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Even in the depths of the Tryggr forests does spring bloom. Squirrels scurry twixt the underbrush, chattering as they chase each other up lumbering trees. The canopy is aglow with the dappled light of a reigning sun showering the verdant leaves with it's golden light. Slivers of sunshine pierce through this thick down and rain across the forest floor, bringing a soft serenity were shadows lie. Deer scent lingers strong and true as the herds travel through the mountain side kingdom in the shroud of gloom that seems to linger over all of the West.

As the sun rises to its greatest heights, a boar digs into the grounds at the foot of an incline, keen for a mushroom snake. It startles as a pulse jolts from the hill, the leaves shuddering in the canopy above and littering the forest floor with weightless greenery. The boar stares a moment in confusion, before digging it's tusks again into the burrow it's dug. Nothing would keep it from it's meal... well, until the next pulse issued. Frequent to Tryggr holds, the earth upon the hill buckles and shakes before rushing over the boar. It squeals in terror, darting off into the underbrush, just quick enough to escape the minuscule landslide. But as the ground settles, the pulsations increase. The boar sticks it's head from its place of hiding and sees a dank mouth of a cave rising where it had once dug... Within, a spectral lavender glow increases in strength with each pulse sent through the grounds. In its heart, it can feel the beckon. Tentatively it ventures forward, snout testing the air, and hooves dragging through the moist soil, threatening the light if it meant them any harm.

Something is happening! A mysterious purple glow beckons the denizens of Tryggr and nonpartisans alike to it's location! What ever could it be? Participation closes on April 14th!

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Quakes weren't uncommon in Tryggr. In fact, it would have been entirely uncommon for them to spend a spring without the Hillside caving in once or twice. While others may have viewed it as treacherous and an unnecessary place to stake a claim for a House, Hel found quiet solace spending her time in the sleepy wood there. Away from the judgmental eyes of the Tryggr House who questioned her loyalty to their cause - many faces she grew up with, kin to her own generation who should have known better - she only faced the shadows that haunted her. They seemed to lurk with greater concentration in the herdlands. At times she wondered if they weren't lured by her own discomforts while among the others of the House. How was she to know what the darkness wanted?

So she kept herself to the solitude of the Hillside. It was better that way... While the gloom of the forest was reminiscent of the phantasms plaguing her every move, Hel preferred it more so now than previously. Springtime offered a resemblance of armistice that the other seasons didn't offer in the western forests. Shrouded still in veils of coal, sunlight dared to pierce through the canopies in blades of silver light. The sod beneath her orange daggers was malleable, giving to her weight or shifting. At times she had to halt her aimless wander entirely but her progression continued as the grounds gave way beneath her and she lacerated the grounds as they slid. When things became all too questionable, her harks slid back to the charcoal of her dreads, her molten gold visionaries closed, and she called upon the arcana she'd discovered in these very hills.

Blinking forward, the mare would disappear entirely from her previous location and blip back into existence some feet further down. At times she beat the loose soil so that it collected at her hooves behind her. Though the taxation of these bursts were great. Her sides heaved as she stumbled back into existence and away from the momentary blackness that consumed her. Now, as with other times, her vision swam. Several planes of the wood swirled as she feverishly blinked their muddied image back to clarity. Hel locked her legs, bracing against the disorientation, but these consequences lapsed only a few minutes. They were dreadful, but they were hardly suffering.

Hel would have continued on, a lonesome wolf stalking for it's next meal with an empty belly and aching feet. Thought fate seemed to have alternative plans for the mare. At first she wasn't quite sure she felt it; a small tremor in the grounds. Hel only stopped because of the tug in her chest, or perhaps her very soul, fractured as it was. A halt ended her progression, visage rising and turning towards the direction she considered was the location of such a strange, entity-less beckon. Her gilt sepia eyes slit, brow furrowed deep, and she peered off into the shadows of the wood. She half expected to see her deamons there, hiding behind the trunks of the trees, but she saw nothing. But curiosity kept her rooted, gaze flicking. Another pulse, this time more distinctive. A step drug her forehand towards the more definite direction, audits flicking forward though expression still steeled.

Another, but this time far stronger. The ground continued to tremble neath her hooves after that yearning pull tugged at her heart. A thunder ripped through the trees, and leaves showered down upon her from the canopy. To maintain her purchase, her hooves took the necessary steps forward to stay upright. Dreads swaying at her jowls, the femme turned her narrowed gaze in the direction of a brume of dirt rising from the hillside. 'Only a landslide...' she concluded, a snort bursting from her nostrils. Hel prepared to turn away when another rolling pulse rippled through the very grounds. A phantom appendage reached out, ensnaring her heart and tugging it back towards the collapse. For a moment Hel struggled against it, wishing to leave it as an enigma... but the force won.

As the forest darkened before her, a mist of shadow creeping from the furthest recesses of the forest, Hel turned to the chilling presence inviting her from behind. She'd rather face it than the darkness that threatened if she were to move forward.

Long strides carried her swiftly through the trees at a trot, the trappings of her leather armor clacking and clinking with each animated tramp. Stifling the lingering disconcert that breathed down the back of her nape, she moved forwards, following the call of the invisible pulsations. The cloud of dust had all but faded by time she'd managed to reach the location of the landslide, revealing with precision the new gaping cave that carved out the hillside. But the mare slid to an ambling stop, visionaries wide. The boar was lost to her, for it hardly held a lick of interest in comparison to the amethyst light that poured from the phantasms of the cave. Brow pinched now with a concoction of fear and disbelief, Hel's carriage rose high, preparing. As motes of purple faerie light wafted on ghostly winds, the fiery vixen found herself paralyzed. The yearning pulse bid her stay, but the unknown threatened her calm.


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I know I'd rather be complacent

Tired. Exhausted. Andante was the very definition of the word. From running what seemed like all over the world. Darting from Slidr lake all the way to Tryggr's holding and then back again was no easy feat. His limbs were sore from their strenuous work and all he wanted to do was rest. However, lounging around the stronghold did not portray the makings of a productive king. No one wanted to see a new royal, or any royal for that matter doing absolutely nothing. And so, the young man slowly continued his way through his new territory. Despite the constant aches and pains his body served as reminders.

Brimming with feigned exuberance, the ebon stag meandered his way through the darkened forest. He was mindful to tread lightly as he could feel the soft consistency of the soft soil give and crumble beneath him to a degree. He would learn to walk these paths in due time with ease but for now he would take it slow. Making his way down the hills he could feel a tremor from where he stood, light vibrations that ran up his cloven hooves. There Andante made a point to stop abruptly, nape raising slowly as his scarlet gaze skimmed the surrounding area.

What was that...? The boy murmured to himself in a low tone. However, the next tremor to hit had his serpentine pupils dilating wide. As the ground quaked beneath his ruby hooves Andante found himself teetering back and forth to keep his balance. Once it began to subside he carefully picked his way down the rest of the hillside until he stood upon flat ground. A snort left his nares as he glanced back up the cliff he'd just come from. What had he gotten himself into when deciding to take over this place?

He gave his body a shake as if to rid himself of the entire ordeal before continuing on his path. However, within the distance he'd come across the familiar figure of the Viking woman and along with it, a desire to be where she stood. Frowning, he ambled over, ebon audits standing at attention as he set his crimson gaze upon the cavern giving off a faint light. Silently he stopped behind the mare, watching as she stood entranced by the cave until he decided to speak up. Is this suppose to be a special place within Tryggr? He commented, walking forward until his head peered into the purplish light at the entrance.

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be swift!

A calm befell the wood that was uncommon for the Tryggr Holds. Where life scurried in the shadows and the phantasms seemed to whisper tantalizing promises, the deafening quiet that came after the last rumbles echoed off the mountain suffocated the forest with malaise. The boar was ignorant to the two equine that approached, despite the horned stallion's inquiry. It's black eyes, caught with highlights of royal hue, were locked upon the motes of light and glow from within the newest cavern etched into the hillside.

It only moved when the amethyst light began to fade, its step drawing one step closer, as if afraid to lose the ambiance. But the spectral glow was not disappearing, no... as if the blackness of the cave pinched the amaranthine light, it slowly separated into two separate glows. The motes of light that had danced weightlessly at the mouth of the cavern began to ebb back inwards, pulled to the bright centers of these two orbs as the concentration of it's glow pinpointed into two ominous castings. The lights danced along an indistinguishabe shape, but something was there... standing just behind. As the last mote of light curled into the remainders of the purple glow, they flashed momentarily out of existence, then returned again.

A blink.

The boar startled, darting back several strides, squealing and shrilling. But it was brave, and ripped back around to face the unknown entity within the darkness.

Clacking of delicate, soft hoof falls brought the lights closer. As if birthed from the very shadows, a cervine creature emerged from the blackness. Two amethysts - true amethysts - replaced the black does eyes. Long, inky threads hung from her pelt from her dorsal, casting her true conformation in mystery. Peculiar, moss and lichen grew twict the natural pelt of her back, and in some locations small shroom caps speckled. A long tail draped behind her, curling back and forth with her strides. The cloven hooves that carried her were jagged, raw amethysts as well, stepping lightly - almost as if not touching at all - the grounds beneath. As her form graced the strained light of the Herda Hillside, her embodiment seemed to grow... Her form increased in height, but the lankiness of her body remained. Her visage lowered, curiously eyeing Hel and Andante as they witnessed her arrival, but she remained otherwise emotionless.

'You are all of Tryggr, are you not?' A soft, whispering voice pierced into the minds of Hel and Andante, echoing there, and though her mouth did not move, there was no denying it's source in the cervine. 'Hailing from the House founded by the one my father saved.' Her neck elongated, stretching forward into the faces of the two equine, lids slipping over the raw amethyst eyes that bled softly into the pelt of ichor around them. 'And thusly, you are friends of this nymph.' Her soft whisper cooed, her ears twitching as her omniscient gaze continued to study them both.

Her lavender gaze locked upon Andante, resting there a moment, before her muzzle stretched out. Her nose met his own - icy cold, but silken soft - and brushed up into the crimson of his forelock. As if absorbed back into her shoulders, her nape returned to a natural length, and she stood tall with a single stomp of a fore-hoof. 'Know I am always watching, children of Tryggr.' It was whispered now into their ears and no longer from within, and the nymph took several steps back. Her ethereal form turned from them, though her visage remained steadfast and hone to them despite the unhinged angle of her nape. With each step away from them her form became transparent, until her graceful, ground-eating strides carried her behind a timber, and she disappeared entirely.

In her wake, soft particles of purple dance in the atmos, drifting and fading themselves, until the last one would leave no trace of her presence... And, afterwards, the birds began to sing, and the boar snorted, dashing away, trance broken.

Congratulations! You've met the Nymph of the West, daughter of the Bloodless! Andante will receive an illusive item, Nymph Touched, for being the lucky individual to receive a blessing from the Nymph. May your stories be believed, and be weary... the nymph will always be watching. All participants will receive 50 crystals.

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I know I'd rather be complacent

The boar had been so silent that at first Andante was completely unaware of its presence. Just like them, it too seemed intrigued with whatever this strange ethereal light seemed to be. Drawn to it, unable to just cast it off and keep moving. The boy's glance slid over the feral pig, watching as it grew entranced with the vivid glow swirling weightlessly within the air, so much so that it had taken another step closer. His oven garnet orbs turned back towards the motes of light, brow pinching as he witnessed the beginnings of them swirling together haphazardly. Growing more and more concentrated until finally it vanished fleetingly only to reappear once again.

A rise of his brows was his wordless reaction as he could have sworn he saw a silhouette of something within the darkness of the cavern. The alarm of the boar pinged off warning signals with his own mind as he too took a few steps backwards, no longer blocking the entrance to the dark cave. Quickly he tossed a glance at Hel, noting that the woman was at a safe distance he dared to look forward again. Dark audits stood at attention as they picked up on the faint sound of hooves. Squinting to make out the figure slowly emerging from shadow it did not take long for the boy to realize that this creature that seemed to be a walking forest itself was anything but ordinary.

The colt's visage lifted to keep up with the growing height of the fae, eyes widening in that of both awe and subtle fear. He could admit to seeing many strange things, but this made the top of his list. Just then a soft voice spoke within his mind, questioning him. The boy king swallowed, audits faltering in their attempt to remain upright. Yes, we are inhabitants Tryggr... He answered cautiously, continuing to watch the cervine until he visage fixated itself pointedly upon him. They were friends now? Did this mean the creature approved of his new position as ruler over the Tryggr house?

He had no time to inquire as he felt the icy cool touch of her nose meet with his own. Body going ridged he froze, eyes wide before hiding behind dark lids. Despite the frigid brush against his visage he felt a sense of calm wafting over him as the cervine lifted her nostrils from his forelock. A low gasp escaped him as he reopened his eyes to hear her speak into his ears. She would always be watching. The declaration was both soothing and chilling all at the same time. Upon the nymph's departure he felt inclined to bow his head even if it were for a mere few seconds. The moment the light began to dissipate he rose feeling strength renewed and his tiredness vanishing.

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