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can you feel the power?

We are in need of filling an empty throne! The Ambrosius Sovereign is vacant, and the House is in much needed leadership! This being said, make sure any interested parties read the Houses, Ranks & Culture section of the Mandates thoroughly. As you can see, we do not hold post requirements. That being said, we do expect active leaders and all inactive sovereign will be dealt with accordingly. Without further distraction, lets get down to the nitty gritty!

  • Auditions are to be 500+ words with the application.
  • Their history should outline how they came into power. For this reason, we prefer locals; however, newcomers may also have power as long as it makes sense.
  • They can have been in power for an odd number of years, or brand new leadership, but their age must reflect their time on the throne and comply to the age restriction for leaders
  • Sovereign/jarls may all be related as long as it is agreed upon by the role-players and well outlined.
  • You can apply an already approved character, but bare in mind that would mean they would be a newly established leader.
  • Auditions will be decided on a rolling basis. This means there is no hard deadline to apply. The first application will be accepted within three days if no other application is made. So, if you're interested act fast!
  • Those interested in applying should reply to this thread to enter.
  • Sovereign Audition
    [b]Sovereign Audition[/b]
    [b]Character Name:[/b] Their full name
    [b]Rise to Power:[/b] A summary of their rise to power and history that initiates them into the Slidr River Valley
    [b]Other Soverign/Family?:[/b] Do you want to instill a family? And if so, place the characters names with their role-players here.
    [b]IC Audition:[/b] This can be either their IC rise to power, a drabble from your character's perspective as a ruler,
    or their thoughts on Ambrosius. Let your creativity flow!

    Furthermore, we would like to offer the illusive Spiritborne! These are Sildr Valley locals that are affiliated with a particular spirit or god, as they are essentially "touched" by that divine. They are revered in local Valley culture, and have access to the final tier of arcana basic characters do not. As a perk, this particular audition may start at the Apprentice level of arcana.

  • Auditions are to be 300 words with the application
  • Spiritborne can only be native
  • If desired, you may pick a House at random that they belong too, but they must be a commoner
  • Auditions are accepted upon a rolling basis much like the sovereign auditions. If your application is unchallenged by another after three days, you character wins.
  • Interested parties must reply to this thread to enter.

  • Spiritborne Audition
    [b]Spiritborne Audtion[/b]
    [b]Character Name:[/b] their full name
    [b]Affiliated God/Spirit:[/b] Choose one!
    [b]Desired Rank:[/b] Nonpartisan or Ambrosius/Vromme/Tryggr commoner
    [b]IC Audition:[/b] This can be their discovering of their arcana, them practicing their arcana, or reflecting on their homeland. Be creative!

    As a last note, these two auditions cannot be shared among one character. We're looking for two wonderful winners here!

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    Spiritborne Audtion
    Character Name: Archelaus Canicus Redmayne
    Affiliated God/Spirit: Espen, The God Bear
    Desired Rank: Ambrosius Commoner
    IC Audition:

    Turn your face to the sun
    and the shadows fall behind you.
    Unlike the days before, Archelaus had the morning to himself. A rare occurrence, he woke early, deciding to go for a quiet walk away from the Ambrosius Holdings.
    Knowing he’d have to return for the evening patrol within the next few hours, he didn’t stray too far. If he were to show up late again, Oromis would undoubtedly make good on his promise from days before and put him on the night patrol for the next few weeks. Imagining the face his brother would make should he traipse in without an excuse, it almost seemed worth it.
    Stifling a laugh, Archelaus snorted at the thought. No, he wouldn’t be late today. Not if his punishment was to work the night patrol. Already struggling with six hours, there would be little hope for him should he be forced to walk the borders for an upwards of twelve.
    Binary colored hooves slowing as earth turned to stone, Archelaus turned his eyes upwards. Fell, the Ambrosius falls, had always been his favorite location within the borders of his house. The water, carribean-blue, cascaded down the mountain side, giving the effect of many waterfalls rather than just one. A force of nature, both beautiful and brutal, he drew closer, the humming of the waterfall beginning to drown everything else out; offering him a reprieve from the normally chaotic world around him.
    Inflamed, sunset tresses sticking to the sides of his neck as he entered the curtain of mist surrounding the clear pool of water beneath the falls, Archelaus dipped his head for a drink.

    The walk back to the Nogr Evergeens where he was meant to meet with his brother and the rest of the evening patrol was a short one. Following the river that extended from Fell, he was soon engulfed by the soaring, skeletal firs that made up much of the fields. Arriving at the predetermined location, he was surprised to find himself alone.
    Worried that he’d somehow managed to lose track of time and had shown up too late, he checked the position of the sun, but after determining that he was in fact right on time, his worry turned to concern.
    Knowing how unlikely it was for Oromis to shirk his duties, a frown pulled at his velvet lips. Golden eyes narrowing, he stepped forward, fully entering the clearing. Sniffing at the air, he found the honey scent of his brother stale.
    A sudden thunder of hooves drew his attention, causing him to tense. Something was wrong.
    Standing erect, Archelaus watched as a young mare loped through the trees towards him. He recognized her as a Kingsmen guard as she skidded to a halt a few meters in front of him, her nostrils flaring as she fought to catch her breath. “Archelaus, come quick. There’s been a fire, your brothers trapped.” She said through gulps of air, but before she had even finished, Archelaus was leaping forward into a run.
    As he broke free from the tree line of Nogr, he could clearly see the cloud of smoke looming in the distance. Fear gripped at his heart as he drew closer, not of the fire itself because he somehow knew it posed no danger to him, but for his brother and any others who had not escaped in time.
    He entered the veil of smoke with squinted, watery eyes, his pace slowing momentously as he inhaled the toxic vapors into his lungs and began to cough fitfully. Fighting the urge to turn back, he pushed himself to continue. He gave the hungered flames a wide berth even though the heat from them was virtually nonexistent to him.
    Carefully, he traversed crackling undergrowth until a dark, shadowy figure stepped through the wall of fire arching in front of him, blocking his path.
    Archelaus froze. “Oromis?” He called out, his voice trembling as he stood in disbelief and horror. He could barely make out their face, but he knew it was his brother.
    "It's your fault, you know." Oromis said as he took a threatening step forward, only half of his body clothed in fur, the rest bare and scarred and horribly mangled. "You should have been here. Why weren't you here?" He approached Archelaus, his skin melting onto a branch it had brushed against, leaving behind open flesh that began to weep crimson.
    Archelaus felt sick, but he couldn't bring himself to look away. He didn't have the strength to.
    "Oromis..." He called out to the decomposing mass, but he only grinned a toothy grin, his mouth painted in scarlet and his scent, rich in its decay as he came to stand in front of Archelaus.
    This is all wrong, he thought as the fire surrounding them growed in furry, eventually engulfing them. They did nothing to him, but his brother was being eaten alive.
    He knew he must be dreaming when the rest of the world seemed to fall away and all he was left with was the roaring flames and the animated carcase of his brother.
    “You could have saved me.” Oromis howled in pain, the flesh of his face burning away to reveal bone. Malevolence flashed in his already lifeless eyes and a bloody hoof lashed out as he reared, striking out at Archelaus. “YOU COULD HAVE SAVED ME!”
    Archelaus quickly shut his eyes. Wake up.

    His lungs expanded painfully as his eyes shot open, but despite his jolt into reality, his body remained still on the ground. He was cold, but sweat dampened his chest and flanks. For a moment, he had lost himself in his memories, confusion clear on his face as he tried to remember where he was, but the familiar bustle of activity from Ambrosius had everything flooding back to him.
    He waited for his heart rate to slow and return back to normal as the last fragments of his nightmare dissolved from his mind before rising to his hooves.
    The death of his brother had left him feeling hollow. Even more so now that he had discovered the true power that lied in his abilities. Even though he knew there was nothing he could have done for his brother in that moment, he still couldn’t help but feel guilty.
    "Ugh," Archelaus groaned as he shook out his stiff limbs. He hadn't meant to fall into such a deep sleep. When did he even have the time to?
    Deciding to just shrug it off for later, the molten striped stallion stepped out into Fjalltindr, looking for something or someone to distract him from the painful absense he felt in his heart.

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    One more day to apply for the Spiritborne audition! If there are no opposers, Archelaus will take the position at 2/21 @ 12:30am eastern standard time!
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    Archelaus is our new Spiritborne!
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    Sovereign Audition
    Character Name: Caelian
    Rise to Power: Before Caelian had been created, he was built by the king's carver, the best in the land. When he was woken from his sleep, he had become the king's right hand, official, or it was even said he'd been made the king's heir. However, when horses began to start rumours about his supposed 'dark side,' his sister became the heir and is most likely reining in Atnion at the moment. He, on the other hand, despised hierarchies for the way they treated him. However, upon arriving and hearing that a throne sat empty, Caelian's inner desires took over. Besides, he thoroughly enjoys the mountains. More information about Caelian’s rise to the throne can be found in the audition.
    Other Sovereign/Family: The only family Caelian has is his sister, and he left her behind
    IC Audition:

    pour salt into the wound and let it bleed
    The desideratum for power, that selfish greed, had hidden itself deep within the heart of the most innocent within its grip. The young man had discarded all desire to sit upon a throne, never receiving frisson from such a thought. The yearning was so deeply whelved into the back of the freckled steed’s mind that only something so truly miraculous or hideous would have to occur to bring it back. It had been something that once made him woolgather daily, but no longer brought that spell upon him. Not since the day hierarchies turned his back on him.

    Since Caelian’s sudden and absquatulate departure from Atnion, he had not once rested his thoughts upon kingship. For what is a throne but a bench covered in velvet? It had never pricked at his dreams, crossed his mind, nor slid its greedy little fingers around his heart. Yet here he was, travelling in a very purposeful manner toward a vague and unknown destination.

    His purpose was pure, however. The claws of greed and the avarice of power would never settle in his mind once more, and his selfless heart could only circle on one sentence: these people had been left royalless. When one does not subside in a state of governance, they live in anarchy; they are more-or-less without a ruler. Wars could break out, other houses could try to claim land, and the people would not be united as one against the cause. Caelian was coming for the people, not for his own selfish desires.

    He had once been a beautiful eccedentesiast, hiding all his pain behind numerous smiles, only for the benefit of himself. The only thing this did, though, was tear apart others around him, and destroy the soul inside of him. Others would be rude, hurtful, and ignorant; he would express no pain, and they would not realise what they said could potentially be offensive. He allowed them to decay, and they kept his heart at bay.

    The way he viewed others, however, had changed for the better. He tried, now, to do everything to the benefit of the greater good, to improve others and lift them up. This was why he sought out to lead these people. He had, of course, not deduced them as defenseless. Not at all. He simply found being under a governing body much more preferable to living in an anarchy, where no government ruled the land. No rules, no laws, no justification, simply chaos.

    He did this to better the world he had entered upon. He did not think himself life-changing, nor was arrogant and did not see himself as the key to success and happiness. He simply saw this opportunity, caught it between his teeth, and followed it through. It had planted a seed within his mind, a seed that he could make a difference in a small number of people’s lives. And if he could do that, if he could plant the seed of kindness, goodness, joy in others, he could impact the world in a small way.

    The seed would blossom, becoming a beautiful tree that would only grow as time aged it. He hoped it would never be cut down. This was his goal, his job, his task. He had made it that way.

    So upon traversing the land for a few days, he had begun his journey to the North. Though he loved all seasons and all lands equally, winter held a distinct calling to his nature. He had been born in this cold season and felt alive in its presence and beauty. The clear nights as snowflakes floated down from the heavens, their sources unseen, it made his imagination flow free. At points like this, he felt as if the world couldn’t bring him down from the pillar of happiness he stood on.

    But he had to keep his thoughts grounded. He trotted on, thinking only of the future and the good to come. For power could become a dreadful thing, and Caelian had filled his lacuna for power with a seed of kindness, gentleness, and selflessness. He trained his thoughts on one sentence: he was doing this not for his own benefit, but for the benefit of the people.

    704 WORDS ― audition
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    One more day and the Ambrosius Sovereign audition
    will come to a close. Caelian will take the throne
    if there are no further applicants by Marc 13th at
    2:00am eastern standard time!
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    Caelian is the new Ambrosius Sovereign! Long live the king!
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