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While posting may be the primary source of acquiring crystals here on Fimbulvetr, there are also several OOC ways to accumulate the coveted currency as well! Below are several items you can redeem for crystals. Once you've completed a specified action, simply reply to this thread with the form that will be listed at the bottom of the post and a staff member will adjust your account's crystals.

Have a suggestion for a redemption item? Head over to Suggestions and let us know!

  • Advertise - 10 Crystals per Ad
  • Refer-A-Friend - 25 Crystals
  • Character in Each House - 50 Crystals
  • 100 Posts - 250 Crystals
  • 1 Year Anniversary - 100 Crystals

    [b]Redemption:[/b] The kind of redemption you're making, e.i. OTM, Refer-a-Friend
    [b]Proof:[/b] Links if applicable
    [b]Total Crystals Redeemed:[/b] If multiple redeems are being listed, please let us know the total amount in crystals (proof required for each redemption)
    [b]Account to Apply:[/b] The account you'd like the crystals applied to
  • Tag: @[Staff]

    Redemption: otm and refer a friend
    Proof: friend ->
    Total Crystals Redeemed: 75 crystals
    Account to Apply: caelian please :3
    Tag: @[Caelian]

    Caelian Redeemed!
    Tag: @[Spoupi]

    Redemption: Character in Each House
    Proof: Davaros Evandr Iracebeth Skaug
    Total Crystals Redeemed: 50
    Account to Apply: To Evette
    Tag: @[Spoupi]