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Ribbons Sim // forum based frivolity


Ribbons is a simulated horse club that uses a combination of forum and Google Sheets to play. Simplicity without sacrificing things-to-do is what we're going for: so much so that the premise of our game is relaxed, "backyard" show barns. We have a curated list of real horse breeds and espouse four laid back disciplines: Flatwork, Jumping, Distance and Hunting. Ribbons is a little bit different and a lot bit of fun (can we say that and have you still take us seriously?).

Gameplay occurs on our forum: sending currency and entering shows. We use a master Google Sheet to track all players, horses and show results. All hail the sheet! We use a custom randomizer that works seamlessly with the text-to-column functionality of the sheet. Each discipline has 10 levels to advance through. Shows may be hosted for each discipline up to every other week. This model levels the playing field and allows horses to compete in up to two disciplines.

Moreover, Ribbons has districts where barns are located, a Merits program that rewards active players, a realistic list of breeds that isn’t too big and isn’t too small (we went there, Goldilocks) and more. Check us out today: we might just be your summer flame that turns into something serious. Or you know, just a cool sim horse club.

PS - Join by 10 July for a special bonus!~
PPS - Mention that you found us on Fimbulvetr on the joining application.
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