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End of July Update

Hello, Fimbles! We have a fairly big announcement this time around, so buckle your seat belts and get ready. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

New Layout I believe that this may have been shared in the last update, but Fim is in the process of having a new layout coded. We’re aiming to have it done within the month, but there may be some give or take to that time frame. The real reason I am bringing up this change is to acquire some feedback from you guys! Since Fim is meant to service our members, it’s functionality, layout, and navigation are all catered to enhance your experience. Do you have any features you’ve seen/know/can think of that you’d love to see brought to Fim? Are there layout features now that are less than ideal and you’d like them to change? Please let us know, and we’ll make sure to integrate it into the new skin.

Furthermore, with the change of skin the boards will also be undergoing a full overhaul. That means all old layouts will be placed inactive (since it will not translate between the two).

Leader Requirements Up until very recently, any House/realm leader (sovereign, jarls, warden), have no had posting requirements. After staff discussion, we are electing to remove the lax policy in exchange for a new one. With the new roll out of the site skin, these new requirements will also go into effect. They are, in short, the following so that all current House leaders can mull them over:

  • Every Jarl, Sovereign, or Warden is required to post once (1) a week
  • Every House leader (the previously mentioned) can only miss a total of two (2) posts per a bi-monthly period (ei: there are 8 weeks in 2 months, so to retain your rank you must post at least 7 times)
    After the two (2) month (or eight [8] week) time period, your missed posts are reset and the process begins again.
  • Passes will be available but only one per two (2) month period can be used.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our current leaders. However, active Houses are prospering Houses. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to also respond to this update or shoot me a private message.

    More Leaders With the aforementioned announced, we Fim Staff are also pleased to role out another modification to our leadership rules. Members are now allowed to have two (2) House leaders! Now, there are some caveats:

  • A member can only hold one Sovereign/Warden at a time
  • A member without a Sovereign/Warden can have two (2) jarls
  • Any member willing to coordinate the required House leader requirements are encouraged to explore this new freedom!

    Reminder: Don’t forget that nonpartisans have an annual purge! One unlucky nonpartisan is picked to perish (or fight) the elements in Winter. Safety lies in the Houses, my friends. For those looking for Houses to join, Bjarg is the typical Slidr River Valley “claiming” grounds. House members will soon be receiving crystal bonuses every time they post, so rake in dem gems!

    Migration As many of you are aware, we have migrated to our new SSL secure server! Yay! Lookit that pretty https and lock! Now, that being said, we staff here at Fim bequest our members to please be weary of where their images are uploaded to. If you do not have an SSL secure image host, any images applied to your account, posts, etc will break Fim’s secure encryption.
    Great examples of secure image hosting are:,, and!

    If you do not know if your image host supports our security, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me privately!

    Mod Search We’re still on the lookout for mods! If you’re interested, please fill out the below form and private message it to myself here on the site or send it over Discord! We’ll be closing applications this Sunday, July 29th, 2018. The applications can be found in our previous update.

    Of the Season Fimbulvetr will also be transitioning it's OTM mechanics with the new site layout. We'll be transferring from a monthly basis to a season basis. So, with the change of site seasons, we'll be introducing new OTS winners. This allows for a longer period to do something truly inspiring to win the coveted award! Furthermre, all OTMs winners will receive 100 crystals per category they win! That also means all participants in Thread of the Season will get 100 crystals as well, so make sure you work it!

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