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Bones stared down at the dark sands beneath his pedal bones. The orb within his skull glowed dimly as if the misfit king was deep in thought. That is, if he was even capable of that kind of thought to begin with. He had certainly been growing-- he was far more than the husk he once was. However there was an anger trapped inside his very being. He had no veins for it to surge through, instead it vibrated through his bones like a heavy thrum. An army slamming their maces to their swords as they prepared to attack.


The voice cut through whatever was plaguing the sovereign who snapped his head up as the orb blinked to life again. Bones' focus was hazy as he stared at the figure before him as it slowly focused and solidified. Bram stood before him. Safe. The lower jaw of the skeleton's face hung loosely, rattling as he stepped forward to press his cold horns against the side of his adopted son's neck.  He said nothing and instead clung to his child for a few moments. Though it did nothing to alleviate the sovereign's pressure and he recoiled slightly, drawing his nose toward his chest.

Xzavier was still missing.

He had come here to think and to show Bram more of the land they lived in. There had been a few moments where the misfit king had been able to forget his worries, though they were fleeting. A piece of what Bones imagined to be driftwood rode by on the waves though Bram was absolutely convinced it was a sea monster. He had been told a story of a brave warrior facing off against a massive beast and no doubt Bram's imagination was super imposing himself in that very battle.

He watched as Bram turned away, long legs awkwardly carrying him unevenly across the sands. He was still new. Fresh. A recent reanimation and thus a child. A very large one, taller even than Bones himself. But he was innocent. Bones sighed lightly, keeping his gaze focused and preparing to snap to attention should Bram wander too close to the waves. Though the sovereign's attention was on his son, he was also on high alert for any who might approach.


Please note when interacting with Bones, he is not aware he is not alive.
Mild power play allowed, ie touching and entering personal space.
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