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July Update

Good evening, good morning, good 'morrow my wonderful FimFam. As per usual, we have another monthly rendition of the site wide news. We only have a couple of items to discuss this time around, so lets dive in, shall we?

Mod Auditions: Perhaps the most interesting on the list, Fimbulvetr is currently seeking out two moderators to help the staff team! Responsibilities include, but are not entirely limited to:

  • Review and approve pending account approvals
  • Write Storyteller posts and monitor the threads of the Bifrost
  • Accept/decline other staff tasks if/when available and comfortable

    Auditions close in two weeks time on Monday the 16th of July 11:59pm EST (or on a rolling basis if low interest). All applicants will private message myself directly with the below form filled out in it's entirety. All answers will be shared with the current staff team and we hope to have a decision as soon as the evening of the 17th. For those interested:

    Experience: Any and all, not necessarily required but preferred
    Time Zone: To gauge availability with other staff as well has ensure a staff member is always around
    Why should we pick you?: A small section to brag about yourself. Go nuts. ;)
    Storyteller Post Sample: Storyteller posts range between 250-300 words typically, but this is not your maximum. Bare in mind that these are posted frequently, so longer posts aren't always the most efficient for our Bifrost crossers!

    That's it! I look forward to your applications!

    SWP: The next phase of our Blood Moon Rising SWP is upon us! Participation is currently closed. For those who made it in: buckle up, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Look for a response anytime between Wednesday and Friday of this week!

    July OTMs: This was a rather unanimous decision this month with only one nomination per category, but the winners should still feel every ounce of pride if they had faced thousands of opponents! The winners of the illusive "Of-The-Month" awards are Halani and Blood Moon Rising!

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