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February '18 OTMs Nominations


Feb OTM Nominations

We may be new and we may be small, but that doesn't mean we can't shine light on our wonderful members and their writing! Here at Fim, we're pretty basic when it comes to our Of the Month awards. We currently offer Character and Thread awards for those who shined exceptionally! The only thing we ask to bare in mind is one suggestion per nomination. That means, two people couldn't nominate the same thread or character. If your nominations have already been spoken for, see if you can find someone or something else! If not, you can wait to support them in the vote!

Without further tarry, nominate away! Nominations close the 25th.

Tag: @[Spoupi]

Character: Evandr
Thread: North of Nowhere
Tag: @[Edie]

Character: Iracebeth
Thread: Never Give Up
Tag: @[Kagome]

Character: Marrow!
Tag: @[Kismet]