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Haha hello everyone, I’m new here. Clearly. Before I ask my explosion of questions, I’m super super sorry if you aren’t allowed to post any OOC stuff before being approved. My bad, if you’re not allowed to, i didn’t see it in the rules. Anywho, I’m really curious to see how this place works! I can see you guys put a lot of effort into this place. My main question is can anyone provide a simple template with one big scrolly plate? My current template really isn’t very good it looks messy I think so if anyone would be willing to make me a template some time I’d be so grateful! Or is there a way to buy templates? Either way, I’m looking for a better template lol. Another thing I’ve gotten confused on is how to get those amazing drawings the user Flurry does. I’ve searched for a place to request them or something, but haven’t found it. It’s totally fine if they don’t offer drawings anymore or at all I was just curious, same with the template thing.

Those were just a few things I was a bit unclear on, thanks!
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So the best I can do is this template (here). It's not the most streamlined coding-wise, though, as it was the first actual table I created back in 2015-ish. I can remove the top and bottom portion if you only want the scrolling bit. You might need to find someone more knowledgeable than me if you want anything fancy added like an overlapping picture or something super complicated.

I would ask Flurry about the drawings. I believe they're the one doing them but I'm horrible at remembering who's who. :(

Also, do you have a Discord account? If so, you should join us if you haven't already! Our chat is pretty active and it's a great way to get to know other members and such. :)
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Oh my goodness the template thing sounds wonderful, thank you! I think it looks great. And yes, I believe Flurry is I looked in the credits of those who have the drawings and saw their name everytime. I don’t currently have discord nor an account but perhaps I’ll get it so I can chat!

Thanks again for the help haha. I’d be so happy if you’d allow me to use the template I think it looks amazing. I know simple codes, so I can change the color myself etc. if that’s alright with you. :)
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Perfect! Feel free to alter it however you want! :)

And definitely check out Discord. From what I've seen most everyone has migrated to it from Skype and it seems like more and more rpg sites and deviantart arpgs are beginning to use it.

Also, my inbox is always open! :) You can pm me here or on my OOC account, Agrize
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Hey Schizo!

Welcome to Fimbulvetr! We're so glad to have you and I'm so happy you're liking everything so far. Obviously, we're a pretty friendly bunch, with Agrize here leading the kindness conga line!

To answer some of your questions, yes Flurry did do a lot of those drawings you're seeing! She doesn't have anything posted here on the site offering them, but I know she has a journey on her deviantART account (the-golden-baguette, I believe) if you're interested in commissioning her! I also tagged her for ease and to draw her attention.

And it looks like Griz got you a template, but if you're eager to learn or get your hands dirty there is a Basic Coding 101 thread that will help you make a basic table!

If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to ask!
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