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The Creed

"I am Evandr Dresner, Warden of these Wastes. I am your judge, your jury, and your executioner if you so act out of accordance with my laws. This Oasis was usurped from the tyrannical Warden Saren, and I strive to provide comfort to those who otherwise cannot find it. Not all of us are here because of unspeakable crimes, but here we remain because of the stigma against us. Respect your fellow castaways, and respect your Warden... I am the one who won this oasis for you."

Evandr is a Warden unlike his predecessors. Born to the Wastes not sentenced, he takes pity upon the lives who are forced to survive in these harsh conditions. While he understands the detriment some exiles may have upon society, he also understands the corruption or misfortunes that may lead others into the sands. He expects his rules to be upheld, for he will enforce any and all punishments to secure an environment safe for those of whom had no other choice but to cultivate a life in the sands.

  • Breeding and birthing is allowed in any and all areas of the Far East, but birthing is recommended at the Oasis
  • Every exile is to be treated with the utmost respect while in the Wastes. Past transgressions leave the horse at the border.
  • Exiles can only be tried and juried for crimes they commit while in exile
  • Do not drink or eat to abandon, all resources are to be shared
  • Respect and respond to the Warden's commands and calls, he is the reason you can eat and drink
  • Punishable crimes include and are not limited to: raping, maiming, escape attempts, beating, thieving, failed attempts at challenging the Warden, and assassination attempts
  • Your punishment is at the Warden's transgressions
  • All escape attempts will be met with a punishment fit by not only the Warden but potentially the House in which a horse has wronged to achieve them exile
  • Evandr has the ability, and right, to drop into any threads posted in the East despite their label (open, private, etc).
  • powerplay allowed
    within reasonable limits!

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