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News: Arrival 02/13/17



Oh my goooosh! Lookit this place?! It's so fancy and gorgeous! I for one hope that you are enjoying it as much as I am. Please give a whole hearted and enthusiastic applause to Eshye for her wonderful work on our wonderful skin. Also, next time you see Isoldehn in the Discord, let her know she's an amazing and wonderful host!

All of that being said there are some serious matters to get down to. Most accounts have no migrated over yet, and this is a call yet again to implore that if you want your account manually moved over for you so that crystals and posts can display correctly you must respond to this announcement. To add, all members who move over get 100 crystals to one account of their choosing for being so wonderful and patient! Just respond to the announcement with specifications. Furthermore, any outsider in the works or presently crossing the Bifrost can choose to continue their journey by posting their starter again on the new site, or may elect to forego the crossing and immediately enter the Slidr River Valley. Arcana users who were already accepted may bump up to adept, while unfinished characters may jump up to apprentice automatically as another thank you.

Here at Fim, while we are new and small, it is our members who we work for so tirelessly. I hope to see you all enjoying the new board, and happy role-playing!

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could staff finish moving Jesrith for me? and crystals can be added here as i haven't made my ooc account anywhere xD
Tag: @[Jesrith]