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Blood Moon Falling!
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mono's thread of plotting


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Hello, my name is mono! This is to be my thread of characters and possible plotting. Feel free to post here, and tag me so I can see. *v*

2 years old . stallion . nonpartisan . crushing on his imaginary friend

Ren is.. a challenge. He's an intelligent boy with a love of learning, but he also has a vicious temper and a boiling anger. He grew up as a child of politics with a mother and father both constantly busy and elsewhere. Often times he kept to himself and grew up in a rather solitary way despite having a twin. He doesn't trust easily and tends to second guess everyone he meets. Presently he's a fresh face around her, and once he achieves his apprentice level Arcana he'll be kept busy exploring this. He'll have Dream Manipulation and he'll have a bad habit of popping up in the dreams of strangers. He's open to meeting others this way.
Friends | Few and far between. Ren keeps everyone at a distance and believes they're all likely to leave him at some point. It'd be nice for him to meet a few others that become somewhat constant in his life to give him a little stability.
Enemies | Ren is angry, and angry makes for easy enemies. He can be a tormenter, a bully, a rival. Venting some of his anger might do him some good but it'd be unfortunate for anyone stuck in the crossfire. He's always open for these.
Crushes | Young Ren isn't open for romance, but he is available for childhood crushes. Mostly innocent things that won't become anything in the future. He has an endgame romance planned, however, this is going to be a very slow burn and will take a long time to bud. In the meantime, he's open for sweet - likely hesitant - fluff.

3 years . stallion . nonpartisan . single

Young, sweet, and smol. Arihari is friendly to just about everyone though there is an underlying sense of caution. He's experienced betrayal and hurt in his past but he doesn't allow this to hinder his present interactions drastically. He is easily a shoulder to cry on, and a comfort to those who need it. He's also a talented hairdresser. Should anyone ask he will happily style hair in an array of fashions, or even simply for fun.
Friends | Given some time and a few meetings Arihari will gradually come to view just about anyone as a friend. There are those few he remains fiercely loyal to, and he holds no reservations when it comes to defending those he befriends. Presently he only holds Sariel and Anduit in high regard.
Enemies | He holds a grudge and remains unlikely to forgive when wrongs are committed against him. Enemies aren't entirely uncommon, and Ari can be unfairly cruel to anyone he considers an enemy.
Love | While he generally appears uninterested or unaffected by the idea of romance the longing is there. Should his interest be piqued the idea of a lover is not entirely off the table.

6 years . stallion . nonpartisan . single

Vicious. Cruel. Revan looks out for himself and no one else. He's closed off when it comes to exploring relationships with others and views himself in a harsh light. He knows he's a villain, knows that he's been well hated. He spent much of his life conquering neighboring lands under the commands of a hateful Empire. Pain is a motivator and Revan has known only that. Presently he's completely blind until he unlocks his Arcana.
Friends | Very unlikely to happen, but he would make a few allies instead. He wouldn't place his trust in them but he would look to them for knowledge or help should it be required. Perhaps with some persistence, he may open up enough to eventually call someone a friend.
Enemies | Bring it. Revan knows enemies and he knows them well. It's been an odd experience for him not having to look over his shoulder constantly.
Love | This is going to be a difficult thing for him. He's planned to open up to someone, finally let someone in, and then be left. Because of this Revan is going to reject any notions of love or romance.

11 years . stallion . nonpartisan . single

A former immortal, Anduit has since had both magic and immortality stripped and wanders as a vagabond of sorts. He tends to mingle with lower tiers or keeps entirely to himself. Always the observer he isn't the type that gets involved very often. Over the past few months this has slowly begun to change but it still remains a fundamental part of who he is. There are rare instances now where he'll push himself to action - mostly in regards to the few he has begun to call friends. Anduit is also attempting to adjust to a life without magic. It's difficult and at times even appears taxing when he is no longer able to summon any sort of abilities.
Friends | No matter how much he wishes he could resist, Anduit still finds himself drawn to companionship. Presently he has two that he holds in very high regards - Sariel especially. When he's committed he's a steadfast friend and a strong shoulder to rely upon. Presently he's a little more focused upon finding Sariel, but he's open for amiable meetings.
Enemies | He isn't one for enemies. While Anduit holds some strong, ill feelings towards some aspects of his home realm he doesn't push them upon others. The few he would consider enemies are from long, drawn-out wrongs that have festered for years. Currently, he's more likely to huff and turn a blind eye should anyone be antagonistic towards him.
Love | Unlikely. Once he was captivated. Once he let his heart be free. He loves with everything he is, and because of this he is unlikely to love again. It may be a slim possibility but it would be a long road before he fully recovers and opens to the idea once more.

12 years . stallion . exile . single

Aggressive, has troubles with authority, and probably likes to work out. Kith'ae is a kings guard gone rogue turned smuggler. Now he's an exile because his hot temper ticked off the wrong person. Not that he minds this too much. He enjoys the heat and finds himself liking the Exiles. The only real downside is that he is no longer able to search for Lorcan - a fellow smuggler that Kith was quite fond of. He often looks annoyed and doesn't take well to strangers. Overall he's an old grump who isn't impressed.
Friends | If someone wants to be friends with an eye-rolling hothead, then alright. He speaks his mind whether it's negative or not, and comes across as gruff. Kith'ae won't pamper his friends. They get what they get with him and he has no regrets.
Enemies | He'd probably enjoy having someone he could butt heads with. Real enemies only take form in anyone making attempts on his life. Otherwise, he's open to some openly antagonistic relationships.
Love | As a youth and a young adult it was drilled into his head that he would never be able to have anything of his own - love included. Because of this, he scoffs at the idea of becoming romantically involved. He's all for quick flings with no strings attached.

Sorry they're all emotionally constepated. I'm not against the idea of plotting out friends, enemies, or romance however regardless of what it says. Unless they're already plotted or taken they're all open. ;w;

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