Welcome to Slidr River Valley, home to the strong, the brave, and the resilient. Challenging the odds surmounting against them, the Houses of equine fight in a power struggle for ultimate control over the Valley. With the Bloodless fading away after the First Great Winter of Three, Fimbulvetr, the Slidr River Valley is in a state of discord as the Houses throw themselves into an arms race for power. From predators to the gods themselves every day ushers in a new obstacle to overcome. Fimbulvetr is a literate intermediate-advanced fantasy horse role-play with a survivalist concept. The environment is designed to work against your characters as they move forward in their journey through the arcana riddled realm of Slidr River Valley. With an immense history and lore, we encourage our members to create locals and "outsiders" alike.

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Blood Moon Falling!
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[O] alone


8 Winter ❅
played by Agrize
30 crystals
2 posts

It would make for a far more interesting tale if I told you Corvina was someone of importance. An ousted queen from a distant land running from the ire of her own people or an ostracized knight with no yearning to return to the place they once called home would make for excellent stories. Even a simple peasant in search of a better life with a side of adventure would offer a little something.

But Corvina is none of that.

She might as well be nothing at all at this point.

There are no titles for her to claim. Her name won't echo through the warm rooms of a tavern as a bard sings of her grand conquests. Anything she ever was died along with the rest of her homeland years ago. And even then, there wasn't much lost.

There was very little Corvina learned during her childhoods. At least nothing she could put to use nowadays. Such a pampered life she'd lived-- braiding hair, polishing hooves, and learning how not to slip on the marbled floors --but none of it taught her how to really live. What could serve as food if the obvious options were nowhere to be found? And how could she find a source of water if she finds herself stuck in a barren land? Should she become the target of a hungry predator, what course of action should she choose to take? And yet, Corvina managed to overcome such challenges and then some. Of course, it left her physically weaker and visibly skinnier. Mentally she was more withdrawn and flighty. But, she was alive. Whatever brought her this far to inspect the massive tree with weary eyes, whether it be her sheer will to survive or a lot of luck, would receive her thanks later. First she had to find a way past the tree...if that was possible at all.

She could see no way around the tree and even if she had been gifted with wings the journey over the tree looked impossible. A sigh of defeat parted her lips. 'I'll turn back later,' Corvina thought, resigned to the thought of retracing her journey in search of a better place than this. Rest came first, though. Approaching the tree, the young mare bent towards the ground but something made her pause. From between her tangled tresses, the slight illumination cast by the glow of her eyes painted the bark of the tree with soft blue tones. What looked like a simple hollow crevice many trees come to bear appeared to be not so simple.

Corvina rose from the ground and leaned closer. Prodding the crevice with her nose, she could feel nothing on the other side. The more she prodded, the further her nose went until her head was enveloped in the cool darkness. Turns out there was a way past the tree. It was through the tree.

With hesitant steps, and in spite the worrying twist in her gut, Corvina entered. She could always turn back if she felt something was indeed wrong, right?

tags: open! | notes: finally <3 | words: 511


Immortal Spring ✿
played by NPC
540 crystals
101 posts

be swift!

Something is happening! Yes, come closer. The creature watches from the darkest parts of the shadows; his appetite to consume and destroy leading him closer to the surface of the root system than he has ventured in eons. Glowing eyes guide him closer, his body creating a gentle sliding noise against the dirt paths while a cackle builds in his chest. He holds his forked tongue, suppressing the noise into a quiet hiss. It matters not, the mare has ventured close enough he can nearly taste how marvelous her flesh will be while he pumps her small body full of paralytic venom.

He coils, ready for her to round the next bend; his hollow voice scrapes the air in a disturbing way; nails to a chalkboard. ”How kind of you to make this deliciously easy.” She cannot see him, but those glowing eyes reveal her position and he arranges his coils to block every path but one. He is much larger than any snake in these lands, his body nearly too large in height to fit through the tunnels and long enough that he keeps numerous sections of his body coiled when he comes to rest

The tip of his tail slithers around, curling and weaving through the maze, until it finds its target. With a quick flick brown and black, he crashes his whip-like tail into the back of her hind legs. Come and play. The coils shift to reveal three choices of trails; a toothy smile awaits at the end of one.

Corvina has entered the Bifrost! Survive the trials ahead to enter the Slidr River Valley!


Berg-Risi Commoner
2 Winter ❅
played by Soupi
640 crystals
36 posts

She didn't care to be back in the labyrinth. Honestly, she struggled to remember how she'd even come back here. She'd awoken under the watchful summit of Berg-Risi blanketed in it's cold, thin atmos. Now? Her hooves pricked through the root systems of the accursed Bifrost. A short silver banner lashed at her hindquarters in a showcase of her disconcert. It hadn't been long ago that she, her dam, and Andante had traversed this maze themselves. There had been a guilt that bred within her chest after the fact... after knowing it wouldn't let you back out. Knowing that she alone condemned her family to a life within the mountain ranges of a world titled the Slidr River Valley.

Gunmetal audits flicked back into the crop of her argent mane. The threads bounced with her animated gait, her lithe legs traipsing in long, high kneed strides that were unaccustomedly sharp for the young femme. How'd she lose so much time? How'd she get here and not remember a single detail of the journey over here? This tree was hours from home, at least at a walk... she would have thought she'd remember racing through the forest of Blar or navigating the shores of Skreppa. Agitation fluttered within her like charged moths. They were conduits for the power within. She could feel them below, the currents and arches, fluttering beneath her skin. Her heightened emotions were beckoning them to fruition, to surface.

Turning a bend in her tireless attempt to re-escape from the Bifrost, the filly came to an immediate halt.
Whatever ire had displayed itself in her expression now mingled with the uncontrollable pinch of confusion, shock, and wonder. Iracebeth had grown unfazed by the sentient roots that morphed and molded the paths, eternally altering their course so not one soul could memorize their routes. But... this slither was not of the gnarled, matte, and filth of a root. It consumed most of the tunnel, tapering somewhere unseen as the scaled extremity stretched through the path that ran perpindicular to her own. Even in a dimness that emulated what Iracebeth considered a shadow realm may appear, she could see complicated pattern laced across the intricate web of scales.

Her heart began to pound in her chest as she watched it slither, oddly enough, backwards. It's length was emerging, not passing. Whatever idiotic premonition deep within her soul prompted her to do so, she paced once, twice, then leapt over the appendage before the path was closed entirely. The fleeting courage that manifested when the time was dire seemed to come rushing back to her. Her dexterity was her ally as she cantered through the slim track left by the tail - for it was a tail, it was tapering so slim now that it could be nothing else. As the dark of the cramped cooridor broke, she knew another intersection lay before her.

But before she could lay her gilt eyes upon it, the appendage slid back quite quickly. Pinning her to the wall, whether the large beast knew it or not, a fleeting moment of trepidation clasped it's icy fingers around her throat. But the coil relented, fiece with it's swiftness, and cracked along something in the path forward. Iracebeth couldn't deny the sound of contact, the undeniable sound of a clap upon flesh. She lurched forward. "There's someone out there!"

Stumbling over the last few yards of the tail - it reminded her of a snake, and she hated snakes - she tripped to the side of an irredescent mare of deep amethyst, sapphire, and eldritch. The youth wasted no time though. A sinking feeling plummeted in her chest. If the tail knew where to crack it's whip, it could see them. Coming abreast the elder mare, she cast her vision towards the three paths before them. Their visibility was low, and depending on the breadth of the colossal snake any of them could provide adequate vantages. "Shit..." she cursed, a quick pluck of guilt strumming in her stomach at the verbiage, before she glanced to her glowing eyed comrade. "It knows where we are. It can see us." Again her gaze swept the choices, eyeing them all, trying to decipher the best route for their iminent escape. "Pick a path and I'll follow, but if you don't, I'm going right.".

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8 Winter ❅
played by Agrize
30 crystals
2 posts

A deep breath filled her lungs with the crisp, damp air permeating the winding tunnels of the cavern but there was something else. A slight lingering scent of something musty or rather the scent of a place that's been lived in. Whether new or old Corvina couldn't be certain but it put her on edge all the same.

Small, shuffling steps brought her deeper into the darkness. Her ears swiveled around in quick, sweeping movements but she heard nothing but a far-off drip-drip-drip. In an effort to see through the darkened corridors, Corvina peered through narrowed eyes. She even mumbled a prayer to nobody in particular in hopes of strengthening the superficial glow that accompanied her sight, but it was of no help. Any consideration towards venturing further was quickly abandoned. Corvina simply did not have the courage in her to even dream of partaking in such a journey.

Sadly, her freedom of choice was ripped away as soon as she began to turn towards the entrance.

From the depth of the cavern floated a voice that caused shivers to crawl down her spine. The eery vocals called out to her with venom-coated words but their meaning was unclear. "I don't understand," she mumbled under her breath, truly not wanting an explanation. The sinister vibe was the only answer she needed.

It was time to go, and fast.

But, in one fleeting moment, Corvina felt her back legs buckle as a stinging pain erupted across her flesh. Her knees fell to the hard stone as she stumbled forward in a failed effort to regain her balance. Words escaped her as she parted her mouth shock. Not even a squeal of pain fell from her lips although Corvina wanted nothing more than to shout obscenities towards whomever-- or whatever --chose to assault her from the shadows. As she rose to her feet she stole a glance behind her but there was nothing. Not even the light from the entrance she'd found trickled in. 'How odd', she thought but as she turned her head to face the path before her, she noticed the faintest of movements. First, far off as the shadows seemed to shift and bend and then, suddenly, a blur fell beside her.

Corvina jumped back, shifting her weight towards her back end as she reactively prepared to lash out with her front legs. But, such a defense wasn't needed. She had been gifted the presence of a fellow equine seemingly out of nowhere and to Corvina's amazement, one with enough clarity to take control of the situation at hand.

"What do you mean by it?" Corvina blurted breathlessly, peering around them with scrutiny, "do you mean the shadows?" She turned towards the younger mare with furrowed brows. "The voice," she murmured, having almost forgotten it in the chaos that followed. "That wasn't you," she continued, "and shadows don't speak. What's going on?" Briefly she turned her attention towards the paths she could barely see. The one on the right, the stranger had chosen, but Corvina hesitated to head towards it.

"How do I know I can trust you?"

tags: Storyteller, Iracebeth ! | notes: issa snek | words: 519

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