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Once again, her unaccustomed legs were finding it difficult to traverse the undulating terrain below. Her trek through the forest between her old home and here had been relatively flat and wooded, and despite her time in the valley, she still found difficulty in traversing the hills and mountains there were so prevalent in this new world. However, rather than shy away from her inadequacies, she was committed to correcting them and becoming stronger. She trecked up the side of the mountain at an uncomfortable pace, all in an effort to fortify the sinew and organs that were so weak. Her heart rate increased as her lungs struggled to keep up to the demand placed upon them, causing small snorts to escape her nostrils as she exhaled. Despite the additional strain on the rest of her system, her pupil-less eyes retained their kindness, and her mind was still and calm. Her focus was so drawn to her task that she hardly noticed or cared where she was going.

Suddenly aware that the stream she had been following was some distance away, she stopped her moment, giving herself enough time to admire the scenery and catch her breath. The sun was shining low in the sky, on its way home after its pleasant journey across the world. A dim blanket of fog protected the earth from the star's full brightness, absorbing both the light and the heat. Although she would have appreciated it more if the warmth had been present, the lighting itself had sufficient for walking through the woods. However, since she hadn't paid enough attention to the sun's trajectory, she noted that she would likely be stranded on the mountain unless she dared to travel on such uneven footing in the dark. She sighed, accepting that she would likely remain on someone's territory until morning.

Using the remaining hours of daylight, she began to wander at a comparatively leisurely pace, watching her footing intently as the earth shifted below her hooves. She would need to find a place to settle into for the evening if she could, but she wasn't certain if the nooks and crannies in such steep terrain would be safe even for a few hours of rest. As she wandered, the land began to flatten, leaving the trees behind as rocks took their places. It was an unusual clearing in the forest, and on the other end of the rocks was an unassuming entrance to what looked like a cave. She walked closer, looking about for any suspicious activity around her, unable to shake the feeling that this was somehow a trap. "Hello?" Her gentle voice carried into the cave, reverberating through the walls before returning to her. It sounded deep, but she was still unsure if it was worth investigating.


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