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Tsumi no saigo wa namida janai yo
Zutto kurushiku seotteku nda
Adrenaline coursed within his veins like an intoxicating mixture as he felt a breeze waft within his coat as he felt the ground beneath his vast paws. Thanks to the foolish beliefs of a daft organization he was free once more, and this time he refused to be tethered of sealed within anyone else ever again. The terrified screams of those running from him were like a call from a siren's song, pulling him ever closer to the small village he happened to be towering over. The kitsune lowered his hellfire gaze to take in the sight of fleeing individuals all keen on trying to make it to safety, while the military officials rushed forward in a futile effort to stop him.

They came at him from all sides, hoping that what little power they had would be enough to possibly seal the fox like creature. A frightening snarl surfaced upon his face and rumbled within the tailed beast's throat in a way that shook the atmosphere. Raising a forearm Kurama effortlessly swatted them away while his multitude of tail toppled buildings and downed trees. Chaos ensued. Many hated the "monster" that he was. Others wanted to bring the monster out of him simply so he could be a weaponized slave to do their bidding. He didn't think so. Not again, not this time.

Rows of glistening fangs shimmered menacingly within the darkened sun as he opened his maw wide to draw in positive and negative ions. Compacting the purple mass of destruction into a small sphere he swallowed it, letting it infuse with his infinite power. "Fall back! Fall back!" One of the commanding elders cried knowing full well what Kurama was planning. Yet no matter how far the villagers ran, they would never be able to out speed what he was about to do next. Kurama's cheeks swelled until he released the bomb manifesting within his jowls. Blinding light surrounded the immediate area as the bomb detonated and consumed all that surrounded the mandarin fox.

Soon there was nothing left but blackened ash, a massive indention within the ground and a charred stain that would serve as a clear reminder of his might. Turning on a dime the kitsune dashed off running into a nearby forested area. Each bounding leap causing miniature quakes within the earth. That is until the ground beneath him suddenly opened up once the giant passed by the only tree to ever stand taller than himself. Loosing his footing, Kurama flailed as thick claws raked across the earth in an effort to heave himself back up. The bifrost itself eagerly began to latch onto him pulling him down further, particularly interested in the amount of malice surrounding the fox.

The further he went the stranger he felt as if something within him was changing, morphing. As a last ditch effort he summoned susanoo, hoping that the sentient armor would burn the bindings holding him down. The amethyst ceremonial armor wrapped itself around its master and gifted him with its usual katana. While cutting through the various wood and incinerating the vines worked for some time it did not last long. Eventually Susanoo vanished before Kurama could release it, while he himself felt his body crack and shift to take on a form much unlike what he was used to. The tree was changing him, shrinking him, and sapping him of all the immortal power and strength he had.

Once it was finished Kurama felt like a mere husk, an empty shell of his former self as the bifrost deposited him into some foreign labyrinth. Carelessly he was dropped, toppling and spilling over himself in a mess of lengthy tails and strange hooves. Swaying to his feet he looked up at what he could only assume to be where he had come from, watching it stitch and close itself up. Scoffing, he attempted to summon susanoo again, only to feel empty and barren within. Kurama felt his brows pull together as he tried once again and when that failed, tried and failed to become anything he was just seconds ago.

Nani kore nda yo!? Came his deep and booming voice, sharp and filled with poison. Baring his teeth an infuriated roar rippled through the plant like chasm, echoing and bounding off of its leafy walls. All nine of the kyuubi's tails swirled and lashed angrily behind him as his head jerked from the left and then to the right. A softer growl bubbled within the now stallion as he aggressively stomped a hoof. Kuso ichiki...I am the Kyubbi! Kurama spat, returning his attention to the sealed hole. How dare it strip him of his divine power?

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