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be swift!

Spring is a time to celebrate life, but the mires and thickets of Vromme hid beneath the disguise of this serenity. Of course the wetland grasses rocked with the warm gales, casting the fields into a golden shimmer. Crane, loon, and bird entered a natural chorus native to these swamps that was, in all purposes, quite eerily beautiful. They would swim through the rivers, rest in the pools, and fly across the open lakes that dot the Southern territories. All was quite and well, resting on this dewy morn, until the earth quaked.

Avians spooked across the south, taking flight and singing their displeasure. The stagnant pools glimmered and trembled with another pulse shook the fields, which rustled along its course, shaking as if fearful. At the epicenter, a pool of water along a narrow river births a soft, sage glow. As the pulses continue the light grows in strength. The waters of the pool lap upon the floodplain shores, shaking and dancing with the constant hum of the mysterious power beneath the glossy aqua surface. The birds that had taken flight, disturbed by the surprise of the pulse, begin to circle back, arching their paths towards the green light. All forms of avians alike begin to circle over head, their curious eyes turned to the pool below as the pulses grow in strength. Some even dare to dive down, hovering a moment above the glow so that it baths them in a lime light, before darting back over head. From the treeline deer peer their heads, watchful. All of them can feel the pull of the pulse, a cool but welcoming invitation.

Something is happening! A mysterious green glow beckons the denizens of Vromme and nonpartisans alike to it's location! What ever could it be? Participation closes on April 14th!

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It had been... strange... to come back to Vromme after all his time spent abroad to an unfamiliar face on atop the throne. Given, it had been years. Could he blame an entire territory for moving on without him? Hardly. Besides, Davaros wasn't the type of man who expected the world to wait for him. No. While the change may be drastic, may be quite different, it was just how Slidr River Valley worked. Like the river, it flowed ever on and the progression could never be truly stopped.

It was spring, and finally the kirin could enjoy Vromme at it's peak. With the snow melt running South and swelling the grounds with moisture, rivers spilled over their usual shores and the lakes and ponds grew in breadth considerably. It was easiest now to stand within the waters. While the overflow may have brought the rising water levels to just above his knees, which could be concerning for others, it was of no disconcert to the stony stag. Rather, the chill soothed his canons and hocks. This sunlight touched dawn held a certain serenity to it that Davaros could receive no where else. Emerald orbs closed as he let the river babble betwixt his extremities, his mind was free to wander wherever it felt a lead. Images, though fragmented and broken, of his jade mother and himself besides these very rivers came to the forefront today. Her infectious smile rose across her delicate muzzle, brilliant eyes of green glimmering with affection and pride as she beamed down at him. He'd done a small task, something so menial he couldn't even remember, but her elation with him knew no bounds.

Even through the fractures of a memory his own darkened lips drew up in a grin. He would have been content to lose himself to the gallery of her memory for hours, and he would have been, if he hadn't felt the lurch in the riverbed. The pictures of his mother faded like the parting of clouds allowing the sun's beams through, and his gaze dropped to the glittering verdant liquid. It rushed along like always, carefree and without hindrance, dancing and folding over itself without purpose. For a moment he thought he imagined it, but another pulse shook the water at it's shores, shuffling the tawny grass that would tickle his abdomen to walk through. And this time he did not just physically feel the world responding to the surge, no... but he felt it in his narrow chest. Audits swiveled, and his muzzle dipped downwards. Emerald orbs pierced through the quiet terra, eyeing the birds some ways off that had been spooked to flight. Their incessant and shrill song erupted, keying the stallion to the location of the culprit.

Not typically a fighter but a sage, Davaros knees breached through the river, splashing crystalline droplets across his gloomy hide, and followed the strange, phantom lure that had sank it's claws into him. Of course, as a sage, he always wanted to know more, and how better to do so than investigation? With the sun casting bright white highlights across his brass rack, he forged a path through the high river, following the vibrations as they rushed through the grounds neath his metallic hooves. Curiosity was only the beginning, now alarm unsheathed its talons and raked them across his back. What in Espen's name...?' The birds and cranes that had shot to the sky in fear now circled not far ahead, a rather ominous and foreboding scene if he had to describe it. Hummingbirds flit along side him, following the same pull that had him unconsciously entranced.

He halted as the first glow of viridian danced along the river before him. It was pulsating from a wide birth in the riverbed, constant and growing in strength not only as he approached, but within the very vibrations it sent coursing through the lands. Davaros found himself halting, unsure whether to approach further and risk upsetting whatever power may be residing below the shallow waters.

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be swift!

Something is happening! In the opaque waters the verdant glow shimmered and danced, it's pulse rapidly increasing in tempo. The birds that had gathered began to croak and caw, some sputtering away in an array of wings and feathers, as if frightened. The glow too increased, shining it's lime light upon the blades of grass and the single equine face who approached to investigate. A hum bristled in the hair that seemed to shake the very fields, until the glow of the pond blinked out of existence, leaving strangling seconds behind that could make one wonder if anything had been there at all...

Crystalline drops ruptured, spraying across the embankments of the spring grasses and sending the remaining avians into a fit of chaos. Feathers dropped from their wings as they scrambled over and through one another to escape the funnel of water that burst into the immediate sky, with their calls echoing through the flood plains in a haunting chorus for hours to come. The silt riddled water collapsed back into the river, rushing back to water level where the lines had receded, and in it's place stood a nymph.

Slidr River Valley nymphs were creatures of myth and legend, unseen and unheard for some time in the Valley. Two small orbs of lime light burned in the abyssal orbital sockets of a cervine skull. And were there was a deer's skull, antlers grew. They swept from the dome most naturally, but their points grew in grandiose. Connected by a single arching branch, several points rose, tapered in height, each with their own. Small spectral lights danced along each point of the cervine antlers, casting trails of limelight with the most minute of adjustments. The creatures form was thin, as if drawn and quartered, with sheets of tattered membranes drapped along its hide in a darker, dirtier emerald. A long, almost prehensile tail wavered behind the nymph that hovered over the waters, as if somehow solid for the ethereal beast, as it stared into Davaros's watchful eyes.

Sweeping it's gaze around in a lapid, crawling motion, it spoke. "Hmph..." The skull did indicate speech with movement, but it's echoing lyrics invoked yet. "I expected more than birds and a single horse." Disappointment dripped like a venom from fangs. Snapping suddenly before Davaros in a blink, the nymph bore down at him, arching its nape and lowering his ominous glowing eyes. "Still..." it commanded, and Davaros would find himself lacking physical control over his own body if he attempted to struggle. The nymph laid it's skull upon the forehead of the carapaced equine, lingering a moment, before drawing away. "My gift to you, son of Vromme." The creature blinked away, now standing on the other side of the river it had burst forth from, having doubled in stature (if startled now, Davaros would find himself free of his invisible restraints). "I will keep my gaze on you, remember" the last of the echoing voice, tenor and all consuming, rattled in the stallion's skull as once again the nymph blinked, and this time, entirely disappearing.

Congratulations! You've met the Nymph of the South and Davaros has received a special gift of Nymph Touched. All participants also receive 50 crystals.
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