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Feb OTMs, Rules, Season Change

Hello everyone! We hope that your February has been a wonderful one and you've kept all the creepy crawlie sick bugs away! I wanted to take a moment to disclose a few changes you'll see around the site and thank you all for being amazing, wonderful members! Without your talents and your creativity Fim wouldn't have had such a successful launch. As your admin, I applaud you all and send all of my love! Now, onto the actual news.


The February Of the Month awards are in and the results were a landslide! By popular vote, Iracebeth has taken the Character of the Month award and North of Nowhere takes away the Thread of the Month title! Congratulations to all role-players involved!

Mandates Update

To clarify some over sight on my part, there has been a minor tweak to the How to Join section of our Mandates. As mentioned, this is entirely based on clarification purposes. Of note, the only actual change is that histories are now required for new characters and must be at least 100 words in length. This, obviously, excludes foals. For the characters without history currently on their profiles we simply ask that at your earliest convenience you at least get the required word count up and touch on whether or not your character is a local to the Slidr River Valley or not. I apologize for this mistake on my part, and hope that you all can forgive my lapse!

Season Change

Spring is coming, everyone! Any new threads can and should touch on the rising temperatures. In the next couple of days look for a full update and transition to our new season: Spring!

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