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Standing upon the edge of his throne the young king overlooked his domain and in the direction of the forgotten wastes. Many an equine might have forsaken the lands that held baked dirt and sweeping sands, but not him. In fact the sovereign held it in his mind to finally revisit the point of no return. The ravens that served as tryggr's messengers returned at early morning after having completed their task of delivering a simple message. To alert the mighty warden of his eventual arrival. Just how long had it been since their last meeting? Long enough for the seasons to roll and give birth to a brand new year and almost end it just as quickly.

A thoughtful hum rested upon obsidian lips. A lot could happen within a years time and the crimson haired male could not help but wonder how the amethyst and ivory piebald was holding up. "Are you ready?" The booming mental baritone came from the looming shadow of his familiar. Andante cast a glance over his shoulder to see the hulking hellhound standing at the ready. Ghastly flames licked harmlessly at the creatures sides while pointed eldritch ears faced forward awaiting further instruction. Silently, scarlet hooves turned his skeletal encased frame around, offering the towering beast a single nod Yeah, lets go.

After picking his way down the mountain pass and unto flat ground he began to ease himself into a steady gallop. Hooves pounded heavily against autumn sod while Naveed sprinted beside him, keeping pace at his shoulder. The hellhound allowed his fiery gaze to rest upon the red haired stallion before uttering another mental message. "Have you ever thought of shifting? We could travel faster. Although you have not phased since the avalanche incident." Ebony harks fell against the wavy locks of his mane as he tossed Naveed a glance. Don't remind me. Besides, I don't know how to just...phase. I can't figure it out.

It was embarrassing to admit but it was almost impossible to hide anything from his familiar when their mental link happened to be so strong. "Hmm...we'll need to work on that." Was all the beast rumbled before looking ahead again tongue beginning to loll out the side of his mouth. Fine beads of sweat began to gather and fleck all around the young sovereign's body to create a slick sheen by the time they reached the point of no return. We're here. He muttered, slowing himself down to a elongated trot. He allowed momentum to carry him a bit further before falling into a walk and then halting altogether. The hound stopped at his master's side, gazing across the desert sands with clear interest.
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For once Evandr was happy to have Zahhak's... dark company. The beast enjoyed reveling in the discomfort of others, would rather have shred the entire mass of equine exiles and feasted on their innards before helping any of them. But because of the bond he shared with their Warden he paused his insidious tendencies and kept those malicious thoughts to himself... mostly. When the raven's brought word of the Tryggr sovereign's desire to host another meeting the Warden snorted. Like a dog being summoned by a master. "Did you not do the very ssssame?" Zahhak hissed at his sides, pacing around the amaranthine piebald slowly as the Warden pensively considered the request. His long talons scrapped across the sands, a conscious gesture, to remind any within earshot of the immense power contained beneath those coils of muscles. Evandr's sapphire gaze flicked over to the dragon, eyeing the carapaces and scales as they rose like volcanic mountains towards the sky, and pinched his brow. Evandr offered him a minor scoff before dismissing the jab entirely. Other things were on his mind, but in his chest he knew what Zahhak was doing.

Distracting him. Keeping his mind and focus elsewhere to avoid accepting the inevitable.

Even realizing the ploy he refused to admit to the reality. So rather, he buried it beneath the ire he opening displayed towards the umber, igneous, and citrine drake. "Seems we have an audience to attend to." Evandr muttered, hooves already pricking forward to start their long journey. They wouldn't reach until well into the evening, past the bruised sky of dusk, if they tarried any. But Evandr, nor Zahhak, liked to tarry. In a strained silence the Warden galloped the sands and dunes while his beast of a companion swam through the terra beneath as if it were as easy as diving into crystalline water. Time and time again the carapaces of his back surfaced, not unlike what he supposed whales or porpoise did in some seas, before sinking menacingly back into the sands. Sweat beaded the Warden as the Point finally came into sight. While dusk did indeed loom on the purple mountains that encased the Wastes and the first bit of white, twinkling starlight shown above it did Evandr couldn't help but hold a sliver, a thread, of trepidition. What had the young sovereign wanted? Needed? It was atypical for a sovereign to personally deliver a new exile, and when finally that natural stone bridge stretched across the ancient ravine he confirmed it was a private meeting.


The Tryggr king has his own beast. Bathed in hellfire and blacked like it had burned for centuries. It's roving stare would have unsettled the Warden if he hadn't grown accustom to his own beast. Around him, the hardy grasses along the ravine whispered their greetings through that connection he left open, gifted by the nymph of the East. Even the stalks and small shrubs along the Valley side bid hello, "Greetings, Warden of the Wasteland", their united voices echoed. But he ignored them. Through the bond with his companion he felt a sickly satisfying amusement. Zahhak remained beneath the sands, a cobra ready to strike when the timing was most advantageous - and dramatic. A single hark of Evandr's fell back to ensure he kept himself not only focused on the boy, but the drake. He didn't need an accident that would further damn his people.

Skirts of feathering shook at his hooves as he brought himself to the base of the bridge, standing upon the Vetr side and not obliging to stand where it hung over the rapids below. Sapphire eyes burned across the bridge, both with fatigue, spite, and curiosity. He thanked whatever gods or spirits had rotated them to autumn, keeping the dusk breezes cool and drying the sweat stains of his pelt. "You have my attention, Trggyr-King." His words were hoarser than intended, but he'd spoken so little since... He felt Zahhak's mental presence push and encompass his, transferring various images and thoughts that otherwise drowned out what the dragon knew Evandr could not consider. Not right now. It'd be foolish, he'd fall down the rabbit hole and this meeting would be worth nothing but the training and exercise it took to get here. So Evandr let a sigh slip from his nostrils, sending a low and clipped thank you back to the hidden Zahhak. He could feel the rolling chuckle through that magical thread that bound them.

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The young king stood poised on the opposite side of the ravine as he waited. Judging by the amount of time that had past it would not be long now. Vivid hellfire eyes skimmed the horizon until they located that familiar amethyst and ivory piebald coat. There the great warden of the wastes ran, galloping across the sands only to coast to a walk once he reached the bridge. While did he not expect the older male to be somewhat chipper of their meeting he was not expecting the heightened amount of reservation that seemed to be seeping off of the male in all consuming waves.

Casually he noted the way Evandr opted to stop abruptly on his end of the bridge rather than meet in the middle like they had both done previously. The look of animosity and hoarser sound to his voice was also something he took into consideration. If a certain glacier man had not worked so closely with him then perhaps he would have missed all of these small precious signs. Within the back of his mind Naveed pushed and fired all sorts of questions as he continued to gaze down upon the metaphorical gate keeper, while also noting the position of the stallion's ears.

Andante sighed softly to himself, a noise that most likely would not have been heard thanks to the rushing rapids below. Something had happened. Perhaps the warden was simply having a bad day or maybe the exiles were giving him issues, he did not know. Regardless of the issue he made his way across the bridge, stopping at the midway point like he had done in the past. With a minute tilt of his head, the crimson haired stag parted his fanged jowls to speak. Relax Evandr... Andante murmured keeping his voice neutral despite the look in the man's eye.

I am not here on any sort of business. Truthfully, I like to resolve my own matters, not dump them upon someone else's doorstep. The boy's leonine tail swept at his hindquarters, the wavy garnet locks brushing across his skin as he continued on. I'm only here to talk, surely you have not forgotten from last time? A cordial grin tugged upon one side of his maw, exposing the army of ivory fangs beneath. Dipping his head briefly the boy met the warden's gaze once more. How have you been?
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