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Greetings wonderful FimFam! Soupi reporting from the news broadcasting station (erm.... the News board). It is once again time to name another set of OTM nominees! Who stood out to you this last month? Did any particular thread capture you and whisk you away on a wild ride? We want to here about it.

Of course, nothing's complete without a friendly reminder of the OTM rules.

  • No repeat nominations. Try and find more!
  • Only nominate one per category (thread and character)
  • Please provide links to the appropriate nominees for ease when voting arrives!
  • We ask you not to nominate those who have won in the last two months. You can find previous winners in the About Fim section of the Mandates.

    With that, go forth! Nominations close with the end of the first chapter to the SWP Blood Moon Rising on the 29th!

  • Tag: @[Spoupi]

    Char: Halani
    Tag: @[Caelian]