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A shadow dances across the space between her and the entrance to the great tree looming ahead. Violet eyes dart to the skies immediately, seeking out the source, but she does not see anyone and the shadowy figure does not return again. I must be seeing things. She blinks slowly before rubbing each eye against a leg to clear away the sleep building there, the urge to find her brother pushing her limits. ”When did I last sleep?” The gentle murmur breaks the silence while her brow furrows in concentration. She shrugs the question off easily, her determination to find Ozereus driving her to sleepless nights following his trail. It is not uncommon for her to remain awake for days at a time when she feels that itch to complete a project.

Her pace resumes while she forcefully puts a pin in the swirling anger waiting to overtake her at the thought of never finding her brother. I will deal with that later. She knows why he left, their enemies tracking skills finally reaping rewards for them...but having already lost her husband, children, home, and Ciar; she cannot bear to be away from the last reminder of the life she fled. The hollow base of the tree is in front of jade rimmed pupils quickly but she does not pause in her steps. The trail led her here before cutting off, her brain worked at thousands of possible scenarios before settling on how he must have passed through and that there is something blocking her from spying more of his path.

A warm puff of air leaves delicate nostrils, the light playing at the entrance quickly fading into a desolate sort of darkness. An inky blanket of faux night accompanied by strange creaks and whispering voices. The edges of pale lips curl, amused by the display. You’ll have to do better than that. Hellstead’s queen rises through the passive facade she typically wears and challenges the tree. Deeper into the maze of tunnels she strolls, her steps unhurried. Gold tipped wings brush the walls when she fans them out, a teasing caress to the permeating magic. A tingling awareness spreads against the back of her neck, telling her that she is no longer alone. A suspicion quickly proved as a pack of wolves with foam dripping from the corners of bloodied mouths barrel towards her. She runs. The walls begin to rumble, pathways vanishing before her eyes and the first trickle of panic breaks through an unbothered mask.

With rabid wolves nipping at her heels and crumbling walls attempting to corral her into a tiny space, she feels the ticking of her slowing heart. Cornered and unwilling to have her reunion with her family delayed any longer than absolutely necessary, she turns to face the howling creatures and her world goes black. A flurry of white and gold dips between prowling attackers, her figure blurs with speed. Teeth lengthen into sharpened points to rival the wolves and she uses her ability to unravel the musculature of several of them before diving into the fray entirely. Violet and jade eyes gleam brightly, unblinking with pinprick pupils. In a matter of seconds, all that remains are gory, crimson stains decorated with tuffs of onyx fur. Seraphiel stumbles through the now open path, pristine coat splattered with bits of intestine and blood; none of it her own.

The monstrous side retreats once safety is confirmed and she collapses to her knees, an unfortunate effect to the part of her she already loathes. The sound of labored breathing fills the passageway, not from exertion but from suppressing the fierce urge to cry at succumbing to the beast lurking under her skin. Not even Ozereus is here to help. Her thoughts are murky and the desire to remain on the ground is exceedingly strong; a siren song of sorts. She resists and rises to her feet, determined to see the other side before permitting herself a small breakdown. Shaking limbs carry her towards a sliver of light but before she makes it there, a gasp tears from scarlet painted lips and she stumbles back to her knees. Exhaustion catches up and she falls into the waiting arms of unconsciousness.

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