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Can someone teach me how to write roleplay? I'm pretty new to all of this :)
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Hello, Larch!

My name is Soupi, and I’m the admin here on Fimbulvetr! I’ve been role playing for about 15+ years now and definitely can say I know a bit of the ropes, haha! Now, you say you’re new to roleplay. If I may ask, are you a writer in general? It’s much easier if you’re already into a hobby that’s similar! Another good way to get a grasp is simply to read threads that are already in progression so you can get a feel for the tense in the writing.

All of us here are very friendly and more than willing to help! We have a Discord server (you can find the button besides the “News”/“Welcome” table under our header! We all chat in there on the daily!
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Hi Soupi! I write for my classes at school, and sometimes I just write about ideas drifting through my mind. I never turned those ideas into actual stories, though. I will definitely read the threads here, they look really interesting!

The word requirement is kind of intimidating to me. Do you have any advice on writing posts?
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That's still something though! Although I may be a bit biased, I believe it's pretty easy to hit the 250 words. What I personally like to do to ensure I meet the word requirement, or just my own personal requirements, I walk through these items and describe them until I'm happy with the scene I've created:

  • What's immediately around? Is there a some sort of river, stream, cavern, other object that draws your attention in the picture in your head? I like to bring these things back up two or three posts later for continuity's sake! Plus, makes the scene more believable. This also encompasses weather!
  • Is there something on your character's mind? How would that effect perceiving of their surroundings? Maybe they're entirely ignoring the scene around them and they're so lost in their head their own thoughts, feelings, or opinions take the show!
  • Now that we at least built a 'world', it's best to have your character doing something. It can be as simply as walking, to as complicated or intricate as you desire! Hunting for mushrooms? Escaping a bear? Slinking through the guards? Whatever you want!

    In my opinion, those three things are the most pertinent while constructing a post. While these things are for you and your character, they're also for whoever responds. I like to think of writing posts as a way of giving a prompt to another person! Super easy when you think of it that way, and then eventually the whole shi-bang will come together. :)
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    Thank you! Do you have any tips for writing the personality and appearance, making up the history, etc. for a character?
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    Honestly? Whatever I'm feeling in the moment. I also try to avoid cliche's or tropes, but you can use them for inspiration as long as you tweak them! I frequent free online generators when I'm officially at a loss. Sometimes you'll get a trait or a prompt that just strikes you and everything flows together from there. The fun part is just putting all the pieces together!
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