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Site Plot & New Skin

Hello, my wonderful FimFam! After a long absence (which you all have my sincerest apologies) I wanted to post an update to keep you all in the now for our wonderful Fim.

Skin Issues: After some odd occurrences there for sometime with our layout. For those who missed it, that wonderful overlay effect that Fim strives on was having some scrolling issues where the effects would disappear. Thanks to the wonders of our coder, Eshye, the problem has been resolved! Yay! No more weird Fim boards! That being said, I'll move onto the next topic...

New Skin: You heard me right, a new skin is underway! Still hidden from regular members, I am plugging away at a new selection to our wonderful skindex. It's drop date is relevant to another topic of discussion I'd like to touch on, so without further hesitation...

New SWP: So exciting! I'm ready, are you ready? A new plot will be rolling out within the next week after preparations with the new plot-related skin are finished and all posts are pre-written. It's my plan to drop the event either sometime between Friday through Sunday to ensure most members will have the time off to respond as it will be a timed SWP. So make sure you got your muse geared up, cuz it's going to be a thrilling ride.

Sovereign: Though this is a rather late update and most of you may know, a new sovereign has taken Vromme! Everyone welcome and head over to meet Geminus!

June OTMs: You asked, and the votes answered! The winners of the illusive "Of-The-Month" awards are Nevermore and Chartreuse and Wine!

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