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Summer had come and gone is a rose colored blur, shuffling in the shifting colors of Autumn. The air grew colder and the land was bathed in rich reds and oranges, painted in the light of fire. Lirr had arrived in the valley almost a year ago, having arrived in the cusp of a brutal winter and the thought of it chilled him to the bones. While he wouldn't have to bear it alone this coming winter, he still dreaded the drull air as everyone tucked away to keep warm and he couldn't really blame them, but he wasn't about to go out without a fight. Or rather, a party. Yes, that's it, a party. It'll be just the slap in the face to what ever harsh god brought such a cruel winter to the land. Believe it or not, Lirr had never started a party before, but has crashed far more than he could count and was determined to rock the valley to it's core. He certainly had the connections to pull it off, there was no question about that and like most every spur of the moment decision he made in life, he acted upon it in full force.

With little warning or explanation, Lirr set off from his recent mate's side to cover the corners of the valley. He scoured the halls of the houses for days, news of the event spreading through word of mouth with almost no effort from him as he gathered the people and supplies he needed for such a grand scale event. Strangely, no one ever seemed to realize that it was a party without borders. He never mentioned any word of the other houses or their doing, only mentioning the essentials, but when it came to someone like little Lirr, there was almost no refusing him. Music, alcohol, even food all came and congregated deep in the Red Woods. Those from different houses looked at one another apprehensively and for a awhile, Lirr feared the tension would ruin the party before it even had a chance to begin. Glancing around, each house seemed to be keeping to themselves and it was slowing the process of things tremendously.

Letting out a sigh, he forced his small frame through the crowds, catching confused, but curious gazes. The sun was lowering and soon they would be bathed in darkness, so he needed to get everything sorted and soon. He found a few familiar faces from the Vromme guard who was ogling him during his last visit, a large muscular mare from Tryggr, and a soldier from Ambrosius who was there upon his second visit with the sovereign Antiope herself. He showed them to the small clearing in set them about lighting the fires and soon, the forest was alight with a fantastical glow and a bonfire in the center began the first dance of the night and torches further out providing any extra needed light as well as a beacon for those that would wander in later in the night. Music began to fill the air upon his call, the musicians far more willing to cooperate with those from the others houses than most. Lirr pranced about the groups, pulling in those who had met him before, willing to join him in his shinanigans. It wouldn't take long before more joined in the fray, the air filled with song, hooves pounding the earth in dance, drink passed around. The Red Woods had become a true melting pot as House members and non partisans a like stirred together in excitement. Much like during the party he'd learned was called the Flame Fiering celebration, titles and houses melted away into nothing as they just enjoyed the company around them.

Back at the houses, news of the party spread like wild fire. No one was sure what it was about or why, but they did know three things for certain. One, it was a party by the golden stranger. Two, it was somewhere in the depths of the Red Woods. And Three, it was certainly going to be a night never forgotten. The music thrummed loud over the commotion of party goers, new comers eager to join in the fray. And in the center of it all? Well, Lirr of course. He may be the host, but he was far more interested in having fun though as he danced through the crowd, he kept a careful eye on the faces in the crowd, looking for a particular set of devilish eyes.

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