" Thoughts!

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Immortal Spring ✿
played by NPC
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be swift!

Something is happening! The Bifrost grew tired of parlor tricks. Illusions and sorcery could employ entertainment for only so long before it paled and grew boresome. So why not change the game a bit? Maybe it would revive its complacency that it'd reviewed as of late. What better way to start that separating them?

Around the duo, the roots lurched into life. They slithered over one another, weaved through the smallest of crannies, and edged themselves betwixt the pegasus and white stallion as if sentient, vastly intelligent serpents. At first they only crawled, an alarming sight to begin with surely, but shortly roots flashed the expanse betwixt the equine with unfathomable speed. To boot, the roots had to come from somewhere.

At their hooves the once solid surface that had cradled them in the corridors began to unravel. Through the rapidly growing peepholes chutes diverted from each other with wicked spirals. Before they'd have time to react, the floors were gone, a woven wall between them, and speedy descent down root and moss laden slides awaiting them.

Aurora and Percival have ventured into the Bifrost! Master the labyrinth to reach the Slidr River Valley waiting for you on the other side.


4 Spring ✿
played by Kiwi
40 crystals
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What was she doing? Aurora stopped and closed her eyes tightly. Her thick lashes casting a long shadow across her cheek from the sparse light that filtered from above. She had to go back. Her family needed this. Aurora couldn't believe how selfish she had been. How...childish. She was a fool to expect that he was true to his words...but her kingdom needed this. It needed her. She was not naive enough to think what she had seen was a misunderstanding. It wasn't a story book romance like her parents but perhaps she could have learned to look past his obvious womanizing flaws. If it meant the safety of her people she would give up her own happiness. For one fleeting moment she had not been a princess, she had simply been a girl. Heartbroken. She did not have the ability to release her nobility to the wind and simply be 'normal.'


It was no more than a whisper that reached her drooping ears and Aurora felt at peace. It was a sudden warmth. A simple phrase that broke back memories of her youth, her kingdom, her family. For a moment she believed it to be her own mind playing tricks on her, but a flash of white from the shadows pulled a gasp from her lips. Aurora turned, her eyes widening. She remained silent, simply staring at him for what felt like an eternity to her but was no more than a few moments.

"Percival," her voice cracked and she cleared her throat. She was a princess and no one should see her like this. Especially not him. She straightened herself up, ignoring how the cold air made her fresh abrasions sting. She arched her lean neck and swept her knotted tail out behind her like the train of a dress. "Forgive me, I should not have run away." Aurora offered him a weak smile, though it did not reach her eyes. Like the single tear from earlier, one bead of blood rolled down her knee before it dropped to the floor below.

"You could use a shave," she said simply, he was a bit scruffier than usual. Though she supposed she looked a mess herself. She averted her gaze, hoping her attempt at playful humor could dissuade Percy from scrutinizing her appearance. There was no doubt in her mind that her maids would have been aghast at her unkempt locks and soiled fabrics. She moved past him, attempting to find the exit to whatever labyrinthine maze she had found herself in. The corridors were dark however and she found herself wrinkling her nose as she stared down two seemingly identical hallways.

It was then that the roots began to move and Aurora skittered back a few places in alarm. A quivering snort erupted from her nostrils as she stared at the floor in shock. Like snakes they moved, slithering against one another. "P-Percy?" Her voice was barely a whisper as she turned her attention to the knight. "What's happening?" She was not a stranger to the idea of magic, though it was not something she herself possessed. At least not yet. The roots began to grow bolder and quicker, making a wall between them. Percival was slowly disappearing behind them. "Percival!" She had no idea what was going on. If she hadn't run away. If she hadn't been so stupid! She approached the rapidly ascending wall, her chest heaving, and tried to spot him through the thick ropes of roots.

And then there was nothing beneath her.

Another gasp fell from her lips as she felt herself plummet. Her scream died in her throat as she fell, shutting her eyes tightly and wrapping her wings around her body in a vain attempt to cradle herself. She landed with a thud and a sharp pain spread through her. Forcing herself to her feet, Aurora winced. One wing hung limply at her side, the feathers twisted and some broken. She couldn't bare to lift it, couldn't bare to fold it elegantly at her side like she was taught. It hung, useless and twisted. "Percy?! Where are you?" She shuddered, wondering what had become of him. If anything had happened to him, she would never forgive herself. Though it was not that she didn't believe in his strength. No. She knew just how strong he was. But that didn't make him invincible. And whatever this place was...it was like nothing she had ever seen before.

 Percival Storyteller

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