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Something is happening! The Nymph of the South wasn't ignorant to the lack of sovereign to investigate their primordial presence. Though the skull bearer does not necessarily return to the Southern regions littered with Viridian and swamp, their presence is palpable in the air. One can feel it on the warm gales that undulate the goldenrod flood plains, or simply hear the lightest hum in the air. The South is calling. It yearns for someone to lead House Vromme.

House Vromme's throne is officially open for claim! The first to respond will be crowned the newest Sovereign.
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Baby, I'm seein' double

It was the emptiness that drew them near. Like flies upon a festering corpse, they arrived without fanfare, without greeting. Staring into the void of swamp, bog, flat verdant lands with double sets of eyes, they approached with a finality, as if heralding the ushering of their own twisted hearts. A body as elegant as it was disturbing moved through the damp mire of Vromme territory, twin heads each thinking their own thoughts, each whirring with the vicious curiosity, the insatiable lust for more. They knew of this great vacancy- they had been born and brought up in this place, in the outskirts of harsh woodland and harsher inhabitants. They knew that the throne was empty, just as this earth seemed to know. The very ground beneath their hooves felt almost hungry, as if it would eat up and spit out their claims to royalty like shards of bone caught in the teeth of a predator.

The left head, being of a more regal bearing and delicate features, was most assuredly feminine in its nature- her eyes were cold as steel flint, sparking with the cunning mind tucked away beneath their depths. Her mane, charming in its innocent ringlets, ruffled sweetly in the humid breeze off the nearest bog, carrying the stench of muck and decaying things. She savored it, piercings in her nares glinting as she inhaled with relish. The two legs on her side of the body, one in the fore and another behind, walked with purpose, with allure. Impatiently, she tossed her head in some pretty parody of aggression, longing to feel the deadly, curved horn between her brows sink into yielding flesh, to tear apart preconceived notions and grip to her desires with all the tenacity of a rabid beast. It was only the promise of further victories that culled her quaking bloodlust. After today, there would be more than enough blood to spill. Still, she bared her teeth and flicked the one of two long, leonine tails with tightly reigned restelessness.
"Pick up your pace, Faro." she clipped out in a snarl, her frustration evident in the tone she normally reserved for anyone but him. "The nymph will not wait for us to finish dallying."
After all, she hadnt come so far simply to be turned away on her ear.

To the right, a more subdued, but almost more threatening figure burst from the shoulders of their intriguing body. His features were far more angular, sharp and hard like a sculpture formed of granite. He kept his countenance lower than his bold sister, ears pinned against his silken neck, eyes ever watchful. His double horns gleamed with the outward exhibition of some hidden secret, and though he appeared calm and hushed, there was something volatile in his bearing, in the controlled, calculating steps of his feet. A geyser that could blow in a matter of seconds. His gaze slanted to his beloved sister, and an urging nuzzle beneath her chin was all he gave her, keeping his pace the same. Their gait, since they both moved in such different ways, was always odd and unequal.
"No soul ever earned a crown with childish pouting, sister." he murmured in his rolling, stoic way. Never one to mince words, he fell to silence, having spoken true and to the point.

Rolling her crimson eyes with a sneer of annoyance- both at her blunt sibling, and herself for her inane behavior- she flicked her audits back, tail curling aggressively around his as if the choke some of her urgency into him. Baring sharp, canine teeth, Faro made a sound like a bear in lean winter, a wordless threat; while he would hate to have to harm his beloved, he had no qualms about tasting anyone's blood on his tongue- and hers was the sweetest of all. Finally sensing the animalistic drive in him that she had been nursing for miles, Diadne couldn't help but taunt His ire. Curling her tail painfully tight like a coiling snake, she ducked her head and gouged at the flesh of his neck with her sharp horn, aiming for the meaty portion on the side. As her weapon delved into his firm, unyielding muscles, a sharp flare of agony spiraled through both of them- crying out in strained satisfaction as he bellowed in pain, she pushed through the screaming of their shared nerve endings and nuzzled him in violent passion, releasing her pent up impatience in her favorite outlet. Lust.

Faro snarled, earring swaying as he jerked back to look at her, mouth tight with the throbbing of his flesh. Brows furrowed, he shot her a look of volatile rage, his trademark temper beginning to boil. Along with his desire. The ridiculous woman was so easily distracted.... He saw that telltale gleam in her gaze, and something commanding came over him, over her. They constantly fought for dominance, but it looked as if this time she sought to allow him to hold the reins. He was no fool. His mind spun with strategy, with understanding, and he knew she simply wished to appease him so that he may be more willing to bow to her beck and call. Smirking with barely concealed bloodlust, he tilted his chin imperiously, baring his throat to her, revealing his wish. He felt her mouth against his wound, cleansing him of blood, sharing their life force in a heady mingling of their darkened souls. The agony was great, and so, so beautiful. Inspired by the need for revenge, Faro lunged his head beneath her chin, sharp teeth snapping into her skin like a vise, drawing their blood into him. She yelped with The suddeness of it as the pain overcame them with its force, bringing them to spin in a lost vision of past and future escape. There lay in their touch the sharp edged razor of love, twisted and warped into an unrecognizable shape unfit for man or creature of this or any world. They drew back to stare lewdly into the other's eyes with hot promise in her seductive gaze, in His stony ferocity. Blood dribbling from their wounds, from their mouths, the male spoke with sweet crimson running like rain from his silken lips.
"You won't command me, my love... But I will bring this land to its knees to see you rule."
This, I promise.

Her answering bloody grin was full of malice, full of the anticipation of driving her blade through the heart of the realm itself. The spider had ascended into her web of lies and sin, her brutal warhound by her side. Together, they were hellfire. They had arrived. And they weren't going anywhere.

OOC | They would like to claim the Vromme throne! Big Grin this post isn't as creepy as they normally are, but I promise it only gets better from here <3

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