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be swift!

Nogr Evergreens swlles with life. Protected by the sleeping Espen, the fauna known as prey animals have grown with abundance. Boar race through the underbrush in search of fungi to eat and the deer leap and bound through the trees with abandon, all knowing that the God-bear has kept away any predators of ne'er-do-wells. Though they survived well through the Slidr River Valley winter, the evergreens seemed brighter, green, and lusher now that spring has all but claimed the lands. The snow caps on the high mountains are less, but still there when spying the Frior Mountain Range, and birdsong fills the spined branches of the thin forest.

With Spring something else stirs, however... all the animals can feel in in their bones, calling to their souls. Pulses are rushing through the ground and air, invisible but there. All those living in the Ambrosius holds can feel it. A lone tree stands different from the rest. It tremors with the pulses, quivering so that it's pine needles rain down from it's branches. Crack! Bark flies as it's trunk burts open, a golden light emitting from within. Dancing motes of light escape from the laceration in the tree and sway weightlessly in the grounds about. And, it seems, with the break of the tree the pulsations have increased in their brevity, it's beckoning unmistakable.

Something is happening! A mysterious purple glow beckons the denizens of Ambrosius and nonpartisans alike to it's location! What ever could it be? Participation closes on April 14th!

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ragnor snow
"you know nothing"

Things had almost returned to normal. A sovereign once again reigned on the Ambrosius throne - an obsidian stallion whose youth promised years of benevolent rule - and the valleys of the kingdom had began to fill with new comers and House members alike. Not only was Ragnor's heart elated with the change, but it seemed all the other remaining members as well, if not the entire North as a whole. With the new vigor swelling through Ambrosius, the North's lands grew in abundance of local fauna. Today, Ragnor's thunderous, clumsy strides carried him through the Nogr Evergreens. Chartreuse gaze turned upwards, he followed the silhouette of a hawk as it attempted to escape him.

Not that he was going to hurt it, oh no. But with the avian's shadow casting a mask across his creme visage. A dorkish smile crept upon his lips, laughter spilling now and again when the hawk thought itself clever and turning sharply 'round. It's steely wings would beat feverishly, and truly it would gain some distance, but Ragnor pulled himself into his hinds. Sinking them into the needle down sod, his forelegs reeled to try and pull him back in the opposite direction, throwing his hip into the ground where it the piebald hinds kicked at the ground to try and get himself back up.

Managing to clamor back to standing, the half-giant bolted after the hawk as it's form disappeared through the spindly branches of the evergreens. Ragnor's speed tapered as did his spirits, slowing from that mad man's gallop back to a lumbering walk with a frown on his lips and his alabaster ears slipping into the straw of his mane. Sweat stained the pits twixt his legs and belly and the small muscle beneath his mane began to itch with he newest radiation of heat while Ragnor's breath came deep and quick. Seemed the bird escaping him was a blessing in disguise.

Figuring he should retire home, Ragnor let out a heaving sigh before shaking his nape, letting it travel down the length of his spin and ending it with a flick of his tail. He had thought, in all his dimness, that the ground shuddering beneath his hooves had simply been a byproduct of his weight. But when another surge came, he felt it in his chest. His audits flicked upwards and his visage snapped to the direction, almost as if he'd heard someone, but not a soul was there. Another pulse shot through the ground, and he lifted a forehoof in response, inspecting the grounds with swiveling audits and blatant confusion. Another, and the boy-stallion jolted, hooves thrusting about him like a frightened deer. But still, in his chest, he felt a pull.

Dopish curiosity painted the expression on his face, and without much thinking, he ambled forward, following the silent but very tangible beckon. It was inviting, in a strange sense, casting away any responsibilities that the half-giant may have had, leaving him entirely enthralled in whatever lay at the epicenter of the surges. Everything seemed normal in the fir forest, that was, until the intensity of the pulses grew, and the impotent man knew he had drawn close. And, with proximity, he laid his first glance upon the soft golden glow emitting from one of the trees. Rounding it - for he approached from its hind - soft motes of light danced around the tree in a gay fashion. To Ragnor, it seemed almost playful. A smile rose on his lips, and his sage eyes inspected the break running through the trunk of the tree. Despite the light pouring from it's gaping mouth, there seemed to be a darkness within that shrouded the inner of the timber in mystery.

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All things are working for my good
It was nice to settle down for a little while. To simply watch as time passed by like before when he lived within his master's castle. It had been about a day or two since Nevermore reunited with the young stud he helped escape the twisting branches of the bifrost. Caelian was his name, and he found it intriguing that in such short time the dark freckled male had become a king. Turning his pupiless gaze skyward the inky creature wondered what it would be like to carry such a title. Within his mind's eye he pictured finely dressed equine wearing robes of the nicest furs and draped with outstanding jewelry.

At least that was how most of the stories he'd read described your typical monarch. A low drawn out sigh escaped his nares as he averted his attention from the sky. From there it flickered toward a crow perched upon a thin branch. The iridescent creature emitted a guttural squawk, feathers ruffling as it did so. With a tilt of his crown Nevermore inspected the avian before mimicking its call. Truly, he had no idea what the bird was saying and when he responded the crow looked equally confused. However, the phantom found minor delight in the fact that he could copy its various calls.

Although, one crow typically meant that more were nearby. And if there were enough then hopefully food would be there as well. The mere thought of fresh carrion made his mouth water and his stomach gurgle. Muscles pulled taunt as he gaunt frame rose from the ground, ebon talons lacerating the ground with even the lightest of grip. Extending his obsidian wings the specter gave them a quick snap to rid them of any debris clinging to his sides. His feathered tail followed suit as it bushed against his hinds in a sweeping motion. With all the movement he was doing the crow tittered upon its branch until took to the skies and flew off within the ocean of trees and pine needles.

Audits flicking at attention he lurched forward into an awkward lope due to the conformation of his body. Chasing after the black bird he kept it in his sights. That is until he felt an invisible pulse hit him and pull his thoughts elsewhere. Slowing to a stop the beast lowered his nape as his visage tipped from side to side with confusion. The one thing his master failed in providing him was a soul. But even in lacking such an important aspect for all life he still felt something pulling and tugging him, urging him in a certain direction. A bellowing groan left his dark lips as he turned in the direction of the tremors and lumbered in that direction.

Before fully reaching his destination he noticed a massive pastel colored stallion standing in front of a single tree. And it was this tree that happened to give off the powerful sensation. Nevermore's gaze swept over the hulking man child once more before edging ever closer to the evergreen. Ethereal eyes narrowed upon inspection, noting the golden hints of light that floated from the vivid crack within the center. What hast thine eyes witnessed? He murmured in a whisper to himself. To him this might have been even more interesting than the dancing lights flickering within the sky that one fateful night.

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where they spin lies into fairydust
There was a prolonged, extensive pause between winter and the start of spring, or at least it had felt this way to the freckled, dark sovereign. The long awaited warmth had finally filled the air, and with it, an abundance of fauna basking in the light of the glorious sun. The flora bloomed in all kinds of colours; flowers had sprung up all around, filling the wind with their fresh perfume. The evergreens had taken on a brighter hue, and even the chilly ice caps atop the mountains had melted a bit, bringing mud with their quantities of water. And all was peaceful, for the god-bear sat atop his mountain, spreading security to the far reaches of the north.

Caelian had been watching the flowers grow, literally. He walked slowly through the Holdings, watching the newbuds sway gently in the soft breeze that ruffed his own short mane. Some flowers had already bloomed, and these he gently stroked the petals of with his telekinetic grasp, not daring to pick them. Besides, if he did, what use would be to doing so? None, so he left them be.

Yet he was distracted by something, something deep and awakening. He felt a surge within him before it hit his hooves, and he reacted strangely to the wave. He arched his back, his eyes widening as he felt as if his bones were rattling. He swung his head in the direction of the pulse, laying his feet carefully back onto the land in a slow walk, walking towards the source. He knew something was happening, something big, and he could not miss it. He felt it was his duty to be there.

As he continued cautiously towards it, the pulses grew. They were impossible to ignore, like a train hitting him in the side, he couldn’t simply wave away the feeling that he had to be where it all came from. That rattled everything within him, and he picked up his pace. A bouncy trot brought him closer, until he leaped into a canter, then a slow gallop, until he reached an all out sprint.

He sprinted through the woods at top speed, weaving his way through the thin trees. They swept past him at a blurring rate, and the wind rushed loudly in his ears. His breath slowly became heavier, the soft rush of his own exhale loud in his ears. A golden illuminating light guided his way as he came closer, and he spotted two figures quite near to where the glow sourced from. His pace slowed quickly, from his sprint to a gallop, then a slow canter, back to the trot and finally to the walk. Caelian walked closer to the pair, before he recognised their faces. The large pastel beast, his protector when meeting with The Warden Evandr, he remembered as Ragnor. The other, an inky pegasus whom had guided him through the bifrost, went by the name Nevermore. If anyone had shown to this area, he couldn’t have thought of a better pair. A smile crossed his face, yet worry came to his eyes and brows as he set gaze upon the lacerated tree.

He paused close to the tree, before turning his face to each equine in turn. ”Ragnor, Nevermore, it is wonderful to see you two.” He nodded to each of them respectfully, before turning his full pale eyed attention to the source of the glowing. His face was a contortion of worry as the light danced in his eyes. ”Do we yet know what it is?” He was genuinely concerned.
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be swift!

Something is happening! With each new thrust of energy, the fir tree - already split asunder - rattled and moaned. The vibrations racing through the terra had grown with such breadth that even the neighboring timbers began to quiver and shake. Needles rained upon the equine collected around the spectral golden glow, watching, waiting... And their wait would not be for long.

Quicker and quicker the pulsations came, trembling the marrow in the bones of those surrounding. The hawks, crows, and small song birds that had flocked in the atmos above began to chirp and squawk with alarm. Many let their fear best them, and they raced away with the wind on their wings. Others still felt the pull in their hearts, perhaps even their very souls, and remained. It seemed that the radiating vibrations could grow no stronger, get get no faster, until they were releasing so closely together they nearly melted together.


What remained of the tree burst, and the two halves of the fir teetered only momentarily before crashing below. In the splinters of wood and dirt, a gilt figure stood. Cervine, and tall, the golden nymph of the north embodied elegance and luxury. The entirety of it's pelt shimmered in the spring sun, with antlers only several shades darker but still sparkling with each slow turn of the nymph's visage. Ghostly white eyes surveyed the surrounds, until they swiveled back down towards the equine below. First it turned to Ragnor, and it knew a giant when it saw one. Next, it's eyes traced the odd lines of the one named Nevermore, whose wings still could not challenge the height of the cervine before them. Last was Caelian, the newest addition to Ambrosius' long history of rulers.

Drawing a deep breath in, the nymph released a cloud of gold flakes and dust, which he arched in the air atop him. The flakes and glitter collected about his mighty antlers, already impressive in size and point, and littered them with delicate drapings of yellow gold chains and beads. Scattered within this bewitching mantle, diamonds winked with even the faintest turn of his head. "Ambrosius, and friend," he dipped his head to them, the long tail at his hinds curling about his slender cloven hooves. "It brings me joy to see you here at my rise." Unlike his siblings, his muzzle did part with the sounds of his angelic voice, simply because he liked the way that his coat's gleam danced in the light. "I am the Nymph of the North, and allow me to present this gift to you..."

Drawing his nape back, the cervine inhaled deeply, before again softly releasing the air in a steady blow from his lips. More gilt flakes danced and fell weightlessly from the air, falling upon the small crowd before him. While no jewelry adorned their bodies, the gilt shimmer would remain for some time. "And for you..." He said, drawing forward, he came before Caelian squarely. His soft face lowered, brushing briefly against the obsidian king's head, before drawing away again. "I impart the gift of power. Use it wisely."

Rearing, the golden nymph leapt effortlessly over the heads of the three equine, and galloped off into the evergreens. His dazzling coat cast blinding glints of light, until he vanished entirely without a trace, a wake of gold flecks the only reminder of his steps upon mortal ground.

Congratulations! You've met the Nymph of the North! All participants will receive 50 crystals and Caelian has been entrusted a true gift indeed... Tier Up! He may now max his magic out at Virtuoso despite not being a Spiritborne.

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